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  • Friday

    Lots of mobility work (about 25 minutes)

    Did 400m runs + 50 double unders 5-6 times in attempting to improve my cardio and double unders before Saturday's competition.


    The big day! Some pictures:

    135# power cleans

    push ups

    50 double unders

    40# slam balls

    115# thrusters
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    • Sunday

      man last night TheFastCat felt like this:

      Sunday workout:

      warm up: 400m sprint, double unders

      man double unders are way easier when you are not in 90 degree+ heat in mid day sun after already having done one WOD and 3/4 through another! I think I am starting to not suck at them (after about 9 months).

      WOD: Death by Clean and Jerk @ 135#

      every minute on the minute for 20 minutes do +1 clean and jerk


      minute 1 - do 1 clean and jerk
      minute 2 - do 2 clean and jerks
      ... etc.

      once you cannot complete reps by the end of the minute cut last round of completed reps in half and continue for the remainder of the 20 minutes

      -- I made it to 7 rounds (not so great for someone my size) - a great workout. I have been craving clean and jerks ever since I watched Rob Orlando's video of Grace with 275# (the Rx weight is 135# -- 30 Clean and Jerks).

      In other news:

      and in that vein read a post by my friend Lennon that he just published to his blog this weekend:

      On Getting There and Never Going Back Again.
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      • Monday

        4 sets of 3 min of work @ max effort:
        1. AMR in 3 min; 5 HSPU, 10 burpees, 10 GHD hip extension -- 2 rounds (man HSPUs own me I am so weak for my body size)
        rest 10 min
        2. AMR in 3 min; 3 power clean – 135#/95#, 6 push ups, 9 squats (5 rounds + 3 PCs and 6 push ups)
        rest 10 min
        3. AMR in 3 min: 5 ring dips, 5 R/L arm hang KB snatch – 1.5/1pd – 10 total (4 rounds+?)
        rest 10 min
        4. AMR in 3 min: 5 CTB chin ups, 5 box jumps – 24/20 (4 rounds?)

        afterward did as many double under sets as my heart would allow without exploding. Turns out I might be holding my breath as I do them (in addition to being super inefficient with my jumping and hands)

        in case the pictures from last saturday don't demonstrate - TFC is getting well... heavier. I sort of miss my < 10% body fat but am embracing better post work out recovery and perceived strength gains. we'll see how long I can go before I start to feel fat and then once again enter the underfed/low energy see saw I have been on before.

        in the mean time greek yogurt, whole milk and fruit == good

        Side note: having switched my workout regime from fasted 5:30 AM to now 5 pm and 7 pm (in order to do competition team WODs with my box) - WOW -- what a difference fasted high intensity training (crossfit) does to burn fat when paired with a paleo diet (read:not primal) - the week I tossed that out the window adding weight has been easy. If you want to get leaner fasted early morning HIIT + Paleo == done.
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        • It's good to see your post acknowledging PALEO (read: not Primal) = get leaner faster and, conversely, dairy = mass gain. If another newbie chick on this site whines about not leaning out while still downing her daily yogurt and cheese and insisting "oh, it's not really that much" I will do a headdesk. I'm done trying to help them see the light. From now on, I'm just focusing on my Paleo self and my own fasted training and letting pictures do the talking.

          ETA: Loved your friend's blog entry. Very honest. Makes me think about my life and what needs improving/fixing/kicked into 5th.
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          "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


          • Tuesday

            7pm -

            AMRAP 12
            6 pistol squats (band assisted)
            9 hand stand push ups (switched to negatives after 1st round)
            12 overhead squats @ 111#
            15 double unders

            got 2 rounds +6 Overhead squats. Pretty mad at myself as I struggled unsuccessfully for about 3 minutes to try and get some handstand push ups. Grr. They are my number 1 pet peeve/weakness now that double unders have improved. Unfortunately the best way to improve them is just get stronger and without dedicated lifting days well that is not going to happen. In lieu of that I might do press/squats today instead of the WOD.

            in other news I skimmed Robb Wolf's interview on MDA I was a very enthusiastic RW supporter last winter as I listened to his pod cast regularly, embraced Paleo (instead of Primal) was hook line and sinker into Crossfit etc. Well I've kind of tapered off of the thinking the guy knows everything (he often omits sources in favor of generalizations on his pod cast, gives what I think is bad advice re:coffee, anabolic steroids etc). That being said he's very smart and a good resource. I will say that I found the interview kind of old newsy and didn't learn anything. The questions were pretty not very challenging and his answers weren't either.

