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  • FEB Super Primal Blitz

    February is approaching. I've been doing really well living Primally over the last two months, progressing to the point where I am relaxed about almost everything in life, especially food and eating/exercising.

    My body has been transforming well into a defined, muscular frame (I'd estimate BF to be around 10-12%). I've got 32" waist @ 6'4" and weigh around a solid 190lbs. I now wear a 38" (chest) suit coat and 32w/34l pants comfortably, with all slim fit medium button down shirts.

    I love my exercising as well! I've gone from a "chronic cardio" addict, spending hours a day riding, running, and swimming, and now I train capoeira several times a week (SUPER fun/challenging), if I'm lucky and have time I grab a fast 20-30min HIIT workout on the pull up bar with burpees and pushups mixed in. I also joined the Water Polo team here at University and am having a blast (I think the competition and rough nature is very healthy, as well as the slow, sprint, slow, sprint aspect).

    Well, so far I've been pleased with my Primal experience. However, I have been far from consistently adherent to a stricter diet, lots of cheating going on especially with diet sodas, chocolate/desserts, and BBQ sauce slathered chicken wings.

    I'd like to see how much success I can actually experience with a strict adherence to Mark's principles for the month of FEB.

    So I'm making this Journal to check in to everyday and see how I do. (I also just lost a credit card roulette game at a dinner with friends at a nice restaurant, getting stuck with dropping $$$ on dinner. It wouldn't hurt to save some dough on food this month).

    OKAY, so the best thing to do is to set some measurable goals for the month:

    1. I want to lose that last 10lbs of fat around my middle (especially back/handles). I've got a 6pack right now but only when I flex, and it's got a little layer over it. It would be nice to have a constant one, with some veins thrown in for good measure.

    2. I'd like to be able to hop up and pump out 20 straight pull ups by the end of the month. I'll update with my progress. I can do around 14-15 straight now if rested. I also want to do 100 straight burpees; that will prob kill me though.

    3. I want to experiment with more IF. I've gotten to the point where I do not eat breakfast any more. I actually am repulsed by the thought of food before 1130 in the AM> I want to be able to do a 24 hour IF though.

    4. Handstand and au (cartwheel) in capoeira.

    5. Kick the soda and chocolate addictions. They really feel like addictions right now.

    6. I want to hold and promote the mentality that I eat like a predator not prey. I am a business-man and because of that am always thinking about holding some aire of confidence and subliminal dominance (sounds strange maybe, but I'm being honest. It makes evolutionary sense as well; successful business people are the predators in that arena.) I find that the closer I adhere to Primal principles, the more dominant I feel physically and mentally.

    I'd like to get to the point (and I know I'm getting there now) where I look at that parfait with whipped cream and oreo bits or those choc chip cookies at the register and say to myself, "you don't eat that fluffy shit. It only makes people fat and sick. Let them slowly kill themselves while I thrive." As I reach for my whole rotisserie chicken and bacon.

    Okay, that's prob enough for goals. Time for February Primal Blitz! I'm starting tomorrow (1/31). Why wait???? This is exciting. Pictures will be going up by the end of the month for sure.