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  • Suzy's Journal du Jour

    I've been derailed. For three weeks. I know. Shame on me. Lesson learned.

    I can't begin to tell you how physically "UGH" and sick I feel right now. I capped off my three-week binge with a microbrew festival (FIVE HOURS OF BEER!), brownies, tortilla chips, an awfully tasty dinner of a seafood barley risotto, and a bridal shower with bruschetta, GOOD sammiches, hummus, pita bread, chocolates, and miniature sundaes.

    The slide is slippery on the way to down here where I am (HELL). Be careful. Enjoy the digestive issues along the way.

    It all started with a week of PMS cravings. Then came the guilty emotional eating. Then came the yoga incident and resulting self-boycott. Then came the added stress from a job interview, etc., excuse after excuse.

    I'm pretty sure I totally undid everything I worked for in the challenge: Feeling great, plus my bonus reward of 4% fat loss.

    I don't even know you people and I am worried you all will shun me! Ha!


    coffee w/milk

    salad: red and green romaine, herbs, red onion, 1/2 avocado, 1.5 oz chevre, slivered almonds, lemon juice, stevia.

    broccoli soup

    2 chicken tenders

    That is about all I can fit in my stomach.

    Seriously. Nothing is moving.


    Baby steps. Working the right food back in is probably a good start.

    Will workout tonight, somehow.


    Girls' weekend getaway is this coming weekend. Going to some wineries. Any suggestions for staying on track?

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    the first thing to do is love yourself no matter what! forgive yourself and move on and don't beat yourself up! your never going to do anything permanant or good for you if you beat yourself up!

    take it one day at a time! ((((HUGS)))

    it helps me to stay on track if I bake and cook a few things that are primal legal for me to take! xooxo Darlene


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      Oh do I feel your pain! I'm way better now, but I used to have binges like that! My last (and final) one resulted in 'stopped up pipes' for 5 days. Not to say that I didn't have a 'movement', but the 'hard' results finally 'expelled' 5 days after my last binge day and I felt 'stopped up' those entire 5 days!!!!

      Seriously, drink the wine, have a piece of cheescake, but eat primally the entire time! You will just end up feeling sick and that's no fun! I know, I am just DONE doing that to myself!


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        Thanks, ladies. You guys rock!

        Rock hard! Like my stomach feels!!

        I did okayish yesterday. Made dinner for my bf and me.



        beef jerky

        orange pork tenderloin

        root veggies: parsnips, beets, carrots, potatoes, onions...


        He burned the kale from our garden (How does one burn kale? I think it ruined my pot!).

        It was a nice way to start fall.

        Then I ate 1/2 package of gluten-free/wheat free cookies.

        Story of my life.

        Definitely DONE doing this to myself, also.


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          Girls weekend was a good time or three. I had the best BBQ ribs.. We stumbled upon a BBQ Championship Friday night, totally on accident. It smelled soooooo good. The people watching was superb. Drank a lot. The wineries went well Saturday. Went out in a college town Saturday night. General debauchery. You know--->Things girls in their early 30's are too old to be doing anyway.



          Coconut ice cream

          Pork rinds

          Lemongrass chicken (no rice)

          Pork skewer

          Lotus salad

          Real ice cream (butter pecan, tiny serving)

          Granola-ish nut bar (I was starving and there is nothing Primal at my boyfriend's house. He needs to be converted.)

          No idea on numbers; Dinner was takeout from a local Vietnamese place.

          We have red cabbages in our garden that need to be cooked. Any suggestions?


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            Things are getting back to normal, and if I could get myself to work out, life would be grand. Elbow still hurts...MRI looked good...waiting to be seen by ortho. Since I can't do yoga or lift, I tried running... Surprisingly, it didn't work, either. After two miles of being jostles around, my elbow got very angry at me. Maybe I'll just work out my legs. Lots of squats. I'll have some legs, for sure.



            Chicken tenderloins coated in spices and cooked in...

