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  • primal diary: timconradinc

    Day 1. They still won't let me out of the cage.

    Ok, not really.

    Today was a ~24 hr ifast day. I started last night, slept and worked through the day and came home & made dinner.

    So, for dinner:

    ~1lb of cheap steak of some sort.

    Frozen mixed vegetables microwaved with butter on top.

    Whipped cream with some frozen cherries for desert. the cherries had virtually no flavor. should have gotten fresh blueberries instead.

    I also drank some whey protein powder

    Came to the realization that I'm a bit burned out on p90x (Just starting phase 3). I did p90 and it took forever because I kept getting sick and then took off a few weeks and started p90x. I read Good Calories, Bad Calories, and it changed my views on eating and exercise, which didn't help with things.

    I'm going on vacation in a few weeks, so I decided to give p90x a break until I return & just do the park workouts that I enjoy and do yoga once a week and go with that.

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    Haven't read Good Calories, Bad Calories yet how did it change your view on exercise?


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      The thesis of the book regarding energy balance(training) is that the "old" formula:

      stored fat = energy in - energy out,

      ie that body fat is a result of your bodys intake and spending of calories, is simply not working.

      Taubes sais that if energy IN is reduced, energy OUT will reduce as well and vice versa. wheight controll by restricting calories(semi starvation diets) is simply not working. By exercise(making energy OUT "bigger"), your body will get you to eat more(making energy IN bigger), and will also not result in wheight loss.

      The prime factor for wheight loss IS, according to Taubes, WHAT you eat, not how much calories. Carbs, drives insulin(and an enzym that makes fat "stick" in yout cells(forgot the name of it), whic drives fat. In short, carbs will make you put on fat.

      Hopes tha helps.


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        pretty much what deepthought said.

        another part of his statement, though, is that it's more complex. the body uses macronutrients in different ways, making a simple calorie in, calorie out analogy not work properly.

        which, i think also applies to the exercise thing - while I generally buy what he's saying, I also think that it *does* do good for you by raising your metabolism and whatnot. But, then it comes down to the idea that when trying to lose weight, 80% of it is your diet, and 20% is the exercise (or that's what people say, anyways).


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          Thanks, Deepthought and Tim. Good explanation!


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            I recently finished up 5 Rounds (1 year) of P90X---and I can tell you that the results of following the workouts are incredible, I continue to use the workouts, mixing them all up now ---with that said--- I sure had to eat a lot and quite often. Since starting my primal journey I have cut-back from a 6 day workout to 4-5 -depending how I feel and I can tell you this I am already reaping the results of going primal dropping 2 points of BF% without killing myself 6 days a week for such results --probably due to the total number of carbs ingested to keep up with such an intense workout--bonking was always my concern. Since cutting back and going primal I have yet to bonk or lack any energy at all during my 4-5 workouts!....Good luck on your journey!


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              today's breakfast:

              3 eggs & 4 links of breakfast sausage, some coconut oil-based suet with various seeds and some nuts, and whey powder.

              It's not just the book, though, and reading that information. I think it's more of an equilibrium thing and just going too deep into health-related things for me. I did this with cooking a few months ago, just went too far into it, and got burned out. When I get curious/interested about something, I become obsessive-compulsive about researching it. It works pretty well when given new things at work to learn, but not so much in my personal life when it just kind of overtakes everything.

              Plus, this time of year, I'd rather be outside than inside doing p90x.


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                ah, this morning, I also ran stairs for about 12 minutes, did pull-ups, push-ups and a lame attempt at tabata sprints uphill.

                For lunch:

                Spinach salad with chunks of chicken breast, carrots, cherry tomatoes, black olives and cucumber. With french dressing. Not primal, but been craving it lately.


                Hamburgers with my coconut flour rolls, and some carrots and cherry tomatoes. With some whipped cream for desert.


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                  Breakfast -

                  4 Egg Omlette with Cheddar Cheese and salsa on top

                  Whey Protein Powder

                  Lunch -

                  3 Italian Sausage Links

                  Sliced Zucchini

                  Grape tomatoes

                  Spaghetti Sauce


                  3 Italian Sausage Links

                  Frozen Vegetable Mix - Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots with plenty of buttah

                  An experimental 'desert'

                  Whipped egg whites with 1/2 cup almond meal mixed in and some cinnamon.


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                    I have a feeling that if I looked into your fridge, I'd think it were my own.


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                      my fridge is kind of boring these days. i've been mostly working on eating everything in my freezer, so it's empty again. I've been bad about buying fresh vegetables relying a lot on frozen, mostly because of the convenience.

                      My food yesterday was pretty high sodium, my weight is up about 5 lbs from what I weighed yesterday. The sausages and especially the spaghetti sauce just have so much sodium in them. But, I have the same for lunch today.

                      Contemplating going back to salads a few days next week. Kind of got burned out on eating them.

                      breakfast for 6/5

                      multi-egg omlette - used the yolks from the cake thing i made last night and a few whole eggs. Had some fresh chevre in the middle with salsa on top.

                      And, of course, whey powder.


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                        "When I get curious/interested about something, I become obsessive-compulsive about researching it. It works pretty well when given new things at work to learn, but not so much in my personal life when it just kind of overtakes everything."

                        Are you in my head or what? I totally do the same thing...working on getting better.

                        Oh yeah, I'm sure our fridges prob could be twins separated at (re)birth, too. Frozen veg FTW!


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                          I dunno that 'better' is where I want to be, just more ... manageable and less burn-out.

                          Tonight for dinner:

                          Chunks o' turkey breast

                          Frozen vegetables with butter

                          Whipped cream & some cherries


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                            timcondradinc and PaleoPrincess-I do the same thing. Probably most everyone on this forum becomes obsessive compulsive when researching something, that's why we're

                            I just got Good Calories Bad Calories today and started reading it, and I love it so far! It is much more in depth than Mark's book was, which is what I need to satisfy my thirst for primal knowledge right now.


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                              6/6 - IF day - planned on starting IF post-breakfast, but wasn't hungry at breakfast, so I started it then.

                              Went to park & ran stairs for 16-17 minutes, then did some other legwork - squats, one-legged squats, heel raises. Then went and worked on pullups & did some stuff on the parallel bars. Went back to doing more squats and stuff, and was doing wall jumps and on my last rep of last set i missed and dinged my leg pretty good.

                              I got some lard & bacon & sausage & butter from the farmer's market.

                              6/7 -

                              End 37 hour ifast. Probably won't do one that long again, just too long. Eating dinner, then sleeping and fasting all day until dinner seems to work better for me. Had a hard time sleeping because there was enough hunger.

                              Post ifast breakfast -

                              Almond Meal Pancakes w/butter & 'sugar free' syrup. still can't justify the carbs in real syrup.

                              2 eggs, scrambled

                              5 strips bacon

                              Lunch -

                              Salad with baby spinach, tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms, cheddar cheese and French dressing. Been on a French dressing kick lately

                              2 links of bratwurst from farmer's market. Pretty tasty.