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    Finally - completed a lift.

    5x5 back squat 215#
    then a max sets of pullups - 15, 8, 4
    weighted pull ups

    breakfast - 4 eggs, coconut protein shake
    lunch -asparagus, handful of almonds/pistacios
    dinner - mole chicken and asparagus, two red pears
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      500m Row - 1:29.8 (tied PR)

      AMRAP in 2 minutes of GHD situps - 43

      Overhead squat 3x5 @109#

      breakfast - 5 eggs, coconut milk protein shake

      lunch - PF CHang's Mongolian beef + garlilc spinach. In retrospect I think I was Gluten'd - felt flabby and swollen the rest of the afternoon

      Night Workout -

      1 rep max dead lift @375# PR!
      dead lifts 1x5 265#
      dead lifts 3x5 305#
      ring pull ups
      weighted pull ups
      weighted ring dips

      dinner - coconut protein shake, left over chicken and asparagus, pear
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        Fasted until 10 AM workout this morning - which was 20 minutes max effort met con. Felt great - did it in my kilt.

        Afterward had coconut protein shake and pears x2 as well as some left over asparagus and chicken.

        Dinner was shrimp and a glass of wine at JAX.

        Skiing tomorrow at Breckenridge
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          Morning workout:

          2x4 press @125#
          1x2 press @125#
          1x4 pres @120# FAIL FAIL FAIL

          Front Squat 160# 4x5

          breakfast: coconut milk protein shake, 5 eggs, handful of almonds/pistachios
          lunch: spinach, handful of almonds/pistachios
          snack: pear

          evening workout:

          4 rds for time with a 20# weight vest, barefoot:
          10 hang squat snatch below knee – 75#/45#
          10 box jumps – 24″
          10 wall balls – 20#/14# to 10 ft
          15 double unders

          did it in 21 minutes. could have done faster. Want to try this over again sometime. My feet are numb right now the concrete floors were cold.

          dinner: likely onion, meat, veg, pears x2
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            Morning workout:

            600 m row

            wore a weight vest for the rest of the warmup (situps, pushups, double unders, tuck jumps etc)

            warm ups with a 20# weight vest on
            50 hand stand push ups using a band apparatus on a pull up bar - perfect scaling!
            118# power cleans

            Tabata situps - scored 13
            Tabata airsquats - ?? no idea wow those killed. My quads wanted to kill themselves.

            breakfast - (was hungry!) 7 eggs, coconut milk protein shake
            lunch - spinach, almost a lb of ground beef, onion and green onion cooked in coconut oil (from last night's dinner)

            TFC is feeling quite beastly this afternoon. For some reason his strength and rage level seems to increase with the MORE volume and intensity of his exercise regimen. Last week was rough because of my back injury and being so anti carb that I think it affected my recovery. I had a very amble dinner last night and a large breakfast and lunch today and feel like ripping the throat out of a wildebeast, eating its heart out and then skull fucking it.

            ^^this is what TFC feels like doing atm

            I'm going to start with Pavel's grease the groove for pull ups and the ab roller today

            evening workout: I definitely 'killed the sloth' to coin a new term

            500 meter row

            wore a weight vest for the rest of the warmup (situps, pushups, double unders, tuck jumps etc)

            weight vest pullups 3x6 22#
            slow ring pullups 4 sets
            ring L raises 4x5
            2 sets Explosive pull ups x 8ish (standard no weight) - holy shit I almost jumped over the bar. wow. weight vest for the win. O_O My pull up power has dramatically increased!

            Grease the groove pull ups 2 more sets of about 8 (not to failure)

            overhead squats 115# 3x5, 1x3 FAIL, 1x5 - shoulder strength/stability continues to manifest itself in different areas. I am excited to improve handstand push ups, press and my over head strength.

            did the same tabata situp/air squat combo as this morning. Ouch. I hope I can get adequate recovery in time for tomorrow morning!

            had a nice compliment today was told that I looked "ripped." Additionally last Saturday one of the Crossfit coaches walked in on me getting out of the shower and said "holy shit dude you're buff!".

            It's working

            Dinner will be leftovers from lunch/dinner - meat, onions and maybe some sweet potato to help recovery
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              Breakfast - 6 eggs, coconut milk protein shake
              Lunch: salmon salad with side of guacamole
              Dinner: gonna be Sirloin steak, coconut milk protein shake with flax

              Morning workout: warm up in 20# weight vest (I think this will be a new tradition - I love this thing).

