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  • This is my birthday week and everyone wants to take me out.

    Strategy for the week:

    Tonight - Happy hour with friends after fasting all day. This one sucks because I have no time to go home and cook dinner and I"m only fasting because I had no time to pack food. Plan is to fast but if I have to, bunless burger...

    Tuesday- actual birthday. Friend is taking me out to happy hour and for some reason I promised her that I'd make it a cheat day for my birthday and that I'd eat dessert. Then after thinking about it more, I really don't want to do that on a Tuesday. So I'm going to just have to say no to dessert and carbs this day. Hopefully I'll follow through.

    Saturday - friends want to make me dinner and take me out. Chicken panang curry. Ok not bad if I don't eat the rice. I know she's gonna make me dessert and try to guilt trip me into eating it. My plan...just say I don't eat that. Again easier typed then done.


    • When I got into work, this cake was on my desk:

      I told my coworkers that I'd put it in the food cube and they could have it to which one replied...but it's for you.

      Now would you bring meat to a vegetarian on her birthday and consider it an indulgence? I DONT WANT to eat cake. I'm not depriving myself. Its no more appealing then smoking a cigarette right now.
      I have my non primal weaknesses...corn chips w guac...but chocolate cake isn't one of them.