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    This is a journal to reflect on my entire family's switch to the Primal diet.

    We are:

    Me (happyprimate)--29, female, 5'6'', 169 lbs. No SAD since college but a lot of "healthy" CW including Vegetarian, vegan, whole grain, raw food, chronic cardio, low-fat. Still overweight but strong with lots of energy for my kids.

    Husband (DH)--29, 6'0'', 130 (yeah you read that right, he's thin!). SAD his whole life, better once we shacked up, but he still frequented a bakery where they knew his name and knew what he wanted. Carboholic, now diagnosed prediabetic with AVG fasting glucose of 111.

    Kids--2.5 and 1. both male. healthy.

    I have always been interested in primal...but the bleeding heart vegetarian in me denounced it for the ill-effects of mass-produced meat. Fate kept re-intro'ing it to me, and once hubby was dx'd with prediabetes, we took the plunge.

    He is feeling charged with proactive energy, but still kinda upset about the whole thing. We're hoping to get fasting blood glucose below 100, permanently.

    We've been dabbling the last two weeks.

    me: carbs between 50-100. no bread. small amount of sugar in 1 cup of coffee (i drink 3-4 cups, the rest have no sugar). 1 piece of fruit or less per day.

    him: two slices homemade bread and sugar in his coffee each day (this IS a drastic reduction.)

    kids: as much fruit, veggies, meat that they want. no bread. no added sugar.

    His FBG is not coming down so today is the day when we will be starting strict primal, together.

    Breakfast: bacon and eggs. coffee no sugar, heavy cream.
    Lunch: free range jerky and fruit
    Dinner: filet mignon, sauteed broccoli with garlic and butter, roasted veggies (potatoes, fennel, zucchini w. lots of butter)

    me: okay. feeling a little shaky and keep looking in the cupboard for carbs (which aren't there)
    dh: okay. peeing a lot. fuzzy-brained, anxious. but still confident.
    kids: same as ever. hard to tell since they don't communicate very well yet unless it's a dire emergency. 2.5 year old asking for buttered bread. that's nothing new, though.
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    Our primal family journal.

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    Welcome. You seem off to a good start. Good luck with primal!
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    I design websites and blogs for a living. If you would like a blog or website designed by someone who understands Primal, see my web page.

    Primal Blueprint Explorer My blog for people who are not into the Grok thing. Since starting the blog, I have moved close to being Archevore instead of Primal. But Mark's Daily Apple is still the best source of information about living an ancestral lifestyle.


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      Thanks Hedonist!! We're just trying to have a happy, healthy family...while also writing down our successes and pitfalls for other primal families.
      Our primal family journal.


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        Breakfast: Just coffee with heavy cream for me and husband. Banana and Almonds for kiddos.
        Lunch: Sausage link, potatoes and eggs. Leftover broccoli instead of potatoes for me.
        Dinner: Beef stew with beef, carrots, onions, potatoes, yams, collards, and some leftover red sauce that had sausage and ground beef in it. Salad.
        Snacks: Mid morning--1/2 can coconut milk, 1 banana, 1/2 mango and walnut smoothie for kiddos.
        Dried fig stuffed w/walnuts for me.
        Almonds. 50% chocolate for DH.
        Pear for kids and DH.
        Almonds for DH.

        AM-- Hubby is definitely feeling energetic today. He changed the thermostat and started doing some of the refinishing work in the basement that has been on hold for a couple months now. In his words "I am finishing this today." He didn't take his blood sugar this morning, yet. But his energy level and mood suggest that he is feeling fine, if not better, already.
        I have a light headache that may be related to dehydration.
        Neither one of us is hungry despite having skipped breakfast.
        The kids have diarrhea. Yuck. But seem to be in good spirits. 2.5 year old is "helping" daddy in the basement. 1 year old is nursing, playing, and enjoying individual time with me.
        Both kids seem fine with their light breakfast.

        PM-- I'm feeling a little irritated, I think DH is too. We're just trying to keep off each others toes.
        2.5 yr old skipped his nap which usually causes a lot of turmoil until bedtime.

        Exercise + Play:
        Whole family walk through woods ~ 3/4 mile
        Me: Race training 5 miles in 55:38
        Husband and Boys: Baseball in backyard
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        Our primal family journal.


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          Breakfast: Coffee with heavy cream, Eggs scrambled, zucchini medallions w. thin sliced filet mignon sauteed in butter. Kids had pear and banana too.'