            1 Tbs. coconut oil (I'm loving this stuff)

            Dark chocolate

            Steamed veggies

            1 Tbs. butter


            Fat: 45%, 80.7 g

            Protein: 43%, 161.4 g

            Carbs: 12%. 46.6 g

            Total calories: 1549


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              Suzy, how about sauerkraut? It's a good probiotic. You can make lot of it with the cabbages from your garden and eat it all winter. Or a sauerkraut with a punch, Cordito. I made this 2 weeks ago and I really like it:




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                Thanks, maba! I don't know if he'll go for that (I love sauerkraut, though). He might be leaning towards a soup. Who knows. I vote sauerkraut! hehe.


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                  Yeah, I can definitely say I feel back on track. Minus the exercise thing. That will come with time, I am sure.


                  lots of coffee with milk (working nights)

                  leftover lemongrass chicken (peppers and onions, no rice)

                  romaine and herb mix

                  goat cheese

                  yellow pepper

                  lemon juice




                  dark chocolate

                  Fat: 65%, 71.7 g

                  Protein: 18%. 43 g

                  Carbs: 17%. 42.6 g

                  A little low on the protein today. I think I overdosed on it yesterday, anyway.

                  I did cook a bit this afternoon. I took a pound of 80% lean beef and made crumbles, drained the fat, added fat back in (yay for coconut oil), and then simmered it in a curry broth and let it cook down. It tastes pretty good, but I don't know what I'm going to do with it, yet. Maybe I will top a salad with it tomorrow. Suggestions?

                  I also do not know how to put that into FitDay. Yikes.

                  I feel okay with the dairy. My body doesn't revolt against it or anything, aside from helping out the digestive tract a bit. I think that's odd. When I was an infant, I was put on soymilk because I couldn't tolerate dairy and the breastfeeding thing didn't work for my mom.

                  I can't stand to drink cow's milk, anyway. It is NASTY. Never developed a taste for it. I could drink a chocolate milk or put it in sugary cereal, but that's it. Now those ideas just seem silly, and I'm grateful for that. Coffee needs the help, though, so I make an exception.


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                    eggs and CO curry ground beef omelette thingy

                    steamed cauli, broc, & carrot mix

                    dark chocolate


                    milk for my coffee


                    Fat: 66%, 92.2g

                    Protein: 18%, 56.6g

                    Carbs: 16%, 47.8g

                    Nothing special. Exercise is on the agenda for this week.


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                      Went to the BF's 'rents house for dinner. We hadn't seen them in a few weeks--they've been in Italy for a couple of weeks visiting relatives.


                      dark chocolate

                      starbucks pumpkin spice latte

                      (had to see what the fuss was all about)

                      roasted chicken

                      salad w/vidalia onion dressing

                      homemade risotto

                      (OMDOGness, so good)


                      pumpkin pie with cool whip


                      glass of champagne to toast some friends' pending marriage

                      (totally skipped a giant piece of carrot cake)

                      Stuff us until we drop. It's the Italian way.


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                        Fasted all day. Dinner out with friends after a photography opening @ SLU.

                        glass of wine

                        caesar salad w/anchovies

                        cheese pizza from The Good Pie

                        Schlafly pumpkin ale (NOM)

                        couple bites of anise honey gelato

                        dark chocolate

                        Should have skipped the pizza.

                        I didn't eat a lot of my crust, though.

                        Not terrible. Not good, either.


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                          Made chicken salad: chicken, celery, apple, grapes, mayo

                          1/2 honeycrisp apple (CANDY)

                          chicken salad on a bed of greens


                          dark chocolate

                          coffee w/pumpkin spice coffee mate


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                            I also threw some pecans in the chicken salad. Forgot to mention them.


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                              I MISS MY YOGA CLASS.


                              I miss most forms of exercise.

                              Someday, again. We'll see what the doc says Thursday.


                              chicken salad on greens

                              (added some cayenne pepper to spice it up)


                              coffee w/milk & pumpkin spice coffee mate


                              2 eggs scramble w/butter

                              couple of grapes


                              I may have a cup of soup later.

                              I have a strong craving for OREO COOKIES. They are in the vending machine for a mere $0.75 and I have no change. That is a good thing.