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    I have finally made the decision to commit to getting healthier. I have allowed myself to get to 195lbs at 5'4. That is only 5lbs away from 200 and I was not going to let myself get to that. My decision to change started when I watched the webcast Gary Taubes did at Berkley on why a calorie is not a calorie and why we are fat. ( carbs drive insulin drives fat) It finally made a switch go off in my brain and I knew what I had to do. That is eat a low carb diet. Now this isn't new to me because I have read atkins and also knew how bad sugar and white carb was for us. But then I got back into the mainstream belief that Atkins is bad for you and it'll kill you in the end. But after watching Gary Taubes seminar, I knew scientifically that couldn't be true. So I started doing research on the topic and reading everything I could from Atkins to Schwarzbein to the Primal Blueprint. The Primal way seems to be the most effortless and natural way to go. I really like the workout plan as well. It seems so doable. I don't like counting and having to think about what I'm going to eat and this is so effortless.
    So far, I'm on my 5th day and I don't feel hungry at all. I did get catch a cold as soon as I started and started feeling flu like symtoms yesterday. Today I feel better. Although I'm still having trouble sleeping. I hope that's something that goes away as well because I love my sleep. I don't seem to be eating that much, but I'm just full. I ate lunch around 1pm yesterday and that was a kale salad with some nuts and seed in it and some chicken and after that I didn't need to eat dinner because I was still full. I was still full this morning and didn't need to eat breakfast, but I thought I should since I probably need the protein.

    Today's meal:
    B:3 boild eggs, babybell cheese (bad I know, but it was all I had for fat at work.)
    L:Ceaser salad, canned Wild Alaskand pink salmon.
    D:Chipotle's salad bowl with steak, sour cream, salsa and cheese.
    S:handful of mixed nuts
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    Day 6 - 189.5

    Beginning weight on 1/1/2011 195

    My carb flu seems to be gone today. I also slept through the night last night. I took some 5htp and I'm not sure if that did it or if I'm just over a phase. I took some 5htp tonight as well because I don't want to chance it.

    Today's meal:
    B: 3 eggs scrambled in coconut oil, spinach dip on top, green vibrance supplement
    L:Large ceasar salad (whole bag of romaine), canned smoked clams in olive oil, 3 hard boiled eggs
    S:handful of mixed nuts
    D:1/4lb organic grassfed hamburger, broccoli stir fried in butter and olive oil.

    Worked out with a trainer for an hour.


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      Beginning weight on 1/1/2011: 195
      Today's weight: 191

      Yesterday wasn't the best day. I think I ate too much and probably ate too many carbs.
      B:Babybel cheese. I am weening myself off of dairy. I will eat what I have and not buy any new dairy.
      Lunch: Was at wholefoods. I had a bowl of kale salad with tahini, added some nuts and pumpkin seed. I didn't know what to do for protein so added some bay shrimp and 1 piece of greek chicken that was thigh meat and gross.
      S:mixed nuts. But I think I ate too many.
      D: Organic grassfed hamburger(4 oz), spinach dip on top..also probably too much, broccoli sauteed in butter.

      Today I'm going to try to cut the carbs a bit more. No more nuts until I lose some weight and am in maintenance.
      I did work out already today. I did bootcamp. It was hard, but fun.


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        Good luck with your goals. Keep up the good work!
        Primal since 9/24/2010
        "Our greatest foes, and whom we must chiefly combat, are within." Miguel de Cervantes

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          Today's meal:
          B:skipped because I had to go work out at 10am.
          L:3 eggs, hamburger (4oz), broccoli sauteed in butter.
          S: Macadamian nuts. Oh well, there goes my no more nuts rule...can't do it.


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            Beginning weight on 1/1/2011: 195
            Today's weight:188.5

            I am so sore from yesterday's workout. I had a hard time tossing and turning in bed because of this. I am especially sore in my shoulders. That was from doing those insane pushups, that I couldn't really do yet without falling on my belly each time. I think I am way too heavy to be lifting myself. I guess that takes care of the lift heavy things.
            I was also very thirsty. Unquenchably thirsty. Usually when this happens, I lose weight the next day. I think it's a sign of ketosis. So that's good, the macadamian nuts did not throw me off. Mayve other mixed nuts do, but macadamians are lower in carbs.

            Today I am meeting my meeing my mom and brother for Korean bbq. Korean food is so paleo friendly, if you don't eat the rice.
            Todays meal...
            B:3 eggs in butter, babybel cheese (last of my babybel...buying no more.)
            L:Korean bbq- which is lots of thinnly sliced beef, dipped in sesame oil and salt, eaten with lettuce salad. The salad had a vinegrette on it and I'm not sure, but it might of had some sugar on it. Hopefully this won't deter weight loss, but we'll see.
            Next time I'll have to take some pictures.
            S/D: again lots of macadamian nuts. I need to stop because I can get out of control with these. Will see tomorrows weight results to see what effect this has.
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              Beginning weight on 1/1/2011: 195
              Today's weight:190.5

              So my weight fluctuated again by 2lbs. I'm wondering if its from all that salt I ate yesterday and the macadamian nuts. I think I overate them. I'm going to stay away from them today.

