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  • Primal Journal Deepthought

    Coming soon...

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    hah. that's a great subject line. i thought it was going to be deep thoughts about the primal journal concept.


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      Yeah, like an examination of primal motivations or something, lol. Way to advertise!!!

      Life on Earth may be punishing, but it includes an annual free trip around the sun!


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        Haha, my three year old son, was just to heplful at the moment with writing on daddys computer.

        Here it is:

        June 2:

        630 breakfast: 3 butterfried eggs with some melon.

        1015 gym training

        1100 lunch: forgot my lunchbox, spontaneous IF

        1500 snack: some peanuts(youre a BAD BAD boy deepthought) and a slice of sausage

        1730 dinner: minced beef(grassfed) and oven baked broccoli, with basil and tomatosallad, some nuts and melon.

        2130 snack: powerball

        Look out for the sequel

        Coming up: going for at full days excursion today, exploring the ways to live primal in Stockholm City for a day without lunchbox!!

        (eggs and powerballs packed in my bag)


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          Today I tried copying your recipe for primal powerballs, but I'm not really sure whether I got it correct.

          Would you mind making a little How-To-Make-Powerballs post (with photos if possible) or just post a link to it, if you have one. Powerballs really sound great, but if I think there's a much better way of making them than I did.


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            Powerball 101 in progress(no pictures, sorry)


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              June 3, The day the country boy went to the city

              B: on the bus to Stockholm. hard boiled eggs, powerballs.

              L: lebaneese buffet= chicken wings, beef and myshrooms, lamb stew(tomato sauce), greens. (pretty good but not very organic I guess

              D: Mogolian Buffet = lamb, beef, squid, green pepper, onion, other greens. (VERY yummie, but alas, not very organic again)


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                June 4

                B. the ususal 3 egg in butter

                L: a small one today, a little fish and grensalad with avocado

                workout: squatting day at the gym

                D. Hungry! some chopped pork in creamsauce, shrimp in sourcream, spinach salad with tomato an olives, guacamole

                workout: felt like testing my KSO's out, 20 min joggin on forrest trails followed by tabata sprints. You actually CAN run in these socks!! had to adjust my tecnique though and run mor on toes and less on heel.

                s: smoothie on acidopulus, water, banana, cottage cheese and raspberry


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                  June 5:

                  b: the usual eggs, and som leftover greens

                  L: a Fantastic Pork Filet with greens and a little bearnaise sause, strawberries for desset.

                  D: Moose filet with greens.

                  What a wonderful food day


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                    June 6:

                    B: Scrambled eggs( for variation), with couple of powerballs.

                    L: AAAAAAAAARGH! McDonalds. Bad planning and a long way home with a starving family(they are not into IF). Got gas, felt shitty thanks for the 80% rule Mark

                    D: Back in order! A pile of lamb racks with rosemary.

                    Lots of spinach and other yummies


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                      June 7:

                      B: Eggs, nuts.

                      L: Cod in oven with cauliflower, red bellpepper and tomatoes. spinache salad.

                      Dinner: Sausage in cream and tomato sauce, mozzarella caprese, the ususal greens.

                      S: Powerballs.


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                        Ok, I feel better; I'm not the only one who fell off the wagon this week. My overloaded schedule and living with fast food junkies is a recipe for failure, sometimes!

                        My offense was a Jack-in-the-Box cheeseburger and a diet Dr. Pepper. I honestly couldn't even finish it; it was like eating a wet dishrag covered in pickles and ketchup, washed down with a noxious glass of diluted window cleaner. I felt like crap for two days.

                        I can't believe that garbage used to actually taste normal or "good" to me.


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                          @ shine: weird how new habits changes even your taste of things.


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                            June 8:

                            B: the usual eggs, left over veggies

                            Workout: shoulder and arm day at the gym

                            L: Leftover Cod from yesterdays dinner(se above)

                            D: fried chicken breast with cabbage and a splash of cream. some shrimps on top. ruccola salad with avocado.

                            workout: Low intensity Jujutsu training 90 min

                            S: powerballs and the last of the shrimps

                            Tomorrow I will have a potluck lunch meating with my colleagues, scary. I'm bringing powerballs and coleslaw made of omega3 mayo...


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                              Powerballs? Recipie please Thanks