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    You already said it but: CHILL OUT!!!!

    No woman is worth that much of your energy. If she's not interested it's her loss. Plenty of other prey in the woods and all that. Getting your lifts in is a good way to combat that stress anyway so keep at it man!
    Originally posted by runnergal
    You just didn't define Healthy Whole Grains properly. Many steak recipes refer to cutting "against the grain" when slicing. Therefore beef has grains. If you eat everything on your plate, you have eaten the whole thing. Eating an entire steak is eating healthy whole grains.


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      last night ended up watching a co-worker play guitar at a bar near my house for 45 mins. Didn't get to sleep until at least 10:30 - slept like a brick though. Woke up and felt my cortisol much lower.

      Needless to say skipped 5:30 Crossfit in the process - I liked hitting up the 6pm session last night might do that again.

      things will feel better next week I hope.

      lunch: 4 pears, 3/4 of a chicken don't judge me

      evening workout:

      A. 75 knees to elbows for time, rest 1 min
      B. 75 ab mat sit ups for time, rest 1 min

      C. 4 touch and go heavy power clean
      10 burpees AFAP rest 4 min x 6-9 sets @ 100%

      stopped at 6 sets - felt like C could have been done forever

      dinner - left overs from last night's dinner - making more of the same now, 2x glasses coconut milk, 3 coconut macaroons

      tonight my friend Georgia is going to help me lift the last of my large industrial storage cabinets up the stairs. Will be nice to have all the moving done
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        breakfast - 1/3 rotisserie chicken, decaf coffee with heavy cream, glass of coconut milk
        lunch - gonna be leftovers from last night - onion, spinach, beef, cayanne pepper, coconut oil

        bought a new original painting

        have another in the style from the artist. This one is going to be tight -- have a great spot for it.

        also bought a smaller original painting that speaks to the demon in my soul

        Anhanguera Pterosaur

        (just as similiarly Voo does - Voo is hanging on my wall already):

        I will post pics of my loft after all the storage is setup and the art arrives

        Working out tonight today - looking forward to lifting shit hard

        evening workout

        3x3 split jerk @80% 152#
        3x3 split jerk @90% 182#

        dessert - Jonestown sprint - 3:12 PR
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          lolwut. I don't know what that is, but I bet t would taste delicious.
          Originally posted by runnergal
          You just didn't define Healthy Whole Grains properly. Many steak recipes refer to cutting "against the grain" when slicing. Therefore beef has grains. If you eat everything on your plate, you have eaten the whole thing. Eating an entire steak is eating healthy whole grains.


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            8 am - decaf coffee with cream

            morning workout:
            10-11:15 am (fasted) - Tire flips with deck of cards (200 meter sprints, sit ups, box jumps, push ups, air squats). Pretty easy still felt good.

            broke my 16 hour fast with a small small portion of leftovered dinner and two cups of coconut milk

            met with my artist consult. Got some good planning done on what will be on my 3 huge walls inevitably. I am thinking of painting (stenciling) layered, multi-colored text (large/huge font) -- most likely of poety/prose, written by myself or others will be on one wall. Will be fun to determine what. Dragonmama's link (in part) perhaps?

            I have come to conceptualize that what I want on these walls is to be what I would want tattooed on my body if I were into tattoos. And so the process of selecting style, reflection of myself as imagery etc must begins.

            went to old co-worker's baby shower - met a nice girl there that liked me. No super click on my end.

            raced home to eat another meager leftovers meal.

            browsing the inter-webs since. starving. waiting for my friend to be ready to go out to eat dinner. More and more other people in my life cause discomfort it seems. -_-

            had girlfriends over for dinner, drinks and a movie (Crank) I cooked them curried beef with pistachios, cumin, green chiles went to sleep pretty late (12:30?)
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              awoke at 6:30 am
              8 am breakfast at Snooze with my friend Hunter
              8:45 decaf coffee from the cute girl (Brandy) at the coffee shop in between snooze and the dog park
              lunch with dad at Dixons downtown on 16th street (Cobb salad)
              2nd lunch at 2:30 at home - leftovers from Saturday night

              took a 3 hour nap that was much much needed. awoke at 5 pm - went to Jax at 6:30-9pm - one glass red wine, and a Boop-oop-a-doop, 1lb+ of shrimp, a burger with an egg on top wrapped in lettuce with sides of garlic olive oil greens and shredded cabbage.
              asleep by 9:30
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                Monday: lots of alcohol and food at Jax and a relatively late night (lol 9:30) so I slept in past 5:30 am workout.

                breakfast: fasted until 10:30am when I have 1.5 oz of pistachios and almonds

                lunch: spinach, 1/2 yam with butter, 1 can of sardines, 2 small pears

                evening workout: skipped the WOD because my hand has a gash in it and the WOD involved max effort pull ups and rowing. Instead I did back squat (suuuucks), dips, GHD situps, GHD extensions, push ups, ab mat situps, 400 meter weight vest run.

