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    Congrats! You're m e l t i n g !!
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      Beginning weight on 1/1/2011: 195
      Today's weight:186

      I experiemented with greek yogurt this weekend, by experiment I mean I ate some. Well it was good, but I think that it effected my cravings. It made me want to eat more. So I more. So I decided that I am going to limit my dairy to just butter and the occasional cheese. Maybe I'll indulge in greek yogurt once a month at the end of the month or something.

      B:4 eggs in coconut oil.
      L: cream cheese, greek yogurt, babybel cheese, kim chee (this was more like munchies, not a real meal)
      D:3 eggs in butter, 2 cups mushrooms sauteed in butter, 1 cup kim chee.

      I wonder if the kimchee had sugar in it, I just kept craving it. I'll have to ask my mom to make me some homemade kimchee so I know for sure there is no sugar.
      All that dairy really upped my carbs today. But it was still net below 50.

      Calories 1,734
      Fat 136.2 1,220 70 %
      Saturated 74.1 663 38 %
      Polyunsaturated 5.7 51 3 %
      Monounsaturated 16.7 150 9 %
      Carbohydrate 51.0 199 11 %
      Dietary Fiber 3.3
      Protein 81.6 317 18 %

      walked 5 miles.


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        Beginning weight on 1/1/2011: 195
        Today's weight:187

        So maybe I shouldn't of eaten all that dairy yesterday So now I know not to binge on dairy.

        B: Skipped
        L: 8oz ground beef, 1 cup mushroom and 2 cups broccoli in butter
        D: 3 eggs, 3 chicken sausage links
        S: 3 eggs, 1 cup spinach, butter

        Calories 1,760
        Fat 138.6 1,237 71 %
        Saturated 53.8 477 27 %
        Polyunsaturated 11.2 101 6 %
        Monounsaturated 38.3 342 20 %
        Carbohydrate 34.4 97 6 %
        Dietary Fiber 15.9
        Protein 105.2 410 24 %

        5 sets of: 15 one leg lunges w/10lbs, 7-8 shoulder presses with 15lbs.


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          Beginning weight on 1/1/2011: 195
          Today's weight:188

          Weight went back up, probably all water weight so I'm not too worried. I went back to eating 3 meals because I think I need the extra protein.

          B: 3 eggs, 3 chicken sausage links
          L: can of sardines
          D: 8oz ground beef, broccoli and mushrooms with butter

          Calories 1,550
          Fat 117.7 1,048 67 %
          Saturated 48.8 432 28 %
          Polyunsaturated 6.5 58 4 %
          Monounsaturated 20.8 185 12 %
          Carbohydrate 18.7 69 4 %
          Dietary Fiber 6.9
          Protein 112.0 439 28 %

          7 1 leg dead lifts, 10 modified pull ups, 5 sets
          10 set of 50 versaclimber


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            Beginning weight on 1/1/2011: 195
            Today's weight:187

            I'm trying to eat at least 100g of protein but am finding it really hard to eat that much. I skipped breakfast today because I was running late and I was not hungry because of my late dinner last night. So I had a big lunch of half pound ground beef and then by dinner I was not hungry. But I boiled 6 eggs so I could force feed it to myself during my acting class which runs really late.

            L: 1/2lb ground beef, broccoli sauteed in butter.
            D: 6 boiled eggs. Not eaten all at once.

            Calories 1,310
            Fat 100.1 885 68 %
            Saturated 34.6 307 24 %
            Polyunsaturated 7.2 64 5 %
            Monounsaturated 32.0 277 21 %
            Carbohydrate 18.7 69 5 %
            Dietary Fiber 6.8
            Protein 87.0 353 27 %


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              Beginning weight on 1/1/2011: 195
              Today's weight:186

              I'm trying to eat more and get at least 100g of protein in. It's really hard to do. I had to eat my dinner late because I work out at 7pm so I don't get to eat til 9pm. I'm also trying to cut out eggs for a while to see if I have any sort of sensitivity to them. But I love eggs so much, I don't know if I can do this. Maybe I'll finish the eggs I have first then try this.
              Anyway I'm currently reading the Paleo Solution. Interesting so far.

              Calories 1,652
              Fat 129.4 1,132 68 %
              Saturated 42.1 371 22 %
              Polyunsaturated 3.9 34 2 %
              Monounsaturated 37.0 311 19 %
              Carbohydrate 27.6 102 6 %
              Dietary Fiber 14.2
              Protein 109.4 422 25 %

              5 sets of:
              7 each leg step ups with 20lb weight
              14 push press with hip pops 15lbs
              21 ball Slams
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                Beginning weight on 1/1/2011: 195
                Today's weight:185.5

                I don't know what I ate today. I went to the buffet with my mom and had surf and turf and lots of lobster and crab. So i won't worry about recording it today.


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                  Beginning weight on 1/1/2011: 195
                  Today's weight:188.5

                  Getting back on track today.

                  B: 4 eggs in coconut oil, broccoli with butter
                  D: Sockeye salmon baked with butter, salad with romain, olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice, avacados, 2 boiled eggs.

