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    Beginning weight on 1/1/2011: 195
    Today's weight:190

    Today is day 3 of my cycle and I had absolutely no cramps, back pain, bloating, nothing. Usually I have to take some advil for my cramps on the second day and I can hardly work or concentrate because of the pain. And that is the only time I ever take medication for anything. But now, I feel great. I just hope that my weight will go down once it ends.
    I ate more then usual today though. I kept wanting to eat and didn't feel satisfied, even though I wasn't hungry. I'm not sure why.

    My meals:
    Calories 2,284
    Fat 181.9=71%)(Saturated 59.8 =23%)(Polyunsaturated 23.5 =9%)(Monounsaturated 77.0=30%)
    Carbohydrate 41.0=4%
    Dietary Fiber 23.3
    Protein 136.6 =25%

    Bar pushup
    Lower abs
    One arm lifts


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      Beginning weight on 1/1/2011: 195
      Today's weight:188.5

      Today was a weird feeling day. Again i just wanted to eat and eat and couldn't feel satisfied. i ended up eating like 3 Tbs of coconut oil. That stuff is so good. It's like ice cream. Someone should make chocolate flavored coconut oil. But it is the end of my period, so I can't wait to see if that had something to do with it. It's weird because I had no pms cravings at all. And I wasn't craving carbs or anything, just wanted to eat.

      So here's what I did eat today:
      B: 4 eggs in butter, 1tbs coconut oil
      S: Avacado
      L: Can of Sardines, 1Tbs coconut oiil, 1 cup broccoli in butter.
      D: No time for dinner. I had acting class right after work.

      So I am officially off of nuts and dairy. Maybe I'm having nut and dairy withdrawal. Those were my crutch convenient go to items.

      Calories 1,402
      Fat 124.7 1,102 79 %
      Saturated 63.3 553 40 %
      Polyunsaturated 7.7 69 5 %
      Monounsaturated 32.6 291 21 %
      Carbohydrate 21.1 47 3 %
      Dietary Fiber 10.9
      Protein 61.1 241 17 %

      No I'm tired and should go to bed before I get hungry.


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        Beginning weight on 1/1/2011: 195
        Today's weight:187

        So today my period ended and looks like I lost all my period weight. Thats a relief, but I still haven't lost any weight. That's fine, I'm not too worried because I know this is not a crash diet and it will take time, but every day I'm getting closer then the day before.

        So i've been told I need to eat 130g of protein. I don't know how I'm gonna do that. I guess I'll up my eggs to 5 for breakfast tomorrow.

        B: 4 eggs in butter.
        L: 1 avacado, 5oz romaine salad, 2Tbs Ceasar dressing, 1 can salmon.
        D: 80z ground beef, 3 brussel sprouts, 1/2tbp cocnut oil.

        Calories 1,503
        Fat 109.0 979 66 %
        Saturated 31.1 279 19 %
        Polyunsaturated 18.8 169 11 %
        Monounsaturated 30.5 274 18 %
        Carbohydrate 25.4 63 4 %
        Dietary Fiber 13.3
        Protein 113.2 448 30 %

        My workout:
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          Hi eelnus,
          Sounds like you are doing great so far. Just don't get too caught up in the math. Let your body tell you if it really "needs" 130 grams or not.



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            Beginning weight on 1/1/2011: 195
            Today's weight:188

            Aw, its always so nice to get encouragement from others. Thanks Paleobird.

            Well I was fooled about my period ending yesterday, it didn't end yesterday, I think it ended today though. That was a long period, but just very light and absolutely no symptoms. So that's fine with me.

            Today I ate alot of fat without protein before working out and it made me nauseas. So I won't be doing that anymore. I went to costco to pick up some macadamia nuts, but they were all out. I was bummed, but instead picked up some artichoke dip, which is what I overate before working out.

            My trainer suggested to me to cheat and have a carbo load day and that I may gain weight the next day but after that the weight will drop fast. Hmmm, don't know. I put up a post about it to see what others might think of that. I'm tempted to give it a try tomorrow and go from eating <20g of carb to 150g from primal food and maybe some dark chocolate and nuts to see what it does. Then I can go for a long hike or walk. Maybe I'll try it. I'll wait to see what people's responses are to the post.

            Today's meals:
            B: 3 eggs, 4oz ground beef
            L: can sardines, 2 cups spinach, 2T artichoke parmesan dip.
            S:3T of artichoke parmesan dip. Its like eating savory ice cream.
            D: 4oz ground beef.

