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Down the Rabbit Hole! (My do it or else journal!)

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  • Down the Rabbit Hole! (My do it or else journal!)

    The break down of the Rabbit! I was once upon a time in great shape, and then I did the responsible thing and got on birth-control (Depo provera) or as I like to call it evilness. I went in 3 months time from 125 lbs. to 160 lbs. and there my body parked, even when I got off the evilness. Couple years fly by, and I get pregnant, and develop gestational diabetes, which took my weight to 235 lbs. Yikes!

    Anyhow, over the course of two years, many hours of cardio agony, low cal intake, etc, I crawled my way back down to 160 lbs. where my body parked itself for seven years, until desperation took hold, and I went on a water fast (best thing I ever did, save for, well, the actual doing it, I was hungry!) Anyhow, I dropped a bunch of inches and a few pounds, and through the course of researching water fasting, the draw backs, and benefits, I had stumbled onto this site, and well have decided to hop on the old band wagon!

    I have been pretty fair in my diet, save for one day, after getting the word from my doctor that I had walking pneumonia and a sinus infection. Already feeling horrible, and rather sorry for myself, I did find myself face deep in a box of dark chocolate… variety pack! *hides face* Oh the shame! Anyhow, I am back on track, plague starting to clear up, and yes…

    I’m 5’5 and don’t care if my body sticks to 160 lbs. but I want that 160 or 154 or 130 to look good. So, out with the cardio, in with the play, and strength training, and down with the mice! Ok, no not really, I like mice, we can keep those.

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    Well I must fully admit that I fell off the band wagon, when I just hopped on… *hangs head… lifts it grins* That’s ok, I’m getting back into the drive. I know exactly what derailed me, pneumonia which I was coming down with when I made the switch over in my diet. I tried most days to stick to my new diet, but self pity, feeling all sorts out of sorts (yay word play!) it just happened. Though I did not fall so far off the wagon that I got lost in a ditch twenty miles away, I kept to my new eating style 75% of the time, but I did indulge in dark beers when I was starting to feel better, chocolate dark when I was down in the misery of it all, and pizza tonight having successfully beaten the plague. Tomorrow! Well, actually the rest of the night and tomorrow onward I am going to try and be on it. Weee!


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      Going to go ahead while I am here to make a list of changes I want to see take place by the end of this month.

      Night time eating – I am so, very, very, VERY tired of waking up in the middle of the night to chow down on sugar-carb-enriched crap. I am seeing some success, as I will only wake up once now and if I beat the urge I will stay asleep, vs. a month ago if I woke up a 12 a.m. wanting to raid and fought it I would wake up at 1 a.m. then 2, 3, 4 so on and so forth until I either gave in, or my day started. I do want it to stop all together. I want sleep! Full, eye twitching, deep… sleep!

      Moving – I am a computer junky, an information junky, a gaming junky. I can very easily get lost for hours at a time in my computer. Must, get up and move more! I blame it on the cardio, I put so much out for half an hour to an hour that when it came to down time I plugged into my computer and did not move. I need to relearn natural movement and unlearn structured movement.

      Ok! That is all I have now! Wee!
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        Rabbit, I like your style!

        Just in case you get run down enough to have a cold or pneumonia again, I'll go fetch the ginger tea recipe, which I just wrote out on another thread tonight.

        Massive cold [or pneumonia] ::: ginger tea recipe.

        Take a real piece of ginger (not dried ground ginger or candied ginger) about as big as your thumb. Slice it finely, you don't need to peel it. Dump it in a saucepan with some water, and set the stove burner to low.

        Take a real lemon or a real lime (not fake juiced stuff, it's amazing how some people have altered this recipe!) Scrub it off a little bit under the faucet. Slice it in half along the equator. Squeeze half of it into the saucepan. Then cut the squeezed part into chunks, peel and all. (The peel has bioflavonoids in it, it's part of the deal.)

        Put on a lid, simmer for a few minutes, then strain some off into a mug through a slotted spoon. If you have a horrible sore throat, you can add a little bit of honey, but otherwise it's better without.

        Add some more water, put back on the lid, turn off the fire, and leave it on the stove. After awhile, warm it up and strain off some more, and add some more water. Once the lemon or lime flavor is nearly gone, take the second half of the lemon or lime, squeeze it in, and chop it up and dump that in. After 24 hours, strain off the rest and toss the dregs. By then your cold will usually be a lot better.

