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    Have no fear TFC has been killing things as per usual, just not taking the time to scrawl out murderous happenings with his blood stained claws afterward. The past two weekends I have been out of town -- first in Boston (managed to get in a crossfit session at an old co-worker's box). This past weekend I was in Beaver Creek Colorado where I skied and also got in a couple of gym sessions of HIIT - kettlebells, row machine etc -- in the workout facility of the Ritz Carlton! (lol. Not quite Tooth and Claw TFC admits.)

    Lots of stuff going with work (possible trip to Australia), new car, Crossfit etc that it'd been hard and stressful to concentrate on record keeping. An overview of memorable WODs over the past two weeks -

    100 burpee pull ups for time - this sucked hard. My lungs and heart felt like exploding.

    “Air Force”
    For time @95# :

    20 thrusters
    20 sumo-dead lift high pulls
    20 push jerks
    20 overhead squat
    20 front squats
    *4 burpees every min on the min

    (My heart and lungs wanted to explode after Air Force for sure)

    A. AMRAP in 5min jumping squats /45#
    3min rest
    B. AMRAP in 5min thrusters 95#
    3min rest
    C. AMRAP in 5min Bear Complex 95#

    I've come out of the habit of dedicated lifting into more met cons. I'm still gaining strength in some areas though definitely not in others (press, hand stand push ups, squat etc). Unfortunately it's hard to balance a class setting like Crossfit with a personalized strength bias routine. I feel pressured to do the WODs when I just want to lift in the corner etc. Definitely a drawback of Crossfit.

    In other news guess who decided to buy a new car? MOI

    and not just any car, a 2011 Dodge Challenger R/T with the "Green With Envy" package


    It came down to life generally being too short to not live it to the fullest. carpe diem so to speak. I drive 50 miles on the highway each day - this should be fun.

    PrimalCon is coming up in three weeks. I had better get extra serious in terms of training so TFC can represent the T&C methodology properly.
    ad astra per aspera


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      Awesome new ride TFC! The only thing you wont be enjoying about it is the cost of your gas now, I'm sure. But as you is too short.

      I too this year purchased a brand new ride: A Cherry Red Dodge 2010 Ram 1500. My first truck. And I love it! Gas sucks but again, Life is too short!
      (I also drive 45 miles one way to work and back each day).

      The cat is definitely on the prowl now.....look out!
      If you can just get your....mind together....then come on across to me.....
      James Marshall (Jimi)Hendrix


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        Thanks for the shout out nacho - I guess I should specify that I won't be taking delivery on the Challenger for another 8-12 weeks. The car is still being assmbled up in Canadia. Last time I checked it was still a chassis. It's all good though it gives me time to take care of finding a good loan, planning and ordering the first mods, license plate etc. Luckily I often find having something to look forward to is every bit as good (better?) than the thing that I am actually waiting for. You are definitely correct though. TFC is back on the prowl. Gonna kill it at the gym tonight.

        breakfast - 4 eggs, asparagus, butter, decaf coffee with h/hx 2
        ad astra per aspera


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          That is a sick car! I love the colour - it's baffling to me that people would spend so much money on a car and then go with the boring brown/grey colour that ever car seems to be now. Green is much better.


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            lunch yesterday was 4xchicken thighs in curry leftover from dinner two nights ago

            last night workout:

            mile run in 42# weight vest (got swiped by a car - no biggie - kept running after a wave, the guy was terrified I think he thought I was going to pull him out of his car and destroy him. Mental note "I look scary enough")

            2 pood kettlebell swings
            wall balls
            pull ups

            workout interrupted by me counting for a friend who was doing the Crossfit open workout

            AMRAP in 10 mins
            30 double unders
            15 75# bar overhead

            My friend got 7 rounds + 11 double unders which is a very good time. Amazing to me that he chained his double unders perfectly throughout the WOD - never missed one - that's 222 double unders in a row.

            dinner last night was a cobb salad, pineapple, 1/2 cantaloupe and some strawberries.

            workout this am:

            3 rounds for time:

            400m run
            27 wall ball shots 14#/20#
            27 kettle bell swings 1/1.5 pood

            did it in 14:50 - blah not so great.

            dessert was

            2 rounds of

            4 turkish get ups (each arm) @ 1 pood
            16 toes to bar

            did in 5:30 - should have used the 1.5 pood

            Hm. The past week I have started to lack on my anger and ferocity. I think I hit a little road block with the Pocohontas situation a few weeks back. Made it feel like for all the hardwork I do and good shape I get myself into - meh not really effective or cared about by anyone else. So in the end I am busting my butt, getting up at 4:45 AM for just myself. I can empathize more with the lazy, out of shape people who are happily married and don't feel like pushing themselves. When your wife/husband won't divorce you for being fat and lazy well what's the incentive to not sleep in and just go for walks? Pride I guess. Pride and self respect are values that I strive to embody. It's tough sometimes to choose adversity over the easy way; I tell myself that choosing the adversity will improve me as a person. I think it does. When others don't value overcoming adversity though it changes the perspective a little. Luckily strength is its own reward - it will attract the strong.