            here's a picture from last week practicing some KB snatches
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            • Wednesday

              4x5 Back Squat - @ 107 kg
              Press @ incredibly weak :[ wtf my press is actually weaker than it was a year ago. ALWAYS.
              Snatch grip press - 5x65#, 5x70#, 5x75# -- wow that felt excruciatingly hard. achey afterward
              ad astra per aspera


              • Thursday


                deadlifts @315#
                muscle ups
                double unders (x4)

                first time I've tried muscle ups in a WOD - super hard especially on the crappiest pair of rings at my gym. Ended up doing jumping muscle ups after wasting a lot of time trying Rx ones - didn't finish the WOD due to time cut off (12 mins).
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                • Back from a week in Maine

                  Last Wednesday

                  50 Manmakers (25# each hand)

                  5 rounds:
                  40 yard bear crawl
                  40 yard walking lunges

                  6 rounds:
                  5 jump squats followed by immediate 40 yard sprint


                  7 rounds
                  177# Dead lift
                  14 push ups



                  1RM push press (185#)

                  8 minute AMRAP
                  3 thrusters @110#
                  7 clapping push ups

                  8 rounds +3 thrusters, 1 clapping push up (Rx)
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                  • Wednesday

                    5x3 Front squat

                    @100 kg
                    @92 kg
                    @94 kg
                    @94 kg


                    4 Rounds: 3 F. Squats (from ground @ 145#), 5 Box Jumps, 7 Lateral Burpees

                    - I thought it was only 3 rounds so I stopped after three rounds - probably wasted 15 seconds; finished in 5:31
                    ad astra per aspera


                    • Thursday

                      L-Sit for time: 45 seconds
                      Max DUs in 2:00: 96
                      Max Box Jumps in 2:00 : 42 (24" box)
                      Max Kipping Pull UPs in 2:00 (29)

                      I could have gotten over 100 DUs my wrists and shoulders kind of froze up
                      My butterfly pullups are really hard to string together - definitely one of my biggest weaknesses now
                      ad astra per aspera


                      • Friday

                        3 rep Max Back Squat - 120kg


                        3x5 @110 kg (woot!)


                        3x10 @90 kg

                        Awesome day lifting; felt very proud of my squat performance.. The past month my squat has shown considerable gain which just motivates me to keep on pounding whole milk and lifting heavy.
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                        • Saturday

                          ~15 metcon
                          200 meter run
                          partner wheelbarrow
                          50 airsquats
                          broad jumps
                          50 burpees
                          broad jumps
                          air squats
                          bear crawl

                          - finished first out of 14 people

                          then went back to the gym to do a little work

                          press (embarrassing)
                          snatch grip press (embarassing)
                          some ring dips
                          some push ups


                          No gym - took the car on a scenic drive through Estes Park for about 4 hours


                          Tabata Row for calories
                          total calories - 80
                          what a great workout. The 10 second rest is just enough - by the end my ass was exhausted.


                          9 Rounds:
                          5 DB Thrusters, 2x 1.5 pood kettlebell (70# total)
                          5 Strict Pull Ups,
                          5 Burpees Choice

                          14:38 I think I finished in. My pull ups have been ignored lately
                          ad astra per aspera


                          • Tuesday

                            AMRAP in 12 min
                            10 Power Snatch (88#/67#)
                            25 Double unders
                            10 Burpees

                            4 rounds + 10 power snatches, 4 double unders

                            felt good to met con. My diet has been a little off as of late. I have been neglecting vegetables in favor of fat and dairy and I guess I am starting to feel a little tubby. I don't think I will be buying anymore greek yogurt.

                            Looks like I will be doing another Crossfit competition on October 8th so metcons aren't so bad. Anything over 15 minutes though and I'd rather lift. That is unless I feel a little tubby!
                            ad astra per aspera


                            • Wednesday

                              3-3-3-3-3 Deadlift

                              150kg, 150kg, 154kg x2 (fail), 150 kg, 150 kg

                              AMRAp in 5 min of 2 DL @90% of your 3RM and 3 Burpees

                              6 rounds at 136 kg
                              ad astra per aspera


                              • Thursday

                                Work up to a 1RM Thruster


                                30 DUs,
                                30 Thrusters at 60% 1RM,
                                30 DUs,
                                30 BJs

                                1 Rep Max Thruster = 89 kgs (194#) PR!
                                did the WOD in 7:21 I think? Which seems too slow.
                                ad astra per aspera