              A. Snatch Grip Push Press – 5 x 5 – low effort; rest 90 sec
              (work on catch and correct scapular position; use hips to move weight) : this sucked hard. Confirming my belief that I have some structural issues with my shoulders inhibiting their strength. My press is by far my weakest lift in comparison to my size. It feels as though the proper muscles are not being recruited when I do press or push press, but rather my rotator cuffs are soley attempting to lift the weight. It's frustrating.

              B. Snatch Balance – 3 x 3 @ 88# (read:LIGHT!); rest 2 min
              (work on depth ; choose a weight without riding weight down): could feel some improvement on my scapular support. Shoulders feel weak as hell though. Re-mounting the snatch back onto my shoulders after a successful snatch was the hardest part of the exercise. My shoulders are broken. Notch up another discovered weakness! SHOULDERS.

              C. 6 sets of 20 GHD Back Extensions; rest 1 min : easy because GHD back extensions are a strength. Think my current PR is > 60 unbroken

              In other news I have two friends who are starting Crossfit! My older brother who is 35, married with two kids is starting today! In fact he's doing it AS I TYPE THIS! His first class! I am excited to see how he likes it! I hope he has a good box because unfortunately that can determine a person's experience a lot more than Crossfit itself.

              My other friend is Lennon my Hipster buddy from Austin, Tx who rides a bike and drinks lots of coffee. He is beanpole thin and not very strong but he is tall and very capable of kicking some but if he is motivate I think.

              I will follow their Crossfit careers in my writings (be them long or short).

              Also my sister who I mentioned took the Primal Leap for New Years is reporting better progress! She has lost the initial weight she gained after adjusting her diet to get rid of OJ and lots of fruit/yogurt. She is still meat and fat phobic (though she is trying hard) hopefully she maintains her interest and motivation!

              I posted a comment in this thread relating to my own eating and exercise habits from the perspective of high activity and low carbohydrate.

              I still have no idea what is fueling the sudden, dramatic surge of energy powering my two a day workouts this week. Perhaps just the juxtaposition against a dreadful last week defined by hypocaloric intake and shoulder injury by comparison make my drive seem above average (when in fact last week just sucked). A few weeks ago I also had an ugly cold - perhaps I finally am just all healed up.

              evening workout:

              weight vest warm up - burpees, sprint, push ups, situps, planks, air squats

              deadlift 1x5 @330#
              1x3 @330#
              1x4 @330

              death by dead lift @ 285# - finished 6 rounds then stopped tomorrow comes at 5:30am

              weighted pull ups 20# 3x5 ala grease the groove
              handful of weighted ring pull ups 20#
              GHD situps with 20# weight vest
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                Morning workout:

                Weight vest (20#) jog for a few hundred meters, burpees x5, push ups x10, medicine ball tosses. Warm ups are hard when the gym is 50 degrees and it's 5:30am!

                back squat 3x5 @230# - wasn't getting the depth - about an inch too high at my base. I'm somewhat content with this since I did dead lifts yesterday and have been doing two a days all week. I will stick with this weight for my next back squat - I think I can get lower. Oh man I just figured out I did too much weight this lift - I was only supposed to do 220#! Hm I had better drop it back down to 220# for my next lift no point attempting heavier weight with less ROM.

                Then worked on ring muscle up progression, ending with tabata muscle ups (from knees on ground). I have the strength to do muscle ups -- now just need to dial in the technique, muscle memory and form.

                breakfast - was hungry - 6 oz sirloin steak, 6 eggs (with butter and cheese), coconut milk protein shake

                *mental note to write about how I am neither Primal nor Paleo in coming post

                lunch: asparagus. A lot of asparagus. The litter box was quite stinky for the rest of today.

                evening workout: warmup (same as morning) with 20# weight vest
                1x5 weight vest 20# pull ups ala Grease the Groove


                50-40-30-20-10 rep for time of:
                Double Unders

                12:07 - Double unders continue to be the bane of my existence and one reason I will continue to strength bias versus go 100% Crossyfit. THEY ARE SO LAME!!!

                Afterward did death by push ups (+2 per round) made it to 11 rounds. Pretty nice lil plyo workout right there

                Afterward did Pavel's Ladder/Grease the Groove with some buddies to introduce them to the concept. I don't kip on my pull ups (goal is to be able to knock out WODs unbroken without kips) and they are both really good kippers (but not great at strict) so I think the routine will work well for them.