                  Calories 1,402
                  Fat 106.7 950 69 %
                  Saturated 37.3 330 24 %
                  Polyunsaturated 11.9 106 8 %
                  Monounsaturated 46.2 413 30 %
                  Carbohydrate 41.5 120 9 %
                  Dietary Fiber 20.3
                  Protein 79.5 310 22 %
                  Alcohol 0.0 0 0


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                    Beginning weight on 1/1/2011: 195
                    Today's weight:189

                    So I decided I was going to take try Tim Ferris's advice on eating 30g of protein within 30 minutes of getting up. Now I wasn't sure if this is 30 minutes of waking up or getting up. I woke up early but didn't get up for another hour. Oh well.

                    B: 4 eggs, broccoli with butter
                    L: 8oz ground beef
                    D: can sardines
                    S:Macadamia nuts after work out.

                    Calories 1,514
                    Fat 114.1 1,008 67 %
                    Saturated 41.3 366 24 %
                    Polyunsaturated 6.1 55 4 %
                    Monounsaturated 30.4 262 17 %
                    Carbohydrate 23.6 87 6 %
                    Dietary Fiber 9.1
                    Protein 106.9 415 27 %


                    4 sets:
                    Dead lift
                    10 Kettlebell swings
                    Jump rope 3 minutes


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                      Beginning weight on 1/1/2011: 195
                      Today's weight:187.5

                      B: 5 eggs, broccoli with butter
                      L: 8oz ground beef, romain salad with dressing
                      D:leftover ground beef, broccoli with butter
                      S: macadamia nuts

                      Calories 1,720
                      Fat 137.0 1,208 71 %
                      Saturated 54.3 479 28 %
                      Polyunsaturated 17.1 153 9 %
                      Monounsaturated 37.1 322 19 %
                      Carbohydrate 44.3 162 9 %
                      Dietary Fiber 18.5
                      Protein 91.2 340 20 %


                      5 sets:

                      Turkish get up - 5 each side 12lbs
                      10 Push ups - assisted with bands


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                        Beginning weight on 1/1/2011: 195
                        Today's weight:189

                        So I've also tried sleeping in the cold with the heat off. I'm not ready to take cold showers, but I can sleep with no heat. I was pretty cold last night, but I woke up warm. My body heat was up and keeping me warm under the blanket. Now that I know we burn more fat when we're cold, I don't mind being cold anymore.

                        I also bought some ketostix just cuz I'm curious. I took the test after eating lunch and the chocolate bar. I was still in mild ketosis even after that.

                        B: 5 eggs in coconut oil, broccoli and mushrooms in butter.
                        L: Whole Foods green curry chicken. 1/2 Theo's 91% dark chocolate bar.

                        This is not an accurate reading of the macros becuase I have no idea what was in the green curry except the chicken. I just ate the chicken though and it was pretty bland and dry.

                        Calories 1,294
                        Fat 101.3 890 67 %
                        Saturated 44.7 395 30 %
                        Polyunsaturated 6.5 58 4 %
                        Monounsaturated 33.5 290 22 %
                        Carbohydrate 34.5 133 10 %
                        Dietary Fiber 12.2
                        Protein 77.1 307 23 %


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                          Okay so I feel like i've been a little off track the last couple days. It's the combination of it being my birthday (depressing), valentines day (depressing), and PMS (depressing.) I think it's mostly the PMS that's got me all weird feeling. I had lunch with my brother and my mom this weekend and they pissed me off so bad that I walked out. And it wasn't even that big of a deal. Even as I was walking out, I knew it was PMS. I felt angryl, but I knew it was weird. As soon as I got into my car, I felt fine. I went shopping and ended up spending a ton of money. This is the same thing as emotional binge eating. Its like giving up one drug for another. But I think I'll be back to normal once I start my period, which is 2 days late. Urgh, I just want it to start already so I can move out of PMS.


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                            Okay so I still haven't started my period yet. Its now 5 days late. I haven't weighed myself in a week anticipating for it. Now I just want it to come and get it over with. I don't plan on weighing myself until after my period. I also haven't really been tracking my food daily now that I eat just about the same things everyday so there realy is no point. And if I deviate, its because I'm in a situation where I'm out and there's no point in tracking since it'll be inaccurate anyway.
                            So I guess I'll be back in a week...after my TOM has ended.


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                              I haven't posted a journal in a while because I know it's not good to weigh and measure during PMS, so I've been waiting for PMS to end...and well, it still hasn't come. So I'm gonna continue to wait for it to end so I can get an accurate measure of where I am.

                              But not that anyone cares, I'm still here...
                              I've been 100% primal and working out 3x a week and walking as usual. So hopefully when I weigh in, it'll be a pleasant suprise. I feel great, except for the lack of period thing, which is sort of uneasy, not because I want it or feel bloated or anything...but it's the anticipation...just come and get it over with all ready! But if my cycle has changed from 28 days to 40 some days and I knew that for a fact, than I would be stoked!


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                                Hey! I care!

                                Wierd about your cycle. I haven't noticed any change in mine since going Primal.

                                Surprised you are weighing yourself. I find measurements much more accurate for progress.
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