              B:3 eggs in butter, chicken sausage.
              S: small avacado, pack of nuts - okay I can't seem to stay away, but at least the portion was set for me and it only has 5g of carbs.
              L: Ceasar salad with canned salmon
              D:1/4lb organic grassfed ground beef, 2 cups broccoli in butter, 1 serving lox and cream cheese.
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                Beginning weight on 1/1/2011: 195
                Today's weight:189

                B:1 scoop of Whey, Salmon roulade (smoked salmon/cream cheese) - didn't really like it very much, but it's all I had.
                S:1 Whole avacado, mixed nuts.
                D:3 eggs scrambled with 4oz ground beef, 1 TB butter, 1 oz macadamia nuts.

                Calories 1,668
                Fat 138.7=74 % (Saturated 24% )(Polyunsaturated 5 %) (Monounsaturated 32 %)
                Carbohydrate 33.3g - 6 %
                Dietary Fiber 13.9g
                Protein 85.2g 22 %

                This was very low carb today. I didn't eat my usual broccoli even though I wanted to because I wanted to keep the carbs low. Again I tell myself I need to lay off the nuts. I'm going to try to only eat nuts on the weekend as my 20%.

                Workout- Weights with trainer.
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                  Beginning weight on 1/1/2011: 195
                  Today's weight:188

                  My trainer told me I should be eating at least 150g of protein. WHAT??? That seems way high. I don't know how I would eat that much. Today I'm going to fall real short. Maybe I'll up my protein on workout days. Today is a rest day due to my acting class.

                  B:4 eggs in coconut oil, spinach - I didn't have time today so I just scrambled some eggs and ate some spinach banchan.
                  L:1 avacado, mixed nut pack - I'll eat all the nuts I have an then not buy anymore. Same thing I did with the dairy.
                  D: can of sardines - this can of sardines from Trader Joe's has 2000mg of Omega 3!
                  S:22 Macadamia nuts - Got home late and was hungry and saw that I could fit the calories and carbs in for the day.

                  Calories 1,618
                  Fat 139.75g= 75% (Monounsaturated 71.5 38 % ) (Saturated 35.3 19% ) (Polyunsaturated 11.5 6% )
                  Protein 74.4g = 18%
                  Carbohydrate 37.7g = 7 %
                  Dietary Fiber 20.7g

                  Looks like not enough protein but I don't have time to eat today. I have to work and then go straight to my acting class, which is from 6pm-10pm. I won't get home til 11pm. Hopefully if I eat dinner right before I leave at 5pm, then I'll be fine for the day.
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                    Beginning weight on 1/1/2011: 195
                    Today's weight:188.5

                    I decided today that I really need to budget for food. I've been spending so much money on food. I decided I will take out $400 a month in cash for food and that's it. If I run out, then tough, I can IF til the next pay day.
                    This is what I'm guessing a weekly list should look like:
                    Eggs - 3 dozen @ $4 = $12
                    Organic groud beef - 3lb @ $6 = $18
                    Canned Sardines - 7 @$2 = $14
                    Packaged Organic Romaine - 3 bags @$3 = $9
                    Broccoli - 2 bags @ $3 = $6
                    Frozen berries 3 bags @ $4 = $12
                    Macadamia nuts = $14
                    Avacados = $5

                    Total = $90 The rest will go towards eating out or stuff that I run out of like oil or butter. But that's pretty tight budget.

                    Todays meals:

                    B: 8oz Ground Beef, 2 cups broccoli in butter.
                    L:Canned Salmon, ceaser salad, avacado. - This was late lunch at 3:30 because the beef kept me full.
                    D:30 macadamia nuts - more like a snack before working out.

                    Calories 1,784
                    Fat 143.4 = 69% (Saturated 32.8 - 16% ) (Polyunsaturated 15.4 - 8%) (Monounsaturated 82.1 - 39%)
                    Protein 105.1 = 23%
                    Carbohydrate 36.5 = 8%
                    Dietary Fiber 17.4

                    Workout = mainly arms with trainer. 3 sets of 10 lunges.


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                      Beginning weight on 1/1/2011: 195
                      Today's weight:187

                      Today I'm meeting a couple friends for dinner at 6pm. So I decided I will skip breakfast because if I eat breakfast, then I won't be hungry til 3pm, and if I eat at 3pm, then I won't be hungry at 6pm. So I decided to eat an early lunch at noon.

                      According to fit day, if I want to reach my goal by December, then I'll need to have a calorie deficit of 577, which means I can eat 1850 calories because I burn over 2000 doing nothing. Wow, on a primal diet, 1850 is a lot of food. Its really hard to eat that much unless I binge. But on a CW diet, I remember it was so hard to do. I love eating Primal.