            The thing to remember is that this is what I want to be:

            Topless human chicks "that don't get it"? Fuck off!
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              Monday Roundup

              Saturday AM workout was a killer -

              9 V-ups
              100 m sprint
              1 burpee

              8 V-ups
              100 m sprint
              2 burpee

              7 V-ups
              100 m sprint
              3 burpee

              6 V-ups
              100 m sprint
              4 burpee

              5 V-ups
              100 m sprint
              5 burpee

              4 V-ups
              100 m sprint
              6 burpee

              3 V-ups
              100 m sprint
              7 burpee

              2 V-ups
              100 m sprint
              8 burpee

              1 V-ups
              100 m sprint
              9 burpee

              80 Thursters @90#

              My quads were destroyed - and still are as I write this on Monday

              Friday I had eaten a lot of fruit so I wanted to recalibrate my metabolism. I skipped breakfast and didn't eat until 1 pm which I think compounded the hurt. Was low energy and run down for the rest of saturday.

              Went to a friend's Paleo BBQ Saturday night and ate a ton of food - couldn't fall asleep until after 1 am. Woke up Sunday at 6 amtired but unable to continue sleeping. Had a cobb salad and omellete for breakfast at 10 - still hungry after. Was super run down for the rest of Sunday - helped my dad move stuff from his old office, wasted the rest of the day trying to fall asleep (but I couldn't). Pretty much a wasted day.

              Snack: Almond butter, pecans, pistacios, brazil nuts, coconut milk

              Dinner: Pork chops with green chile and onion, masala, 2 cups coconut milk, 3 table spoons almond butter, 4ish pecans, a square of 85% chocolate, sweet potato with butter

              Monday workout:

              Heavy Front squats:

              2-2-2-2-2-2-2 @187#,197#

              10 burpees as fast as possible

              Front squats were hard on account of my quads still being destroyed from Saturday thrusters. I just want a large russian woman to massage them

              breakfast: 5 eggs, asparagus with butter
              ad astra per aspera


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                snack - pecans, Brazil nuts, coconut milk

                Dinner last night - pork, almond butter, coconut milk, 90% chocolate

                Morning workout:

                60 MB Clean @ 20#
                60 Wall Ball
                800m run With MB
                60 Step Ups w / MB
                60 MB Ground To OverHead
                60 MB Situps (Shoulders and Ball touch Ground on the Backend/ Ball to toes on the front end)

                did in 19:57

                Man I have been addicted to researching my Dodge Challenger as of late. I probably spend 3 hours a day combing message boards for mods, insight and advice on installations, DIY how to guides, owner opinions etc. I can't get enough! It will be hard to keep waiting! I am not expecting delivery until at least June 1st which gives me =plenty of time to save up a little extra cash for a down payment and some initial mods. On the list so far

                after market exhaust - ~$1200
                tinted windows
                Halo lights ($300)
                Skip shift eliminator ($30)
                Sequential tail light kit ($150)
                Fancy windshield wipers / window water repel stuff etc

                after these are initially done I think I will be fine to pay off the financing ASAP in order to work to a supercharger! The more I research, plan and think the more I am excited about the car and the less I stress about the extra payments which is a good thing. I already applied for a group license plate:

                "Support the Horse" - I license plate whose proceeds go to protect wild horses in Colorado

                I chose this
                1. Because it's a shade of green that will look awesome on my green car
                2. I like the tag line "Support the Horse" because it is kind of like "Support the Horse(power)" - kind of a finger to Prius nation which I definitely enjoy.
                3. I have never seen anyone else with this license plate. Unique=cool!

