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    I have always struggled with my weight. In middle school I was between 125-145, high school I ballooned up to 180. When I graduated and went to college, even though I was living with my parents I saw all time highs at 214 pounds, yikes. (Keep in mind I have PCOS)
    I counted calories and that worked until the day I realized it didn't work: ( I went from 214 to 169 in a yr and a half counting my calories, only exercising towards the end. I then went from 169 to 200 in less than half a year. I felt like crap.
    Recently found PB and after reading less than half the book, coupled with stalking the forums (love me some before and afters) I finally went Primal. I am now on day 8. I will try to write in my journal as much as I can.

    My name is Kathy and my stats below:
    Height 5'5
    Starting Wt 199
    Current Wt 194
    Goal Wt 125-130
    You don't have to be sick to get well

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    I have been doing pretty good since I last posted something on my journal. Anyways, I didn't want to wake up early today and make breakfast. I was going to have eggs, even though 1 I don't really like eggs and 2 I don't really trust them, lol. Instead I decided to fast, against reason maybe because I read I really shouldn't. Who listens to everything they read or hear anyways? The fast lasted from 730-1200, so 4 and a half hours.
    L: I had two chicken thighs and one drumstick with pickeled vegetables as a side. I can't say that I really enjoyed the meal. I am having a hard time eating lot's of food. I can never at one sitting eat more than 500 calories or so unless I have a smoothie drink which I am trying to avoid.
    S: I had chicken nuggets from school and it was a weird greasy tasting meat, yuck! Anyways, I also got an orange just to be healthy and it was the most delicious gem ever! I wasn't even craving sweets...
    D: I will probably have taco to mix things up. I will go to taco bell, I know it not organic or grass fed, and have a salad. If I don't get that then the default meal will be pollo tropical chicken, I really don't want to cook.

    Optimus prime: My optimus prime power was a bit on the low side. I couldn't help second guessing the whole primal thing. I feel as if I am at my wits end with diets in general. I know PB isn't a diet, but I think to my self, can I go on like this forever until I die? Deep! I know, but what I get back isn's an answer but a feeling, and that feeling is doom and a bit of dread. Perhaps that is an answer. I think I may need some zinc and proper vitamin D. As someone with dark skin, I am sure I'm missing out on my D time!

    I walked to the bus to go to school. That take all of 20 minutes if I walk really slow I really don't think that counts but I do work at the library and I put away the books so there is plenty of lifting of heavy things. I will probably go walking tonight, just so I can feel like I did something productive.

    I am not going to quit being the primal gal that I know I am. I just have been thinking, and honestly I feel like it can be counterproductive with my brain. Definite pro's on this diet is that I am noticing that my nails are growing in faster and stronger. I don't have a huge gut everytime I finish my meal. Mental clarity is on point, even though I think I am multitasking way to much to be healthy.
    Ja ne!
    You don't have to be sick to get well


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      Be careful about fast food! Chicken nuggets are often breaded, and there has been an uproar recently about Taco Bell's meat being mostly fillers and not real meat (like silicon dioxide or some other questionable stuff). I find it easy to buy a whole rotisserie chicken and cook it and then tear the meat off and save it for later. It's really easy to put in a small tupperware and carry it around to have for lunch. I spend like $6-10 on a rotisserie and it usually lasts me 3-5 meals, depending on the size.
      Type 1 Diabetic. Controlling blood sugar through primal life.

      2012 Goals:
      Maintain A1c of 6.0 or lower
      More dietary fat, less carbs, moderate protein
      LHT and sprint as per PB fitness
      Play more!