                      So Lunch was: canned salmon, 5oz romain lettuce with ceasar dressing, small avacado.

                      Dinner will be at a bar and grill. I'm thinking I will get a hamburger no bun, sub side of veggies for fries.

                      Okay just got home from dinner. I'm feeling really full. I had 6oz hamburger with carmelized onions and mushrooms and cheese and mayo to dip. Side of cooked carrots and zucchini. I would normally not eats carrots or zucchinis right now because of the high carb content, but that's what Mark means by 80/20. Oh and it was probably cooked in vegetable oil. Oh well, i'm not gonna go out too often because of my budget anyway.

                      Calories 1,673
                      Fat 124.9 = 66% (Saturated 26.8=14%)(Polyunsaturated 25.3=13%)(Monounsaturated 51.3 - 27%)
                      Carbohydrate 56.8 - 11 %
                      Dietary Fiber 25.0
                      Protein 96.5- 23 %
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                        I took my measurements just now.

                        Arms = 16'
                        Chest = 38.5
                        Waist(smallest part) = 35
                        Stomach (belly button) = 42
                        Hips = 42
                        Thighs = 29


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                          Beginning weight on 1/1/2011: 195
                          Today's weight:189

                          Just got back from a friend's birthday party downtown. I didn't drink anything because I gave up alchohol for now. I wasn't tempted at all. But alchohol has never been by issue. It's always been food. But it is very easy in social situations to stay primal. The place served a mesa tray of olives and meats and cheeses with roasted peppers. All stuff I could eat, but didn't because I wasn't hungry.

                          Anyway today's meal, I tried bacon. I'm still a little grossed out by it, but really want to like it because everyone makes it sound so awesome.

                          B:4 eggs, broccoli in butter, a bite of failed bacon. ( this was actually lunch since I ate at noon)
                          S: I ate way too many cashews. I wasn't counting, but I know it felt like a lot.
                          D:6oz ground beef, lefterover broccoli from breakfast, 1 piece of bacon. (I wanted to try again and after some advice on the forum, succeeded.)
                          A: I had a sip of champagne.

                          Calories 1,711
                          Fat 128.1 =66% (Saturated 41.2 =21%) (Polyunsaturated 14.6= 7%) (Monounsaturated 52.3=27%)
                          Carbohydrate 58.4=14%
                          Dietary Fiber 11.1
                          Protein 92.3=21%

                          Kickbox bootcamp. 11 stations - this was intense cardio.
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                            Beginning weight on 1/1/2011: 195
                            Today's weight:189

                            I woke up pretty late today at 10am. I diddle daddled for a while and then decided to go for a walk. I walked to Target so i can pick up some cotton rounds that I needed. So i walked for 6 miles. I left about 11am and got home at 3:30. Thats when I ate my first and probably last meal for the day. I wasn't hungry at all. And I also started my period today. I didn't feel any preperiod symptoms or cravings or anything. But I knew that I started because I can feel it in my stomach. It's not pain, just that feeling.

                            So today's meal.

                            B:20 almonds
                            L/D: 8oz ground beef, 1 bacon, 2 cups broccoli with butter.

                            Workout= 6 mile walk.

                            Calories 1,575 I overcompensated the almonds.
                            Fat 128.6=70%(Saturated 27.9=16%)(Polyunsaturated 20.5=11%)(Monounsaturated 66.7=36%
                            Carbohydrate 36.8=9%
                            Dietary Fiber 19.5
                            Protein 82.8=20%
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                              Beginning weight on 1/1/2011: 195
                              Today's weight:190 (I'm hoping this is period weight)

                              Wow I spent a lot of time in bed today. I "woke" up at 7:30am without an alarm and read a little, but then I got really tired and so I decided to try to sleep some more since I didn't get to sleep til after 1am last night. I was in and out of sleep til 1pm. Not sure why I was so tired. Considering my last meal yesterday was at 3:30, I guess I did a little IF.

                              Today's meal:
                              B/L: 4 eggs in butter, 2 cups broccoli in butter. (I could barely finish my eggs, but I did because I wouldn't know how much I ate if I didn't.)
                              D: 4oz ground beef, 2 cups broccoli in butter, 5 olives, a little bit of coconut oil.

                              Calories 1,000
                              Fat 73.9=66% (Saturated 38.8=34%)(Polyunsaturated 4.4=4%)(Monounsaturated 21.6 =19% )
                              Carbohydrate 31.7=12%
                              Dietary Fiber 11.4
                              Protein 58.9=22%

                              I only ate about 1000 calories, but I'm so full I can't eat any more. I don't know how I'm suppose to get all my protein in for the day. I should be eating 100g a day. Oh well, maybe I'll be hungrier tomorrow. I'm always less hungry when I start my period.