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Primal Blueprint the biggest A-HA of my life!

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  • Primal Blueprint the biggest A-HA of my life!

    I decided that 2011 was the year for me to get truly fit. After a decent attempt at it last year. I did one round of P90X but really struggled with the nutrition and saw results but not until the last 30 days. Then I took a break because as a busy mother of three I was exhausted after that 90 days. I lost 10 pounds and 6 inches but because extremely frustrated because I was eating wrong or not enough blah blah blah.

    In August of last year I started Zumba and I love it. Saw some results after a few weeks but again felt like I was failing in nutrition. I refused to eat low fat or fat free processed crap food. I began to research way to enjoy full fat foods and lose weight. I discovered the another program by a guy Mark knows (Jorge Cruise) and lost another close to 10 pounds following the ORIGINAL plan then began to plateau and couldn't get the support or answers I was needing. So I got frustrated and gave up again.

    During my periods of frustration I didn't go crazy with bad food but I would occasionally binge on pizza or chips or other bad foods but after my pity party I would re-focus and re-group. Then right after my 36th birthday I embarked on a crazy unhealthy diet and lost 23 pounds in 4 short weeks. I was stoked with my results but I know I was such a witch for the whole time. So by now I had lost almost 40 pounds since April of 2010. I have been successful at maintaining my weight loss but still felt like something was missing. I was feeling very deprived trying to maintain my weight loss and could feel my trigger foods weasling their way back in.

    So fast forward to January 10, 2011. I was completely amazed that I had only gained 2 pounds over Christmas and New Year's. I was pretty happy with my choices and was pretty motivated to continue on my weight loss journey. I stumbled upon Mark and his program through a modified Belly Fat Cure program called the Fast Track. I was beginning to become confused between want my emotions wanted - Fast Track and what I know in my heart of hearts is much more healthy - The Primal Blueprint. My husband currently works out of state and after really loving MDA I started telling him all about it and he said, "Babe I support you in whatever you feel you need to do to reach your goal weight, BUT for (expletive's) sake before you go spending any MORE money you better be sure!" Sell all those other books first! Then get what you want. LOL ......... so I kept sharing and sharing and spending a lot of time on MDA and just felt like I was missing a big piece of the puzzle since I really didn't know what to "search" on the site. So I sold a few things on ebay and bought my book. As I read about the Krogs I became more and more convinced about how Big Pharma and our government work together to keep us sick so they can push their pills and make BILLIONS! I had come to feel that way a few years ago after discovering that artificial sweeteners were the cause of an awful kidney/bladder ailment!

    I have cut all grains and am researching places within a 100 mile radius that might have "grass fed" meat worth driving for. I live in a town with no Trader Joe's and No Whole Food Market. I have found certain things online and am really excited about that. There are tons of blogs out there with great recipes. I love thisprimallife's eggplant pizza and primal pancakes! Today I had my first primal pancake lunch sandwich. I had been enjoying breakfast sandwiches and eating them pancake style with an over easy egg on top.

    I am happy to say that I have told my mom who is a 56 year old insulin dependant diabetic to please commit to the primal life for 3 months. She said YES - I was so excited about what going Primal could do for her I bought her the book too.

    So while I haven't been shredding the pounds I know it's because I haven't really learned to fit in moving primally...YET. That's my goal starting tomorrow. I am going to get up early and do something I can't go for a walk because it's freezing out and I can't leave my kids alone but I thought maybe I'd Zumba for 20 mins. It's fun and I am sure I can keep at my 75% mark. I got a heart rate monitor for Christmas. (I'll sprint Saturday with the kids at the park). I am going to locate my measuring tape and post my stats next. I love this journal idea.

    Can anyone help me with a workout routine. I have Primal Blueprint Fitness but I guess I am confused on how to implement the body weight exercises. Do I do Plank stage 1 until I reach 90 seconds or do each stage for as long as I can? Just little tips like that would be greatly appreciated!

    I don't know much but I know that no matter what - Primal is it for me and I'm not giving up even if it takes me 5 years to reach my goal. In the almost 4 weeks I have cut out grains I feel amazing and I have been sleeping so so good!

    Thanks for reading if you made it down this far!


    P.S. my husband has started researching the chemicals on food labels in his hotel and sends me articles saying don't buy this and don't buy that. I know in time he'll be on board with splitting a cow with my parents. (He's kind of cheap like that LOL) He will come around once he comes home and eats some of the tasty meals I serve up and loses weight.

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    Geez forgot my stats. I'm 5' 2" 151 (Last year this time 188-ish) my ideal goal after 3 kids would be around 130 maybe 135 if I was nicely toned.


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      This morning I weighed in at 146.2 which is great. Not suffering rarely feel hunger it's a great lifestyle for me.


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        Welcome Cors1wfe! It's great that you have family support. Good luck with primal.
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          Thanks it's has made it very easy ....I just have to get moving I don't want to be one of those skinny fat people.


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            Thank you for sharing your blog for people who don't get it. They will. I have been losing steadily and I am very happy about the foods I eat.


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              Welcome! Let us know if you need anything!
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