                Dinner: onion, beef, green onions


                So I have determined that I am neither Primal nor Paleo. Here's why:

                1.) I don't exercise like Primes do. I do more volume and higher intensity than prescribed by the Primal Blueprint.
                2.) I don't play like Primes do. (unless you consider my workouts play -- which technically I do I suppose)
                3.) I limit dairy intake to butter on veggies.
                4.) I do not believe that coffee is a healthy food choice (cp Mark Sission, Robb Wolf)
                5.) I am more low carb than Primal and Paleo advocate; in fact I function on a keteogenic diet whose macros are mostly made up of protein, fat and carbs (in that order).
                6.) I don't do "Zone" blocking (ala Paleo) - often times my meals will have one or two components: eg Breakfast: "eggs", Lunch: "asparagus", dinner: "steak + spinach"
                7.) I don't do the whole "move slowly often" thing. I take my dog for a walk each day but the rest of the time I am in front of a computer at work, commuting in my car, at the gym or winding down for bed.
                8.) I don't freak out over minute dietary ingredients (like a restaurant's salad dressing containing gluten, or soybean oil) like a Paleo would. I figure such details are really a wash and have no real affect on *me*.
                9.) I don't do the Primal 80%/20% thing. I do 100% all the way, all the time in terms of sugar, grain, process food avoidance. I can count on one hand the number of times in the last 10 months in which I ate grains: 1.) 30th birthday 2.) Winsteads hamburger 3.) Piece of chocolate cake in Cusco, Peru on vacation 4.) ?? 5.) ??
                10.) I eat instinctively and determine my diet based on what my body tells me it needs to function best.

                Anyway I think I will henceforth refer to my lifestyle as Prileo. Seems to fit somewhere in between don't you think?

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                  Morning Workout:

                  5x10 overhead squat at 111# - failed on two sets

                  not very happy with my performance. It's been a long week and I was a little soft this morning. Tough to bring my A game each day at 5:30 when doing two a days all week. ad astra per aspera.

                  3 minute AMRAP kettle bell cleans - got 63 @1 pood - think last time I had 70+
                  yeah energy level was pretty low -- always indicative of crappy kettle bell performance.

                  breakfast - 6 eggs most likely (with coconut milk protein shake)

                  lunch - some grilled chicken and a pint of blueberries

                  evening "workout"

                  oh man I really phoned it in. Put on a weight vest did some laps around the gym - attemped two sets of weighted pull ups, a couple muscle ups sat on the floor - acted like I was going to do some sit ups then noticed my back was sore from doing Annie last night without an ab mat and decided against it.

                  all in all a complete and udder farce. But to be honest the tank is totally empty at this point. Hopefully I can recover well for Tommorrow morning's 20 minute metcon.
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                    That is one badass picture of the cat/lizard.


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                      Breakfast at 8:30 am

                      workout 10 AM: weight vest warm up 20#, 20 minute AMRAP Tabata mash ups: box jumps, push ups, burpees, air squats, sit ups mountain climbers. Ouch. Not my strongest performance.

                      Workout #2:


                      21-15-9 reps of:
                      Squat Clean 135 pounds
                      Ring dips

                      13:40 Not a great time but it is following a 20 minute met con as well as 5 days of two-a-days so meh. My squat clean form was bunk. until last round was catching at the top and doing a squat instead of riding the weight down.

                      muscle up progression work (almost there!!)
                      weight vest 20# pull ups 3x6
                      bunch of ab mat sit ups unbroken

                      lunch: coconut protein shake with flax. Probably ton of eggs next

                      dinner: $34 of whole foods food bar: giant salad and curried chicken with 2x kombucha and 1x coconut water probiotic drink
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                        was peer pressured into a metcon instead of doing my starting strength

                        3 rounds for time:
                        25 KBS 2poods
                        25 chin ups

                        hated it.

                        7 rounds of 10 supermans then 10 second plank holds

                        irritated by it


                        4 eggs, 1 small yam with butter, coconut milk protein shake

                        lunch: 3/4 roasted chicken

                        evening workout: Press @120# 1x5, 1x4, 1x4, 1x3 110# 4x5, 1x3

                        static isometric inverted hand stand push up holds 4x 20-30 seconds

                        a few hand stand push ups using bands

                        24# weighted pull ups 4x4-5

                        4x5 ring pull ups

                        I got my first muscle ups tonight! 2x1! Finally

                        Did a lot of GHD situps (to failure). Get boring after a while think I will just do these with a weight vest on from now on.

                        In other news I canceled my Cable television today - took the DVR receiver back and everything. I think I will make a thread about it now.

                        Dinner: left overs +2x pears. Gonna be hard to say that I'm low carb if I keep eating pears! The more I eat the more I want them. Such is sugar/fruit.