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        Thanks for the heads up apple. I guess, taco bell would be a bit much. I think I will go with the rational choice pollo tropical
        You don't have to be sick to get well


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          B: I woke up today and made some rather burned scrambled eggs, I had some gizzards also, I must admit the whole meal was a mess. I seem to be eating only chicken. I am sure there is nothing really wrong with that, but I keep on forgetting my fish oil.
          L: For lunch I had some chicken from school. Of course, it was boneless and skin less. It was covered in some sort of gravy sauce, who knows what was in it, haha! I had broccoli for my side and an orange once again. It was a very tasty meal, of course I was still hungry, all in all I can appreciate the meal.
          [B]D:[/B ]I have some more chicken with me, I am not sure if I will even eat it. I am sort of tired with chicken. I might just wait until I get home, which will be in around 2 hours and have myself some nice ground beef.

          Optimus Prime Time: I gotta tell you, I am an anxious mess at night. First my heart starts to flutter or more commonly palpitations, then I feel like my breathing is not working. I have suffered through panic attacks before and these are really on the minor side, but it has been quite some time since I have had an episode. Anyways, I also was feeling a weird pain in my back when I breath. I think this may be one of two things. 1 my mind playing tricks on me or 2 an injury I caused myself while lifting weight. I am heavily leaning on number 2.
          I am feeling much better though in terms of confidence in my body. I feel like my body is tightening up. I am able to sprint for some distance without feeling like I am going to die. Oh yes Optimus, you and I will be like one, lol.

          Exercise: I worked on my fitness for one whole hour. I was going to just leave it at 30 minutes, but I had a christian meeting to go to and wanted to waste some time so I didn't have to wait awkwardly around. Anyways, I worked on legs, arms, glutius maximus and much more. I pretty much do whole body excluding abs. I do my abs at home. I will probably take a nice long hour walk when I get the chance.

          Closing: Now, I probably want do pro's and con's all the time but I will do them today. Pro I enjoy the fact that I am not constantly full all the time, I think I may have mentioned that before, hehe. Con's I don't like that my breath smells all the time. I did not notice this before going primal
          I also don't like that I am having all these weird feelings in my body that I can't really put my finger on. It sucks to not have the money to go to the doctor. It makes my google fingers enraged and ready to pound the life out of my keyboard for answers.
          I will try something new this week, I will eat mostly fish and ground beef and see how I feel about things.

          PS: I gained 2 pounds! This is big because I weigh myself every freak'n day. I know that is not good, I just can't help myself. Anyways, this is a crime. I refuse to second guess all the fruits I have been eating as of late. It could be many things, but I will push myself to a level of dedication my wimpy body has never know, wish me luck Ja ne...

          Current wt: 196
          You don't have to be sick to get well


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            Question for anyone who happens to stop by. When working on your fitness, do you engage others in conversation? Especially when you know said person has been watching you and times their workout schedule to match your own? Or is what I do acceptable, 'blasting away with my tunes avoiding all eye contact'. Fun times.
            Ja ne...
            You don't have to be sick to get well


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              current wt: 194
              You don't have to be sick to get well


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                I ate pretty good the other day aside for dinner. I was going to try fasting again, but went to Panera bread with my aunt and a friend. It was all good, I had their asian sesame chicken, with no sesame and no almonds with added cheese. The dressing was a sweet asian dressing and I had no problem with the whole meal in general. I had a vegetarian pesto soup, but it had some barly or some grain in their. It wasn't alot, but it was certainly pointless to have those things in the soup. My problem came when it was time for me to go to sleep. I tell you I don't know what the problem was, I just felt so panicky and lightheaded and all sorts of weird symptoms. I finally fell asleep really late, I am guessing around 3.
                Even though the night was pretty horrible, I had no problem getting up this morning.

                B Around, 8am I had 2 eggs with the yolk, a 1/4 cup of cheddar and I also had my smoothie that I have grown to love so much. I put 1/2 cup of coconut milk and some water, strawberries and bluebberies with a dash of stevia. It is the greateset!
                L: I didn't have lunch until around 230pm. I had 2 drumstick and 1 chicken thigh, I also had a slightly over ripe plantain with 1/2 a chopped red bell pepper. The meal was pretty good. I enjoyed as much of it as I could. I was at school so I had to be decent and use a knife and fork. If I was at home or work, I couldn't guarantee that, lol.
                I have yet to have my dinner, but I may just have some beef or something.