                After the certificate to allow me to use the Protect the Horse license plate comes back I need to send it to the DMV to register my plates. Which means I need to decide which custom plate I will be using. A couple of my ideas:

                6ODZ1L4 (get it? goes with the green theme... but a little chest thumpy without a supercharger considering the R/T isn't as beefy as the 392 top end model of the challenger)
                FASTCAT (old nickname - but what if I don't feel like driving fast?)
                PROPER (old nickname)

                plenty of time to think it over
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                  I choose "FASTCAT." Love the car and color. Sorry about Pocahontas. Her loss.
                  "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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                    In other news guess who decided to buy a new car? MOI

                    and not just any car, a 2011 Dodge Challenger R/T with the "Green With Envy" package


                    That's not 'meow'. That's RAWR!!!!!!!!!

                    Love the car

                    Dammit. I haven't figured out how the quote thing works yet. I didn't buy the car! You did!
                    Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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                    CW: 146.8 lbs
                    GW 140 lbs
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                      TFC would like to thank the two nice ladies for dropping in! Always nice when others drop in with encouragement. Thank you.

                      Dinner last night:

                      masala pork with olive oil, coconut milk with Hershey's pure cocoa powder blended in (awesome. simply awesome.), dark chocolate, sweet potato with butter

                      morning workout

                      Power Snatch 2-2-2-2-2

                      had a very frustrating time on my technique. I am engrained with the desire to rip my snatch from the ground instead of lifting it first to above my knees before exploding. My core strength is dead lift so I am biased in wanting to recruit that range of movement for power. Very frustrating and angrifying to instead learn to explode from an upright position.


                      For Time:
                      21- 15- 9
                      overhead squats @96# - 6:15

                      man this was a killer. Overhead squats kill my glutes - way harder just from the squatting aspect than the overhead aspect - more proof that I have the weakest squat/ass ever. No matter what I do fucking squats are deficient while the 5'10" crew squats 300s like it's nothing. grrrr.
                      ad astra per aspera


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                        Lunch yesterday - rotisserie chicken, two pears. I was starving. I might do the same thing today for lunch it tasted so good. God I love pears. And rotisserie chickens.

                        Man last night after taking the dog to the park I came home and took a nap from 4:30pm to 10pm. O_O

                        I woke up, ate some dinner (yam + butter, and 3 oz of left over pork, two servings of almond butter), took the dog out, took two magnesium supplements and then slept until 4:45am when my alarm woke me up. I could have slept longer! I rarely am able to sleep so much mostly because my body doesn't allow me to. Felt really great. I feel like it's a mental reboot and needed to reset stress levels and boost recovery.

                        I haven't done any two a days this week mostly because I have been so worn out. That's part of it at least. The other part might be that it hasn't been very sunshiney; I am a lot more motivated to be active when I am charged with light (although you'd never guess by my 5:30 am workouts!)

                        morning workout this AM - all alone. I hate doing WODs by myself.

                        7 rounds for time:
                        5 cleans 88#
                        8 chest to bar pull ups
                        5 wall walks (after doing two I subbed for 1 superman, 1 v-up, 1 hand stand == 1 wall walk)
                        about 21 minutes +/-

                        dessert was AMRAP 1 minute of bar hanging knees to elbows == 28

                        breakfast: 5 eggs + asparagus with butter

                        lunch: Rotisserie chicken + 2 pears, God I love pears.

                        dinner - pork roast with onion, carrots and mustard. Dark chocolate with almond butter on top for dessert.
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                          Morning workout:

                          2-2-2-2-2-2-2 Heavy Squat Cleans - 175#, 185#, 190#, 195# (1), 195# (1), 180#, 185#

                          breakfast: 4eggs, asparagus with butter

                          evening workout:

                          20x3 @ 2 pood kettlebell swings

                          pull ups and oher stuff I forget
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                            Oh man what oh what did I do (

                            I totally fell off the wagon for the first time in over 11 months. I just mowed through 11 Krispy Kreme donuts!!!! and I washed it down with a 1/4 gallon of skim milk (it was all my friend had in his refridgerator). This was after an entire afternoon of pounding beer. I haven't had beer in months. Or gluten. so much for that. ANd that isn't even the worst part. The worst part is that I ate half a pizza to. ( I haven't had pizza in almost a year (

                            I feel so ashamed. I just want to throw up and then wallow down in the throw up and cry. I never cheat and here I did.

                            ad astra per aspera


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                              Your april fools day jokes are just about as convincing as my mom's (i.e. not very)


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                                That's cruel of you to say Enamel. So easy for the strong to tear down those of us who are weak. Shame on you. I bet you are just yucking it up at my expense right now. Well I hope it feels good my belly is swollen to the size of a beach ball and I am farting 10 cubic feet of gas a minute.
                                ad astra per aspera