          Lunch: Leftover beef stew.
          Dinner: Roasted Chicken (whole, w/skin), baked potatoes


          Hubby: Said his stomach felt weird this morning. FBG was at 100...that's minus 11 points in two days...which I think is pretty good. If anyone reading this knows any more about FBG and drops in it, let me know!! (of course I'll do my own research too!)

          Me: No headache today which is nice. Still feeling thirsty though.

          Kids: Good spirits. Not very hungry.

          We all awoke at 5:45 this morning and we're not getting breakfasted until about 9:00. They did not seem to have a problem with that. During the work week hubby does not eat breakfast and eats his first meal @ work at about 9:30.

          Hubby: Walks 2.5 miles to work/back at a brisk pace.
          Me: 2.5 mile jog pushing stroller (31 lb. toddler + 27 lb, 1 year old + weight of stroller)
          Kiddos: they play all day, really. ~1/2 mile run for toddler, while I ran backwards
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          Our primal family journal.


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            Breakfast: Steak and Eggs with sauteed broccoli. Coffee with heavy cream. Hubby just the coffee with cream.
            Lunch: Hubby: Choice of Steak, cherry tomatoes, blueberries, orange slices, almonds.
            Dinner: Mahi Mahi, zucchini with fresh clams and butter sauce, sweet potatoes for dh and kids, Salad.
            Snacks: Smoothies (coconut milk, banana, orange) for kids. 85% G&B's for me.

            I am in a terrible mood, mostly stemming from sleep deprivation. My youngest is teething.
            He is also in a terrible mood, prolly from teething.
            2.5 year old is fine, as is DH.

            Exercise/Play: Hubby walk to/from work. None for me, besides regular housework and playing with kids.

            We had baked potatoes last night. I took my blood sugar just to see how it was and it was at 95!! My usual is about 80-85. So i think we are gonna cut white potatoes from our diet. I guess we'll see how yams/sweet potatoes and squash are at some point too. Hubby is going to be pretty upset that even white potatoes are out. But he trusts my judgment.
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            Our primal family journal.


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              Totally fighting cravings right now. I think I awoke the chocolate beast with that chocolate bar snack earlier.


              Just. drink. water.
              Just. drink. water.

              I'm not even hungry. But I'm looking at macadamia nuts and chocolate lasciviously. (Nuts don't do well by me, they would not be a healthy snack.)
              Our primal family journal.


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                Breakfast: Broccoli and red pepper omelettes with steak. Coffee with heavy cream. DH is IF.
                Lunch-IF. Fruit and nuts for kids. Pork tenderloin, sliced oranges, and sauteed broccoli for DH.
                Dinner: Pork tenderloin, sauteed kale and baked potatoes.


                DH: walk to and from work
                Me: 30 minute circuit training
                Kids: play all day, including with the weights i'm not using while circuit training.


                Dh woke this morning and his blood sugar is at 92. That was lower than mine (94)!!! So now, naturally I'm worried about my own blood sugar. I knew that it was kinda high before but I was mostly worried about husband.

                I'm hoping that as I drop weight my blood sugar will just naturally come down a bit. Not losing very much on primal. But I have faith that it will come off sooner than later.
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                Our primal family journal.


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                  I know most people on here reccommend not trying VLC unless you are obese or diabetic...but I think I'm gonna go VLC for two weeks and see what happens.

                  So no dark chocolate. No fruit. No beef sticks (which although they have no fillers, do have a tiny bit of sugar in them, to my surprise) Those will be my biggest obstacles.
                  Our primal family journal.


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                    Just trying to get through the day today.

                    My youngest has been teething for two months. I'm starting to suspect some food intolerance is contributing to his discomfort. Along with face rubbing and drooling (teething) he also has lots of gas. I'm not surprised because the boy wants to eat everything we eat, even the meats, and I'm not sure he has that kind of digestive heat yet.

                    My mantra (for a while now) is: "I have enough energy to __________" Fill in the blank. Whether it's "to get out of bed." "wash the dishes." "play with the kids." "sweep the floor." whatever. That mantra is pretty much what keeps me alive.

                    Last night was particularly bad, and by the time I awoke DH was already on his way out the door, sans lunch. Hopefully he will not be too hungry while at work. Hopefully the vending machine won't be calling his name by 9:00. The fact that he is a teacher kind of works in his food in the eating in front of the students during class time.

