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  • Originally posted by TheFastCat View Post
    I had fun despite it all...
    It didn't sound like fun.
    If I just said LOL, I lied. Do or do not. There is no try.


    • Today whitebear walked about 15 miles, drank a few beers, ate some eggs, meat and vegetables. Tomorrow I think I'll walk maybe 20 miles and roast some cat for supper like the aborigines do. (They used to eat rodents until Europeans brought those pesky felines over. The kitties wiped out the rats so now they eat the cats).

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          • Originally posted by justyouraveragecavemen View Post
            It didn't sound like fun.
            yeah in retrospect I guess it wasn't. Still was able to treat it as a learning opportunity and gain insight; in that respect it was worthwhile and interesting. Experience begets knowledge and all that jazz. I do appreciate the reality check Caveman -- lest I become an autonomous drone incapable of self-awareness.

            Mr Whitebear welcome to the block - please do prey on any cats you catch. Such critters are invariably inferior and should be culled from the gene pool.

            Mr/Mrs.xcvjh - the presence of a automated drone I take as compliment; you are the forerunner to an inevitable future and as such I welcome your presence.

            To the humans I want to let you know that I'm pursuing the means of moving tooth and claw to an off-MDA location. I hate to go as I enjoy the community and I think I contribute to it from the niche that I embody. However I think I can bring more to the table and of better quality for your consumption. It will be a transition and not an abrupt break I assure you.

            Yesterday some guys at worked helped me record The Green car's exhaust in 24 bit stereo audio in order to create a white noise loop to fall asleep to. (Here's a link where you can download the .FLAC file if you want big file 64 megs and 14 minutes) I plan on incorporating the exhaust or startup noise into one or more of these sites I'm driving for those of you who'd rather wait.

            Also I did some cloud integration with Microsoft Azure and those domains I've been corralling. Fun and educational -- the fact that it is all tangential to the work I do professionally is icing on the cake. Having fun investigating Wordpress theming and customization.

            Regarding workouts and body compo:
            I can't fuel the rage I need without more fuel and I can't lean out more without sacrificing more energy/calories.
            I think I need to increase my calorie load and begin the transition from cut/ripped to jacked.
            So starting tonight will play with eating prileo foods without attempt at calorie reduction to see what happens. I am expecting more energy in my morning workouts.
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            ad astra per aspera


            • It's official. TFC will be setting off for Prague in the Czech Republic May 31st to start his year around the world working remotely!

              The background on the founder came back squeaky clean and today I paid my non-refundable $3,000 deposit.

              Big decisions like this always feel much better after they are made.

              In sadder news it looks like Gorgeous [name changed], the beauty I've dated for a year and a half I have parted ways for good. She leaves for her training to be an airline flight-attendant for 8 weeks -- at which point I will be in the Czech Republic and gone for the next year.. I asked to see her before she left and she responded with:

              "TFC I suck at goodbyes and the last time I saw you was perfect <3"

              [The last time I saw her was a booty call]

              "Plus my sched is packed until Sunday. Leave Sunday or Monday. Waiting on email. I'll miss you."

              "Maybe I visit you when I get travel time and you are settled :*"

              Here's a photo tribute to her

              I'll miss her.

              I got a couple emails regarding my loft rental; nothing serious yet. I hope that changes!

              Next steps involve buying my flight to Prague.

              Still battling cloud hosting and wordpress

              Getting haircut shortly

              TFC out
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              ad astra per aspera


              • Hey guys long time without an update -- I promise you I have been too busy preparing to leave for my international sojourn to post consistently... Been to bed at 1 am two nights a week from working so long. Bleh. Will be happy when all of this preparation and mania is behind me and I am sitting in a cafe in Slovenia drinking a beer and posting here.

                Well low and behold three days after my last post Gorgeous sent me some unsolicited photos on my phone (edited here for modesty as well as to retain her secret, super hero identity):

                "Just finished a paper I've been up since 4 am working on:/...thinking of you "

                So I made plans to drop by her place Saturday night. I showed up and she was in nothing but stockings spread across her bead with lip gloss applied like candy apple sugar all wet and smooth. That first kiss was like diving into a perfectly pristine, still lake or cutting into an artisan cake for the first time. And then it turned it into a water park and I proceeded to jam slice after slice into my mouth.

                I brought the camera I've been borrowing and we proceeded to document the entire process thoroughly which was incredibly sexy. Those pics are fortunately for all of my readers, too hot for MDA (and contain more of TFC than anyone wants to see!). The photos turned out great and I am happy to say that I have terrific mementos from our last visit together. A wonderful last hurrah <3

                I met up with the praying-mantis-tatooed vegan this week for a bootie call (so awesome! so efficient!) she showed up, we got to it and then she left all happy. She even brought her own condoms and left them at my house for the next round (she is allergic to latex so she has to use lambskin).