        French scientists found that ginger kills cold virus in vitro. <grin> It is warming, it aids digestion, it is an expectorant, it is good for general malaise. Keep a little next to your bed and sip it if you are awake.


        Sleep -- and fighting midnight carb cravings -- several things to try.

        (1) be sure your bedroom is really dark. Cover or get rid of anything with little LED's, cover windows, no nightlights, etc. To make melatonin, necessary for the deep, deep sleep, you need it to be really dark. In fact, some sleep researchers once had an experiment in a completely dark room. They shone a little light the size of a quarter on the back of the subject's knee!! (there are light sensors there!) and that was enough to turn off melatonin production.

        (2) for some people, the limiting factor for melatonin production is a low level of Vitamin B12. There's a neat way around this: find methyl cobalamin ("methyl B12") tablets, and just after dinner, put one under your tongue to dissolve. This had an amazing effect on my level of sleep, the very first night!
        I like Jarrow brand, bought at Vitacost, but of course you can get others, and other places. Methyl B12 is the form your body uses, so it doesn't have to convert the stuff from cyanocobalamin, which is what is in most vitamin supplements.

        (3) if your magnesium is low, you won't sleep well. I can't take magnesium by mouth (gives me the runs) so I use "magnesium oil" which is a brine rubbed on your skin. Don't take magnesium oxide and think it's doing you any good. It's such a laxative that it takes out more than it provides. Some people do okay with citrate, malate, or glycinate. I still don't.

        (4) for the carb cravings, you can get some l-glutamine powder, and mix a teaspoon in a glass of water. Have on a fairly empty stomach. Its taste is not bad. It's good for cravings in general, feeds your brain.

        and, you might enjoy a book I really got a lot of good from: "Mastering Leptin" by Byron Richards. It has a lot of detail, and it describes just why the carbs and metabolic syndrome get out of hand. He has some very effective ways of getting through the worst of it, when the leptin and insulin resistance are so out of hand that you can't get any good from exercise, cravings rule your life, and you're exhausted all the time. There are supplements which can help get you going, and then the good eating (primal) and moderate well-timed exercise can take over from there. That is, if you play your cards right, you probably won't have to take all that stuff indefinitely.

        I do plan to take 10,000 IU of D3 indefinitely, and also i'll use some of the magnesium oil now and then. Those are things which most people end up short of, especially as they get older.

        Hang in there -- good luck.


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          that is outstanding advce and i cant add to it .. i would like however to wish you the best ans say, dont sweat the small stuff.. u will fall off the horse its the getting back on which matters !


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            Cheers to getting back on the wagon! I completely commiserate on eating bad things when feeling under (ergo: if I feel bad already, what's the worst this will do? ahha)


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              That is outstanding advice Piano-Doctor-Lady! All of which I will see into. I am pretty sure I have what has been termed night-eating syndrome (not the sleep walking kind but the sugar is my crack kind). I had some success when I fasted on fighting the urges, but I did still wake up at least once during the night. Thankfully as I said, I have mustered a bit of control over it, waking up once vs. several times a night.

              Anyhoo! My lung are almost clear, my sinuses are back to proper mucus production! Well, of the clear, my head is not going to explode kind. So, I do think a nice long walk about the campus is in order today along with my four essential moves… *mutters* Must get pull up bar. *hops off*


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                Do you like sauerkraut Rabbit? I've heard that a sweet craving can be satisfied by something sour, especially something fermented. I've mastered my own sweet cravings by using kombucha, but once I realised how easy it is to make real sauerkraut I use that instead.

                Slice some cabbage thinly, salt liberally, put in a bowl for a little while. Then after an hour or so pack it (and all the juices) into a mason jar. If the water doesn't cover the cabbage add enough salty water so that it does and keep the cabbage below the water. Cover loosely and wait a week, then start tasting. It'll get more sour as it goes. Once it's how you like it put it in the fridge to slow fermentation and enjoy. If I'm wanting something sweet I'll have a few fork-fulls of that and I feel great.

                It sounds like you've got the right idea. I've fallen off the wagon many times already and I've only been going since December. Kiwineil has the right of it, falling off isn't that big of a deal, it's getting back on that's important.


