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    Just checking in.

    I do fine for a couple of weeks, and then I don't do fine for a couple of weeks. Typical. I can't tell you how stressed I have been lately, and side projects like nutrition and exercise go out the window, I tell ya.

    Which may be my sister's deal, too.

    I had the opportunity to accompany my little sister yesterday for her endocrinologist visit. She has had Type 1 diabetes now for 17 years (she's 20). It makes me sad to see the toll it has taken on her body. From what I can tell, she doesn't really make an effort to take care of herself. She still lives at home, where she gets no guidance or support. Plus, she's a college student, so she's basically still a teenager. Sigh. Her A1C level was at a 9.1 her last visit! Argghhhh... She just makes me want to scream. I've extended the offer countless times for her to come live with me while she is in school. She's probably afraid I'll make her exercise and force her to eat *real* food. Her doctor is good; he monitors her well, but her kidneys are goofin' on her. I wish he was more aggressive and bossy!

    Le sigh. End of rant. This journal isn't about her!

    So, yeah. Still alive. I'm primal about 30% of the time, lately, but I will be back. I need to get this stress thing under control with exercise (working like magic) and then in a couple of weeks I'll work on my diet again.

    Orthopedist said no yoga until the elbow is better, so I've been running on an indoor track. It's the only thing I can do, really, that makes me feel like I've gotten a workout.


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      FYI: I'm starting back up 3/1. Why wait? I have a canoe trip next weekend and there will be booze and food. So, there.

      I've been working out like crazy, and I have my body fat down below 25%, so says my Tanita, which I have no idea how accurate it is (but last August it told me 28-29%--progress). I'm aiming for 20% by the end of the year. I feel good musclewise, but otherwise physically my gut is in a rut. My diet has gone to crap because I'm so friggin' hungry all the time from all the exercising. Running, yoga, swimming... I know it's not all primal, but it's good for me mentally.

      Time to look back to see what I was eating. I'm sure glad my old challenge journal hasn't been deleted. I should probably look at my fitday account, too. I really miss primal food and how it made me feel! It's so simple, too, really. What is hard for me is that I work 12-hour shifts and meal planning is ridiculously ridiculous. Combine that with the fact that my boyfriend is inactive and a bread pusher and I get nowhere. I left my copy of P90X at his house and after three weeks he finally picked it up and tried it last night. I wasn't there to witness it. He is worried he doesn't have some of the equipment and that all the jumping around makes his house shake (yes, he's worried he's going to be doing jumping jacks or whatever and his house will collapse). I told him to go to the park TWO blocks away. There are pull-up bars and rings and all sorts of nifty things. I'm excited! I really hope I've had some influence on him the last few months. If he can't beat me, he might as well join me.

      We've got our garden planned out. It needs a lot of work, and next week we'll get some seeds started.

      C'mon, spring!

      Yammer, yammer.

      See you next week, hosers.