                No joy so far on finding a tenant for my loft -- will no doubt have to lower to rental cost a few hundred bucks. Good news is that moving out and facilitating the rental has been able to take a back seat as I work on launching these websites and facillitating work and remoting.

                Last weekend took the camera I've been using up to Wyoming where my family has owned land since 1870 to practice photography. After the weekend have about 150 shots that are pretty good. Will try to share them in some fashion after processing and upload. It was mostly getting content for the websites and practicing photography. It's got me thinking I should invest in a valid camera before my international year though... Like a fun/cool/nice one that motivates me to become a better photographer.

                I have made major headway on figuring out the hardware I will be dragging with me. Amazing victory was attained in fitting three portal monitors (17",17", 16"), computer, keyboard, docking station, mouse & power cords into my medium-sized Samsonite briefcase/attache. It seriously feels like a clown car as I remove everything from it in the mornings. Tooks some verifiable Tetris-Ninjitsu to accomplish and the squeeze is tight but not prohibitively. Even though I've opted for an additional Samsonite slightly larger to see if it's a little more liberal of a fit.

                Just sent off my second round of business cards to the printer last night (the first came back from as defective) This time I used Custom Business Cards, Flyers, and more | MOO -- more expensive but hopefully that translates into a better product. I wish I could share them with you guys when they arrive but the laws of the internet of course make such personality in public forum disadvantageous. Such is life.

                I've been hitting yohimbine hard the past three days to power productive mania -- I can see how people get addicted to performance enhancing drugs. It's like giving yourself magic powers of energy, concentration and productivity.

                My workouts and diet have been hanging on for dear life over the past two weeks - so busy it's all I can do to show up each morning at 6:30 and do frat boy exercises. Not much intermittant fasting going on these days but body comp is holding up okay. Selfie soon if afforded the opportunity.
                ad astra per aspera


                • Wowza.

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                  If I just said LOL, I lied. Do or do not. There is no try.


                  • How crazy is that girl? 8? 9?


                    • Originally posted by Mr. Anthony View Post
                      How crazy is that girl? 8? 9?
                      Got to be at least a 9.2.

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                      If I just said LOL, I lied. Do or do not. There is no try.


                      • Aloha T&Cers!

                        Mr A and Caveman - your gracious annotations are flattering! I hope the content entertains.
                        So here is TFC's itinerary hot off the press after ordering refrigerator magnets to send to my friends and family.

                        at 8am Denver time for TFC it will be...

                        4pm Prague, Czech Republic [6/1-6/27]
                        2pm Reykjavík, Iceland [6/18-6/25]
                        3pm Pharoe Islands [6/26-6/28]
                        4pm Norway, Sweden, Denmark [6/30-7/6]
                        4pm Ljubljana, Slovenia [7/6-8/1]
                        4pm Dubrovnik, Croatia [8/1 - 8/29]
                        4pm Podgorica, Montenegro [8/29-8/30]
                        5pm Istanbul, Turkey [8/29 - 10/2]

                        10pm Penang, Malaysia [10/3-10/31]
                        9pm Ko Tao, Thailand [10/31-11/28]
                        9pm Hanoi, Vietnam [11/28/15-1/2/16]
                        11pm Kyoto, Japan [1/2-1/30/16]

                        11am Buenos Aires, Argentina [1/30-3/5/16]
                        11am Mendoza, Argentina [3/5-4/2/16]
                        11am Santiago, Chile [4/2-4/30/16]
                        9am Lima, Peru [4/30-5/28/16]

                        If scheduling coincides with an MDAer I'd love to meetup for a pint or grab a workout together.

                        Work and preparation has been off the hook. I did launch 1 of 3 sites on my todo-list -- a photography
                        website to host the photos I take while abroad. Still left is my personal .com and one related to what I do professionally.
                        Each will have a different style, look and feel. Have already learned a lot about Wordpress which should make the remaining sites
                        easier. Hardest and most time consuming part is still the graphic design and photographic content to populate.
                        Creating logos that don't suck is hard work. Especially from the stylistic/brand perspective. A great
                        learning experience -- additionally on how frustrating it must be to offload that to a creative consultant
                        who is unable to read my mind.

                        Unfortunately I've already shared the link with my family
                        so it won't be harboring the naughty sexual stuff which is truly a grave injustice to the world as a whole.