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                  Well time for an update! I have lost 5 lbs. in roughly two weeks, which is wonderful!!! As I am in the final run to my ideal weight, and as we know those last few pounds can be a bastard.
                  I have truthfully not been 100% primal but I have stayed away from every bit of grain product that I know of and have stuck to meat, eggs, and veggies. Very much need to go shopping for myself in the future so I can expand my food choices a bit.
                  I did drink beer to blissful excess last Saturday at a party hosted at my house and as every other weekend my place is hopping with one celebration or another, I have concluded that I will indulge myself and let loose on those days. I find it is helping me keep on track the other days of the week.
                  I have not been very good with my strength training, but have been more active in regards to just getting out and doing stuff.
                  Anyhoo, that is about all I have for now, when I hit the ten pound mark I will be starting a picture journal in this journal of during and the final out come. So yays!

                  OH! Sweet cravings are finally going away!


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                    Oh my! It has been some time since posting here. Few years in fact! I had actually forgotten my log in information. Yeeesh!
                    Anyhow, I am back and proud to say I am one month Primal as of today (first time sticking to a diet change for that long, but I will get back to that). I fell off the bandwagon hard, and though I did not gain any weight I did not lose any either, until I went Atkins and then naturally slipped into Primal. Let’s just say beforehand it was a three year failure of trying to find a diet that allowed me to eat sweets whenever I wanted. I have… had a horrific sweet tooth.
                    So fast forward three years and I am back and this time I managed to get past the first two weeks and made it a month, no cheats! I am very proud because the God’s honest truth my life style changes lasted usually four days, or just shy of two and a half weeks at the most. Now I have only lost 8 lbs but have shed 11 inches of my body! Yays!
                    So yesh! I am back and this time I am sticking with it! Because frankly I never want to go through the carb flu again!
                    P.S. Sweet cravings that were mentioned in my early postings did not go away until this time around and I used cream to kill them, would make a small bowl and use a tinny spoon to slurp it out. Silly I know but it worked for me! Oh and middle of the night wake-ups followed by raids on the fridge have been destroyed! That though I am crediting to the warriors diet (which I still follow along with Primal now) *dances off*


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                      Oh and before I forget! Some pictures! Yesh!
                      Before anything 235lbs


                      After low cal and chronic cardio 160 lbs


                      And now (wearing a corset though and was photoed by a professonal so that is a bit of cheating, new update a few months down the road hopefully will include a bikini shot!)



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                        *frowns* Well I have the diet as I said pretty much under my belt now. However, I have been slacking on the exercise side of things. Any sort of sprinting is out of the question for the time being because I rolled my ankle and sprained it pretty bad earlier this week so the moving about is a touch tricky. Though by restricting forward movement on my right foot, my left ass cheek is getting one hell of a workout!

                        Anyhow, back to exercise or lack thereof. I stopped all weight lifting about 3 months ago because I was bulking up. I know the argument that women do not bulk like men and I agree. However, because I was not losing fat as quickly as I was putting on muscle (and I put on muscle very quickly) I ended up adding inches to my frame. Now I was told to counter that I should lift light with many reps, vs. lifting heavy. Needless to say I am not very sure how I feel about that suggestion, part of me agrees and the other part doesn’t. So for the time being I am in a cardio rut until my ankle heals and in a weight lifting rut until I figure out just how I should approach my muscles.

                        P.S. I am also very confused about ab work. My frame back when it was sexy is a classic hourglass, with broad shoulders, my bust and hips having the exact same measurements, and my waist a ten inch difference between the two. I have been told that I could lose that nice curve in at the waist by a trainer if I put too much focus on my abs, namely the sides, and end up looking boxy in that area. Namely I am running into a problem of information overload, one side says do this and the other side says do that, and both conflict each other.
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                          Well I experienced something new given an extreme drop in carbohydrates, fewer than 50 grams a day. Severe depression by the end of the fifth day and a feeling of pins and needles in my arms, legs, and face after every meal! I had noted it before but had not made the connection to my diet. I gave myself a carb re-feed day and my mood lifted and stayed lifted and the pins and needles went away. Wanting to experiment now that I am paying attention, I reduced my carbs back again to fewer than 50 grams and sure enough, pins and needles following every meal and my mood slowly deteriorated with each passing day. Now what carbs I did take in during this time came from veggies; spinach, beets, cucumbers, and peppers and I made sure I was taking a multi-vitamin every day following my first meal. Not sure what is going on with my body… So, considering I do not like the pin and needles and the feelings of hopelessness my carb intake is going back up to between 50 and 100 grams a day, more veggies!!!