                Felt so good to be in the box. it's like a holy shrine.

                dinner- made some onion, mushroom beef curry - gonna go eat now

                afterward headed to a bar 5 blocks away to meet friends from crossfit to see some live music. I will not be eating or drinking

                edit had 3 coconut macaroons.

                god damn I could gain 20 lbs in one day on those if I ever felt like it. soooo fucking good.
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                  Morning workout:

                  finally back at 5:30 am

                  A. AMRAP in 10 min of :
                  7 burpees
                  7 double clap medball throws

                  10.5 rounds

                  B. Kettlebell breathing ladder (cant set kettle bell down)

                  sucked at this. I am an air sucking dog.

                  breakfast - going to go eat 5 eggs and 1/2 sweet potato with butter

                  feels good to be re-oriented back to my morning workout regimen

                  This afternoon I am going to test drive a Dodge Challenger R/T

                  breakfast - coconut milk, 5x eggs, 1/2 yam with butter

                  lunch - two entree salads (one carnitas, one with salmon) at a mexican restaurant; also have avocado, lots of dressing

                  dinner - leftovers from last night, 4x coconut macaroons (!)

                  went to bed before 8 pm slept until 4:45am
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                    Originally posted by TheFastCat View Post
                    edit had 3 coconut macaroons.

                    god damn I could gain 20 lbs in one day on those if I ever felt like it. soooo fucking good.
                    I've had those twice, and the only reason I haven't had them more times than that is because I know I'll eat the whole can if I buy any, LOL. They're delicious.

                    I like your taste in art!


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                      morning workout:

                      1-1-1-1-1 Deadlift

                      PRd @392!


                      breakfast - decaf with some heavy cream atm

                      yesterday test drove the dodge challenger. Holy crap I love this car! It's big, heavy and solid. It cruises at high speed. Really like it.

                      Also test drove the Forde GT cs

                      a very cool car - much more a sports car than the Challenger - smaller, lighter and quicker.

                      Today I will be test driving the Camaro ss

                      ^^I really hate the "band aid" on the front grill -_-
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                        TFC - So what are you getting? My husband wants the dodge in Orange & Black racing!!!

                        PS love the art work. the girl looks like the old Brenda Star comics.
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                        Started Primal Mid January 2011
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                          hey jmday -

                          undecided as of yet. I test drove the Camaro SS yesterday - was underwelmed definitely not my style of car. The more I drive the more my intuition and perceptions are proved correct. Sometimes frustrating that I have to do additional work in order to "prove" them (to myself and others) -- they very rarely fail me.

                          So yeah... Challenger all the way.

                          But since I live at altitude at 5,200 feet I lose about 20% of my horsepower due to the oxygen that gets sucked into the engine being less than at sea level. There are some modifications to fix this - Supercharging as well as turbo charging; two different technologies that increase torque and horsepower respectively by pressurizing air.

                          There are aftermarket kits available for the 2010 challenger for both; each about 7k after installation

                          there are advantages to each - supercharging will increase immediate torque - most noticable from a standstill to accelerating; turbo charging will increase horsepower/speed. You can actually supercharge and turbo charge -- called compound boosting; unfortunately the Hemi engine on the challenger can't handle more than about 8 psi pressure without modifications costing about 4-5k in order to support dual boosting (other engines - like on the Forde GT can without additional mods).

                          I'm not sure that I will be buying a car this year. However it is helpful to do diligence in researching and test driving everything because my jeep grand cherokee (2001) has 140k miles on it and its original automatic transmission; Apparently the odds of it not being dead are like 1/1000 according to my car expert consultant. So I am planning for its death in the coming months.

                          Some things to think about:

                          - no turning available for 2011 Challengers right now - could be a long time before there is; some considerably design changes since 2010
                          - production of Challengers is dropping year to year due to (duh) vastly increasing gas prices.

                          Ideally I would like to keep my jeep to drive in bad weather and in the winter and drive a car to work and every day; I commute 50 miles each day and a cool car is actually more practical than my jeep for that.

                          work out this am:

                          death by sprints - 4 rounds
                          long warm up

                          “Fight Gone Bad”

                          Three rounds of:

                          1 min Wall-ball, 20 pound ball, 10 ft (reps)
                          1 min Sumo deadlift high-pull, 75#/55# (reps)
                          1 min Box Jump, 20″ (reps)
                          1 min Push-press, 75#/55# (reps)
                          1 min Row (calories)

                          Rest 1 min

                          Got 270 - meh. Limiting factor was my heart rate and oxygen.

                          breakfast - as of now decaf coffee with heavy cream; no doubt eggs, coconut milk and asparagus soon
                          ad astra per aspera


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                            Wow. You speak Car. I don't speak car. Either they go fast or can drive over things. i drive a jeep wrangler (4 door). about 45 miles total each day to down town. so complete understand the milage thing. Had for 3 years and wouldn't trade for work car unless it is perfectly sunny out. With the snow/rains here in KC. sometimes it is a challenge to get home. Jeepy goes over/through anything.