                        The off-MDA site I have in mind to move the Tooth & Claw journal to is the 4th site in queue so it looks like at least
                        for the time being we will remain here. I think enough proto-groks stumble across T&C that it serves as
                        a beacon floating among discontent middle-aged soccer moms to attract less-represented demographic. Gotta
                        rep it.

                        Discovered the Finnish metal band Battle Beast today and I can't get enough.

                        Here are some songs you should lift heavy to ASAP:



                        "I Want the World... And Everything in It"

                        In fact I think they might find their way onto the Tooth and Claw motion picture soundtrack the promotional poster of which looks something like this:

                        In preparation for my upcoming departure from work on-premises I've been readying the team by working from a contiguous warehouse that the company owns. Next week I will look
                        to work from 4 hours away in Wyoming with only a satellite internet connection. After that I will work 9 hours away in Kansas City. Or so the plan to fight through
                        annoyances (and identify them) rolls on.

                        Today did squats. I've been doing box squats for the past three weeks twice a week along with deadlifts (which I haven't done regularly for about two years). I'm liking them both.
                        Turns out that my post-op ACL right knee handles the range of motion much more comfortably. As a 34 year old computer programmer I'm fine with a parallel depth.
                        Dead lifts have been surprising in that even with two plates on each side I am feeling like I've done work after a few sets at the end of my squat routine. Slowly adding weight week by week.
                        About a month ago I actually tore through some scar tissue in my right knee while deadlifting which felt really good. Looking forward to adding more weight.

                        Still religiously eating vegetable smoothies in the morning post workout. The go to lately has been:

                        Daikon radish
                        3 heaping tablespoons of cacao powder
                        1 tsp gelatin
                        1.25 scoops protein powder
                        ice cubes
                        1 raw egg
                        1 raw egg yolk
                        1 tsp cinnamon (when I can remember it)

                        Loving the results.

                        Lunch i

                        Going to try to see the avenger's movie tomorrow after work with some guys from work. Tonight is more web-development (my professional site). Can't wait until these sites are done!
                        ad astra per aspera


                        • Have a date with a woman from work for drinks and board games and pizza tonight.
                          She's super into this website, (NSFW!) let me do this to you . We'll see if I can close this time.
                          She does this thing when we hang out where she will like fall asleep near me in a compromising
                          position while also getting all touchy and sexual. Makes me feel rapey for escalating
                          anything more but with the signals she sends (she sent me a photo of a blind folded chick giving
                          a blow job and saying "my friend thought this was me!") - so I think the best thing to do is
                          just facilitate it being her.

                          I'm bringing my camera to take some naughty pics - I'll try and get some that are postable here.
                          I leave in 2.5 weeks, carpe diem. As I write this she's sitting in an ajacent desk eating a popsicle (honestly I don't make this stuff up).
                          It seems like I am in an Aristeia right now; they never last.

                          More chaos and opportunity being driven at work. Got pulled into a meeting with the owner today to help drive facilitation of partnering opportunity with another company. Made an impression on the CEO in the meeting - just added more to a loaded plate, may my cup runneth over.

                          Bought the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge yesterday -- haven't had time to set it up or play with it.
                          Also bought 3 new pairs of jeans -- 5 total from three companies Diesel (damn they are expensive), Guess, Lucky and Levi.
                          Gotta diversify styles and I figure that jeans will be important across Europe where people don't wear shorts.

                          My next laser vision project is creating a hybrid phone case/wallet that tethers to a pocket chain to prohibit absent-minded loss.

                          I have to leave the country before I spend all of my hard earned monies!

                          Have another date with some woman off face book who isn't very attractive but seems super into me. She has been messaging me on and off for a few years "trying to set me up with her friends" (but she never does) anyway she told me we should meet for drinks before I leave and I said "ok but my place is a wreck right now so I can't host" -- we're meeting at a place right next to where she lives.
                          One of the flaws that, were Batman Incentivized to take me down, that could be exploited -- is inability to ignore opportunities.
                          Batman could also just punch me in the neck and I'd die so yeah, occam's razor applies.
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                          ad astra per aspera


                          • Yeah but Batman's #1 rule is that he doesn't kill people
                            Depression Lies


                            • I leave tomorrow! Still too busy finishing up things and I haven't really started packing. The ex is going to be living in my place while I am gone - she's getting a really good deal - $1300 since that's all she can afford it will just cover my HOA and mortgage. Will try and post tomorrow if given the chance before I leave.
                              ad astra per aspera


                              • Awesome, TFC!

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                                If I just said LOL, I lied. Do or do not. There is no try.