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    There seem to be a goodly number of us following the Primal Blueprint in order to heal from illness, debilitation, injury, stress and chronich health issues.

    I thought it might be useful to have on thread where we can all journal together, to check in with one another and support each other on this journey of healing.

    I'll start with a brief introduction:

    I"m a 55-year-old woman who three years ago was a muscular, fit, lean Crossfit athlete and long-distance recreational cyclist. In the midst of overwhelming life stress, I overtrained and literally broke. I developed spinal cord compression and severe neurological deficits, and needed two surgeries to stablize my cervical spine.

    I was in pain for 18 months. I couldn't exercise, my usual way of coping with stress, and so I ate. And ate. And gained 60 lbs. At one point, I was so spent that it was all I could do to just go to the market and make dinner for my family. I felt so ill at one point I thought I was dying.

    I have been rebuilding my health the PB way now for about a year, with some periods of falling off the PB wagon. I no longer feel ill, although I am far from feeling well, much less vibrantly well. I am fully engaged in this process of healing. I believe that it is possible to live fully even in the presence of challenges and difficulties.

    My regimen of healing includes---
    1. Eating the PB way, with an emphasis on vegetables, fish, and healthy fats.
    2. Trying to titrate physical activity with my level of energy on any given day, and increase my exercise tolerance.
    3. Supplementing wisely. I take Vit. D and fish oil at present. I have used Mark's Primal Calm to good effect as well.
    4. Managing stress: I meditate, journal, and nurture my spiritual life.
    5. Play: I honor my needs in this area by studying and playing djembe drums and participating in drum circles.

    I envision this thread as a place where anyone who is engaged in a healing process can check in, give and request support, and share information and resources.

    I intend to use this thread as my journal, and I encourage anyone else who feels this could be useful to chime in!

    PWG (Pea)

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    So...isn't anyone going to join me here? So many posts from folks following PB to heal! If this situation applies to you, please jump in and introduce yourself and let's help each other find our way to our best health.

    My status today:
    1. General sense of wellbeing: much better than just a couple of months ago. I don't feel ill today. I slept well last night.
    2. Physically: Osteoarthritis pain is about a 3-4 in my left knee and lumbar spine. No neurologic symptoms, no neck pain. Plantar fasciitis gone in left foot, much improved in right. Still taping right foot.
    3. Emotionally: Moderately positive and optimistic. Looking forward with pleasure to several things in my life. This is much better than just a few months ago.

    My plan for healing today:
    1. Supplements: fish oil, Vit. D.
    2. 30 min. walk around the indoor track at the Y today. (Or as long as my feet permit---will cycle if I can't walk) This, at light to moderate intensity to count as my "moving around slowly" base.
    3. Continue the good eating I have been doing.


    If you are using PB to heal from injury or chronic or inflammatory illness, do you supplement? What do you use?



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      I agree that many of us have adopted the PB lifestyle to address health issues. In fact I suggested to Mark that they have a separate sub-forum for health issues.


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        I'm using the Primal diet to attempt to heal, or at least improve my teeth. The dentist recently found decay between two molars, and to put fillings in, she would have to remove a lot of healthy tooth. So as an experiment I've gone primal, and am taking supplements; cod liver oil and vitamin D.

        I have read a number of studies which show that diet can heal teeth, so I really want to give it a try. And if it doesn't work out I'll have nothing to lose since the dentist would remove so much healthy tooth anyway. I am using a white patch of demineralisation on one tooth and as a tester, to see if it goes away, so I at least know if there is improvement.

        I also want to improve my energy levels and mood. I lack motivation and just don't have the energy to get up and do things. I only started properly a week ago, so there are no changes yet.


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          So many folks on this site have healed health issues just by eating strict PB that it seems redundant to me to have a separate thread or forum. Just read some of the journals.
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            I am healing from chronic yo-yo dieting and I have a broken metabolism. I also have chronic inflammation, periodontal issues, and need to lose a lot of weight. I chose Primal Blueprint because IMO it is the healthiest way to eat. I am no longer a daily visitor to the MDA forums, so I would not be posting much in a separate forum for health.


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              BTW, there already is a Primal Wellness Group that I started here under Community. I am actually looking for someone to take over as the administrator. There are no duties, per se. If anyone wants to be the admin, pm me. Thanks


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                Dragonfly, my intention is to cultivate one thread where those of us healing illnesses and conditions can come together for mutual support.
                I find that I would love companions to walk this path with me, since being devastated by illness and/or injury and recovering can be a lonely road. I've always found that I if want something, I should just go out and try to create it myself. So i started this thread in the hopes of making a supportive group.

                Annana, I so hear you on the low energy issues. A few months ago, I was so profoundly fatigued that I really thought it possible that I was dying. Fortunately, I have been feeling better of late, but if I do too much it takes me a while to recover. Please feel free to come to this thread and post your concerns, successes, and questions and perhaps we get a group going!



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                  I'm needing to heal from adrenal fatigue and tooth decay. More later, but I'd like to join with others. I know there's a thread on here about ph and cancer, I wanted to read it to read about how to alkalize- I believe that will help my tooth decay, since having the proper cal/phos ratio prevents tooth decay.

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                    PB has helped me reverse my Type 2 diabetes. My GI issues are gone. I've been able to get off my happy pills for bipolar-like/PMDD issues. Joint pain is gone. I don't feel like I'm going to stroke out or have a coronary all the time.
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                      Herbwifemama; Apparently vitamin D is very important for healing tooth decay, as is cutting out grain. This link is very interesting as are the other links within the page.