                            Hubby really wants challenger. But we still need the mini van. Carting kids around. Oldest son is almost 16. no way he's going to get van for dates (ya think?) and not really excited about him driving jeepy. I think it was the Beavus & Butthead comment out of his mouth about 2 years ago that he consideres it more a video game. Can't wash the memory clean!

                            Good luck finding the right one!!
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                            Started Primal Mid January 2011
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                              we interrupt this Paleolithic pussy's presentation to bring you a breaking news update regarding PrimalCon 2011


                              Just a quick update as we approach PrimalCon 2011:

                              Our agenda attempts to balance the desire to give you a diverse and highly stimulating educational experience with providing ample down time, free time, and free choice time. If you feel tired or need some down time, feel free to take a break from the agenda any time you want. The only thing that is mandatory is the Friday evening ocean swim...just kidding!...maybe....We noticed last year that people had a great time relaxing at the Oxnard Beach Park, casually engaging with strength training apparatus or trying their feet at the slack line. We've included more time blocks during the weekend to engage on a casual basis with the many expert presenters who will be "on call" at the beach park.

                              Here is a map of the resort and our PrimalCon headquarters/meal area/meeting area at Oxnard Beach Park. It's about a 10 min stroll from the resort. Familiarlize yourself with this walk before you arrive and then you will be good to go the rest of the weekend!
                              PrimalCon Map

                              PrimalCon attendees will be divided into six even-sized groups to navigate the daily agenda. Groups A, B, C, D, E, and F will be formed according to self-reported fitness level. We realize couples/friends might want to stay together, so feel free to request this, perhaps split the difference in your fitness abilities.

                              We'll announce the groupings on Friday morning at registration and will attempt to accommodate anyone wishing to adjust their group. For much of the agenda, two groups will be paired together (A&B doing strength training, C&D doing sprinting, etc). Occasionally, all six groups will be together (Mark's keynote presentation, etc). Regarding being the "right" group, don't stress too much. The emphasis at PrimalCon is on fun and education. We'll do some competitive stuff but mostly we want to be sure you proceed at comfortable self-pace, and don't over-exert.

                              The world-renowned Ojai School of Massage has arranged for a large number of therapists to be 'on call' for PrimalCon guests. Their services were highly acclaimed by PrimalCon guests last year ("best massage ever" was heard a few times), so consider ending your day with a house call massage -- that's right, they'll come right to your suite! Here is how the process works: Call or email ahead of your trip to Oxnard to book a preferred time. Review the PrimalCon agenda and choose a time where you are okay missing something, or quickly schedule a coveted evening-hours massage.

                              Rates are $65/hour or $95/1.5 hour. In case you are coming into SoCal from Thailand or elsewhere, this is an incredibly good deal for a house call massage. Tipping is optional. Last minute cancelling or no showing for a massage brings a 50% penalty, since the therapists are traveling to meet you. Book your massage immediately by calling Jamie Roth at 805-272-5134 or email

                              The Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach resort is 60 miles North of LA metro area on Hwy 101. It's about 9 miles off Hwy 101 on the fabulous Oxnard State Beach. A few steps out the door and you are on an expansive sandy beach - a world-away from busy life in Southern California.

                              Plan your air/land travel to avoid rush hour traffic in Los Angeles. This means escaping the airport areas by 3pm. Or flying in after 6pm and starting your journey later in the evening. On the morning side, wait until after 10am to drive North out of LA (or escape before 6:30am). Its an easy freeway drive to Oxnard when traffic is light but can be a bummer if you are trying to travel in the thick of traffic.

                              Here is Google Map link and driving directions from airports

                              Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach resort
                              embassy suites mandalay beach resort oxnard ca - Google Maps

                              62 miles from Burbank Airport, the best choice for flying in
                              embassy suites mandalay beach resort oxnard ca - Google Maps

                              68 miles from LAX
                              embassy suites mandalay beach resort oxnard ca - Google Maps

                              360 miles from SFO/Bay Area. We highly recommend driving for Bay Area people - you'll have an easier time driving than navigating two airports and LA traffic. There is almost no trouble with traffic coming South on 101 to Oxnard, except some potential thru Santa Barbara during rush hours.
                              embassy suites mandalay beach resort oxnard ca - Google Maps

                              We'll see you in April! Grok on!

                              Primal Blueprint Staff
                              P.O. Box 6250, Malibu, CA 90264
                              p. 888-774-6259
                              Primal Blueprint

                              A click a day keeps the doctor away. Mark's Daily Apple
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                                A quick morning lift and then I am off to Boston to surprise a good college friend for her 30th birthday! Will be back on Sunday so don't expect any updates until then! Will be visiting a box on Saturday in bean town run by a guy I used to work with when I lived back there. Staying on my old roommate's couch tonight (he and his wife just had a baby) and in a hotel I haven't booked on Saturday.
                                ad astra per aspera