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    Would love to if there was a recipie. There is a thread, "powerball for dummies" about my favourite snack. Check it out.


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      June 9:

      The day of the potluck!

      B: 6:45 3 eggs, a few "leaves"

      L: 13:30 Potluck lunch. Grilled chicken, feta salad, coleslaw, meat balls, "taco pie"(filling only, ditching the crust.

      D: 17:30 not very hungry, but have to feed my family(the duty of a true Grok ) A bit of fried fish and avocado/ruccola salad.

      19:30-22:30 housefixing, painting ledges and vacuming

      s: the other piece of fish

      Workout: No, but riding my bike around town for about 1,5 hours


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        june 10:

        B: Eggs, leaves

        Workout: chest, back in the gym

        L: Grassfed beef stu, greensalad with tomatoe

        D: Same!

        S: Powerballs and a couple of extra nuts


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          Did you have to explain yourself at the potluck or do people pretty much know your primal lifestyle by now?


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            @jpippenger: sorry for not answering. My collegues know by now. some are into eating low GI style and they are generally relatively food conscious(spelling?). Tehy are however not converted by reverend deepthought yet(got one "follower") but they understand the concept, but: -"I love my whole grain pasta". Know what I mean?

            Back to my journal:

            Last days I have been eating exactly as any other day with one exeption. Three dau ago i decided it was time to be a bad boy. I ate half a bag of potato chips just to se how it felt(my whole primal shift stardet as an experiment and I still like to "test", so this test was about eating "crappy")

            Read the ingredients list carefully, and dug in. Nope, they didnt taste as good as they used to. could feel the glutamat and maltodextrin. Got gas!

            Conclusion: My homemade parsnip chips rule.


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              Summer is here, less time online. will start updating by mid August again. Then I will breaf you on my summer experience with being more Paleo...


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                Finally back on the forum! I´ve missed you all!

                Here´s my summer resumé:

                Since I am a teacher I have a long summer holiday and I really dont want to spend it in front of my computer. Because of this I have been gone for a long time. Since I realized that my dailies all look the same since since i eat the same kind of stuff every day I will not post my daily eating more but try to focus on sharing my other experiences this summer(hope some of you will find them helpful)

                Today I want to talk about the positive effect of being eating primal/paleo while doing hard housework. I´ve been more paleo this summer since almst all dairy is gone from my diet. This summer I have been building a new bathroom in our house, and had to take down and rebuild tree walls. It is amazing how you can go on for hour after hour without beeing hungry or tired. My wife has to drag me down when it is snacktime. The old me would have had to eat every two hours to be able to do that. I´ve turned into a working machine! One thing I miss though, is the former compulsary "building beers".

                The housefixing has been my only strength workout this summer, but my shape is exellent. Try this to get ripped!

                Back soon...