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My Diary: 21 day challenge

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  • My Diary: 21 day challenge

    I have been eating 80-90% primal for a couple of weeks now and have to say that I am feeling better for it. I've lost a few pounds, have better energy levels and have just been enjoying the way I am eating. I want to take it to the next level, so I am giving myself a 21-Day 100% primal challenge. So that means no dairy (I don't eat much, anyway), no sugar (including agave, maybe small amounts of honey) and I will probably limit my fruits to about a cup or less a day, mostly berries. I want to see how I feel after 3 weeks of really walking (groking?) it. I also know that it takes about 3 weeks to really cement some new habits. I am going to journal it here for accountability! I'm going to keep track of all my meals and excersize. Wish me luck.....

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    Excellent, will be great to see your journal too Good luck!


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      I can't help but think sometimes....we make the plans, the universe laughs.

      I ate:

      handful trail mix

      iced coffee w/splash coconut milk, stevia

      chicken salad w/walnuts, onions, cherry tomatos,

      1/4 avocado

      1/2 sliced strawberries, 1/2 peach

      3 chicken meatballs, sparkling water

      marinated chicken breast, small salad

      a very large margarita

      Its funny that my first day ON I didn't eat very close to the way I usually do. I wasn't all that hungry at all, which happens some days and I have been listening to my body. Late afternoon was dominated by a very stressful incident with my teenager, which lead us into going out to eat, at a mexican restraunt. The margarita was strictly medicinal at that point, and I managed to avoid eating ANY chips which is a large accomplishment for me. I brought most of my dinner home. I don't think a liquid dinner is all that primal, but I do think that if Grok had to face some of the issues us modern folk face he/she would enjoy a stiff drink now and then.

      I also walked for 2 hours.

      And did yoga for 20 minutes

      And have no plans to drink tommorow.


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        Good luck trinity4. I'll be keeping an eye on your posts for inspiration. As a parent of teens I can understand your margarita.

        Your exercise routine for the day puts me to shame.


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          Well, yesterday again,was not my usual day! I either got food poisoning from my dinner, or my body hated the margarita, but I ended up in bed sick for the entire day, I couldn't even drink water. So I guess I'll call that my IF day! I'm feeling weak but better this morning.

          Rose...thanks for responding. The best way to get a long walk in (IMO) is to go with a friend that you love to chat with...we talk the entire way and it doesn't even feel very it's like therapy and excersize in one!

          Really hoping for a better day today!


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            Alrighty...thats 21 day challenge is starting TODAY! Yup, i'm starting over because my last three days have looked very little like primal eating. My tummy is feeling better (finally) this onward to challenging myself to 3 full weeks of primal goodness!


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              good luck trinity, don't over think it, just eat healthy =)


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                I agree with Riceball! Don't overthink it and just get on with it.

                I know when I analyze and want to be perfect then what happens seems to be totally counterproductive to my goals.

                Maybe it is a personality thing!

                M x


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                  Wishing you all the best Trinity4! I started my Paleo diet on March 4 2012 at 213 lbs. and 90 days later weighed in at 176 lbs for a weight loss of 37 lbs.

                  You can follow my diary on Facebook, perhaps it will provide you with some inspiration. Good luck!

                  Paleo Journey - Diary of my experience eating the Paleo Diet | Facebook
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