                Optimus Prime Time I feel pretty darn good. Minus the night weirdness, I am pretty good with how things are going. I am loving the strength I feel everyday.

                Exercsie: Ok, this is just to funny. I thought I was so good doing my strength training all by myself with no help that I forgot that you can get hurt if you do things the wrong way. That is exactly what happened to me Tuesday. I was doing a chest fly on the machine and after telling a coworker how my neck felt weird and well, strained, I was assured that I was definetly doing it wrong. Thank goodness she showed me the correct way to properly opperate the darn thing. Of course today I feel perfectly fine. I worked on lower and upper body once again. My muscles are super soar, I can't wait until I gain more mass so that I can lose more fat! This time while exercising I actually warmed up on the eliptical and then did a cool down on the treadmill. I also stretched, my muscles needed it. I will most likely go for an hour walk tonight, I missed out on that last night.

                Conclusion: I feel like my body is coming to terms with the things I have been doing with it as of late. My workouts are invigorating, when I am not injuring myself, and I feel like I am getting toned already. This might be a bit of TMI, but my bowel movement(bm) has been more regular than it has been in as long as I can remember. Oh yes, everytime I go to the gym, I try to do a pull up. At the moment I am at 0, but I think that can change soon
                You don't have to be sick to get well


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                  Forgot to mention that I am weighing in at 196 again. I don't care because that is most likely water fluctiation and or weight that I am gaining from my workouts. I no longer care about that number, it is just a number. I care more about how I perform and how I look.
                  You don't have to be sick to get well


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                    Originally posted by Katblack View Post
                    Forgot to mention that I am weighing in at 196 again. I don't care because that is most likely water fluctiation and or weight that I am gaining from my workouts. I no longer care about that number, it is just a number. I care more about how I perform and how I look.
                    Key point!

                    You're doing fine. You're what, less than two weeks in? Don't stress. Eat plenty of fat, and when you fall, get up.

                    That's the secret-everyone stumbles at first...but not everyone gets back up.
                    Chief cook & bottle washer for one kid, a dog, 6 hens, 2 surprise! roosters, two horses, and a random 'herd' of quail.

                    ~The ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something one knows nothing about and refuses to investigate~


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                      @Eklecktika, you are right. This has always been my down fall with all my previous wt loss attempts.
                      You don't have to be sick to get well


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                        I fasted for breakfast and ate lunch around 2pm. Lunch I had chicken wings, plantains, broccoli and meatballs. Weird I know, but I ate at whole foods. Also had 1 dark chocolate square.

                        Dinner I had ground beef with cheddar cheese.
                        Optimus Prime Time Feeling awesome one again. While I was at WF's I picked up some magnesium and vitamin d3.

                        Exercse Walked for 1 hour, I also did standing ab work at my job and some push ups.

                        Conclusion I need more coconut oil for sure. I have also decided that bumming it is the way to go until I lose all my excess weight. Clothes are too expensive for my liking. T-shirt and pants, skirt will be my staple. Also I witnessed a man abusing his girlfriend/wife in front of his little kids at the bus stop today. My primal instinct tells me if that ever happens to me, someone will be stabbed in the neck.

                        Current wt: 194
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                        You don't have to be sick to get well


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                          I am officially on day 15 of my primal journey. In those 15 days I have lost 4 pounds. Just wanted to write that down for some reason. I don't really feel like putting down what I ate, but I will say that I didn't have anything bad. At work I was really active, taking the stairs and lifting heavy things. I also walked from work to my house. It took exactly 1 hour and 24 minutes.
                          You don't have to be sick to get well


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                            Good job keep up the excellent work, it just gets easier and easier, It seems as if we were made to eat this our whole lives and just found out!


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                              Yeah, and the ease of it all just trips me up some days. I think of all the time I spent counting calories and I shudder...
                              You don't have to be sick to get well