                    I hate it when he goes to work with nothing to eat. I feel guilty eating anytime I'm hungry, knowing that he's trying to focus on the students and all his work while hungry. I still eat, of course, cause I'm nursing two groklings...but I just feel so bad. We usually end up eating a very early dinner on these days, which happen less than once a week, but definitely more than once a month.

                    Today is my first day of very low carb.

                    Breakfast: Bacon and eggs.

                    Lunch: hot dogs (all beef, no added carbs) and leftover sauteed kale. (strawberries for 2.5 year old. he doesn't like kale)

                    Dinner: pork loin with sweet potatoes (dh and kids) and sauteed spinach.

                    I'm actually in a pretty good mood despite long term sleep deprivation. Perhaps it's insanity setting in?
                    DH (I'm just gonna call him G from now on...) was out the door....I'm hoping he's feeling okay.
                    Grokling #1--awake and asking for breakfast.
                    Grokling#2--Still asleep.

                    Today's exercise will focus mainly on doing housework. Scrubbing kitchen floor and bathroom are at the top of the list for this morning--we are having company. I get down on hands and knees and do this with gusto (I actually like cleaning *gasp!*) and it is very much a workout.
                    G, as usual, walks to and from work.
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                    Our primal family journal.


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                      Bacon really is primal crack, y'know.

                      I was intending on IF...but once it starting cooking I had one piece. Then another. Gave one to the kiddo...and now he's chanting MORE, MORE, MORE.

                      Gotta remember to look up if there's such a thing as too much bacon.
                      Our primal family journal.


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                        Thanks for the detailed but easy to read Journal. Sounds like your doing ok but your meals seem light on calories for me. I'd need to eat more.
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                          yeah...i don't add the little portion/cooking details...although i might start. vegetables are usually covered in butter and i eat like a horse. No 4oz of pork or steak for me. I eat TONS. I would say my average calorie intake is somewhere near 1800-2200 per day. Which is plenty for a lady my size trying to lose weight.

                          thanks for reading! perhaps i'll start tracking calories to get a better idea??

                          keeping the journal is way easier than tracking all the little calories though.
                          Our primal family journal.


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                            Breakfast: 1 can coconut milk, 1 banana, 1 orange, handful walnuts, smoothie-ized. Coffee with cream.

                            Lunch: hot dog (all beef, no filler, uncured)

                            Dinner: we succumbed to the lazy beast with dinner. ordered chinese...bbq pork ribs with the bone. general tso's chicken, pepper steak with broccoli, egg roll, and just a small amount of pork fried rice for each of us. not the best...but not the worst we could do, i think.

                            g walk to and from work.
                            kids play
                            i didn't get anything in, yet again. feeling very sluggish. probably from lack of sleep and dehydration.


                            G took his blood sugar again this morning and it was 109. So it's gone back up. He did admit the other day that he had a brownie at a staff meeting at work. Plus he and the kids had potatoes 3 days this week. We talked about it. Said if it doesn't come down again soon then we'll have to put a cap on how much potato he can eat at dinner. Stick with 1 cup. For now we're assuming that his body just never regulated itself again from the brownie.

                            I'm not doing very well going VLC. I think I gave up before I tried. I shared the kids smoothie this morning. I think I'll go for one small change a day. We've got primal down. (Except husbands mishap with a brownie). But here at home we eat GREAT! I'm not going to focus on not drinking smoothies with my kids...instead I'll just keep not eating potatoes and such so close to bed time. And cutting down on chocolate. Best to just not keep it in the house.

                            A lot of times I fall asleep putting the baby to bed nearly right after dinner. I understand this is not good for my blood sugar. G falls asleep a lot of times putting toddler to bed. So maybe we can just work on making sure we stay awake to digest better.

                            Today was my weigh-in day. I weigh exactly the same...169. Doesn't bother me though cause my size 10s are a bit loose...and two weeks ago I was a size 14! Plus my triceps are starting to show.

                            Ended up falling asleep with the kids again. Probably because we had such a full meal. Woke this morning feeling alright (slept pretty well)...but the headache is back. i've had a low-grade headache forever.
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                            Our primal family journal.


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                              breakfast: sauteed broccoli, 2 eggs each, sausage link (no filler,grass-fed organic, as usual.) mint tea, plain.

                              lunch: avocado, banana, orange and pear fruit salad. beef jerky

                              dinner: coconut encrusted mahi mahi, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, sauteed broccoli.

                              exercise: hubby walked with 1 kid in a carrier and i kid in a stroller to the library and the store.
                              I walked by myself for 1/2 hour.
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                              Our primal family journal.