                        ^^ TFC doing his favorite lift
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                          Morning workout:

                          50 Snatch grip dead lifts @221# - First time I have tried snatch grip dead lifts. I picked the perfect weight I think because My grip reached failure at rep number 50! Snatch grip really targets your biceps, forearms and hands in addition to back. I will definitely be incorporating these into my regime!

                          breakfast: small yam with butter, 5 eggs with butter and asiago cheese, coconut milk protein shake.

                          (looks like I am eating dairy again! Just not milk I guess)

                          lunch: broccoli & asparagus

                          No evening workout tonight. Feel quite content with my workload Monday and this morning along with my first muscle ups last night.

                          Dinner: was 3/4 of: 1 onion, 1lb bison meat, spinach, 1 yam + 2 pears

                          gonna up my carbs this week see what happens
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                            Workout this morning:


                            Complete as many rounds in 30 minutes as you can of:

                            275 pound Deadlift, 5 reps
                            13 Push-ups
                            9 Box jumps, 24 inch box

                            got 12 rounds + 5 DL

                            Am glad that I had two sweet potatoes and two pears yesterday!

                            First time I have done this WOD - in the future I aim to make this one of my strongest workouts. The push ups and DL are some of my (relative) strengths - no reason that I shouldn't be tearing this up. I was surprised that my dead lifts felt pretty good - but the second each set was over it felt like I was out of air. Did step downs on my box jumps - next time I do this WOD jumping straight down would help cut time though it's rough in vibrams.

                            breakfast: 6 eggs, butter, Asiago cheese - officially back on the dairy (no milk though) wagon. Two glasses of So Delicious brand coconut milk.

                            lunch: was working hard so a Raw Organics branch coconut/chocolate chip bar (blah) with 19 grams of carbs. Also had half a handful of almonds and half a handful of pistacios. Snack - 1/2 lb left overs from dinner last night

                            no evening workout tonight - my body told me it wants to recover. Longer walk in park with Rodeo instead.
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                              Nice dedication you have to working out!
                              I came in here to thank you for posting a link to the Team Gorilla blog - I don't remember which thread it was in, but it's really cool to see such strong women doing what they love and being badass while doing it. Really inspiring stuff.


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                                Hey Enamel! Thanks for stopping by TFC's lair. Please watch your step around the mastodon bones and disemboweled Grok over in the corner. Yes Since I started doing Crossfit I kind of had an epiphany that I also am inspired and attracted to strong, motivated and dedicated ladies. I hope the next girl friend to be one of them! I have never dated someone who is concerned with fitness and a paleo/primal diet. I think she would be this cat's meow!

                                Workout this morning:

                                feeling pretty low energy even after a HUGE sleep last night. Felt like lifting, not a met con but nonetheless got peer pressured into doing it instead of lifting. So I need to get back into the gym tonight to do my starting strength.

                                A. Running Clock Power Snatch for 5 minutes (pick a weight that allows you to have perfect form, and fast touch and go reps) - @88# - got 43?
                                B. Running Clock Burpees for 5 minutes - got 43?
                                (chest to deck; arms completely straight overhead with body at top)
                                C. Running Clock Power Snatch for 5 minutes (pick a weight that allows you to have perfect form, and fast touch and go reps) - @88# - got 36?
                                D. Running Clock Burpees for 5 minutes - got 47

                                breakfast - coconut milk protein shake, 5 eggs w/butter, asparagus

                                Last night before bed snuck a peek of myself in the bathroom mirror in the nudey. Holy cats! O_O I am starting to look pretty fucking good!

                                I am on good pace, as long as I remain single, uninjured to have some mighty fine body comp come the warm weather

                                eyes on the prize to get to:

                                lunch: salad with chicken, pickeled eggplant, two hard boiled eggs, hummus (not primal but I figured I needed the calories), some chicken, tahini sauce

                                evening workout:

                                Warm up with 24# weight vest

                                400m run

                                10 GHD situps
                                10 GHD extensions
                                10 double unders
                                10 ring dips
                                10 plank rotations
                                10 shoulder circles

                                Back Squat 1x5,1x4,1x5,1x4 @ 215# Not so great. My knees buckle inwards on my way up. A super weak park of my hips/glutes still.

                                overhead squat: 3x5 @120# - pretty easy/fun

                                3x5 weight vest pull ups
                                3x5 standard ring pull ups
                                bunch of GHD situps
                                bunch of GHD extensions
                                GHD situps with 10 lbs
                                GHD extensions with 10 lbs

                                dinner gonna be: onion, bison, asparagus in coconut oil likely pearx2
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