            Calories 1,603
            Fat 123.7 (1,105) 69%
            Saturated 53.2 (473) 29%
            Polyunsaturated 4.7 (42) 3%
            Monounsaturated 9.5 (84) 5%
            Carbohydrate 14.8 (59) 4%
            Dietary Fiber 9.0
            Protein 111.9 (447) 28%

            4 min interval on versa climber


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              Beginning weight on 1/1/2011: 195
              Today's weight:187

              Today I went for a long walked. I walked 7.09 miles. I didn't feel like I had all that much energy. Walks like these use to be really easy for me, but today I found that there were hills that I didn't even know were hills just a few months ago. I don't think I've adapted yet to ketosis.. After reading all th advices on upping my carbs, I'm going to hold off for at least 6 weeks in.

              Todays Meal:
              B:4 eggs, 2cups spinach, 1tb coconut oil, 3Tb artichoke parm dip, 1/2T butter. (This was a late breakfast at noon.)
              L/D: like 6 servings of macadamia nuts. Who can count?

              Calories 1,934
              Fat 189.8 1,620 84 %
              Saturated 49.4 427 22 %
              Polyunsaturated 5.7 50 3 %
              Monounsaturated 110.7 932 48 %
              Carbohydrate 29.3 119 6 %
              Dietary Fiber 17.6
              Protein 48.8 188 10 %


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                nning weight on 1/1/2011: 195
                Today's weight:186.5

                I had a weird eating day today. I wanted to save my appetite for the all you can eat King Crab buffet. So i just ate 1T of coconut oil for breakfast. We got to the buffet at around 4, but by then I felt so nauseaus we didn't end up going to the buffet. Instead I grab a quick cobb salad from the deli. It wasn't very good and I couldn't really eat most of it. But I did feel better after. So lesson learned, don't eat fat alone or you get nauseas.
                Oh and I also looked up King Crab and 1 leg has like 20g of protein! Geez and I usually eat like 15 legs. That's like over 300g of protein in 1 sitting. I wonder if that's really bad?

                So my meals today are:
                B: 1T coconut oil
                L:Cobb Salad
                D: 1 can tuna with mayo, 2 boiled eggs.

                Calories 1,264
                Fat 97.8 857 68 %
                Saturated 40.3 351 28 %
                Polyunsaturated 21.6 190 15 %
                Monounsaturated 27.1 237 19 %
                Carbohydrate 19.7 72 6 %
                Dietary Fiber 8.3
                Protein 79.1 334 26 %


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                  Beginning weight on 1/1/2011: 195
                  Today's weight:185

                  Yay! I lost 10lbs. Although the first 5 was just water weight. It was weight gain from Christmas, so I think it's probably more like 5lbs of fat. But still, sllowly but surely it is coming off.

                  Today I me my friend for lunch at whole foods. I brough my own boiled eggs and avacado and just grabbed the pretossed ceasar salad from the salad bar. I really have no idea how much dressing was on that so I had to guess 4T. This is one of the reasons I don't like to go out to eat anymore. I know its silly and it shouldn't really matter. Like for dinner I had 8oz of ground beef scrambled with 3 eggs and even though I was full and could barely finish, I ate it all anyway because if I didn't, I'd be off in my calculation. I wouldn't know exactly how many eggs I ate or how much beef I ate. Silly, I know.

                  So today's meal:

                  B: Skipped it because I was meeting friend at 12 for lunch.
                  L: 7oz Ceasar salad, 4 boiled eggs, 1 avacado.
                  D: 3 eggs, 8oz ground beef, 2 cups spinach, 1T coconut oil, 1T artichoke dip.

                  Calories 2,131
                  Fat 174.2 1,562 73 %
                  Saturated 58.5 521 24 %
                  Polyunsaturated 30.4 274 13 %
                  Monounsaturated 41.8 376 18 %
                  Carbohydrate 33.8 96 5 %
                  Dietary Fiber 18.5
                  Protein 114.4 472 22 %


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                    Beginning weight on 1/1/2011: 195
                    Today's weight:185.5

                    I skipped breakfast today because I had that big late dinner last night. So I ate my lunch at 12:30, then I got that post from Mark commanding us to skip our next meal, which would have been dinner. So I tried not to eat dinner. I did have some macadamia nuts though when I got home before working out. Then I boiled some eggs for tomorrow and had to test one, so I ate the yolk and it was soft.

                    L:2 cups spinach, 5T artichoke dip, can sardines
                    D:20 macadamia nuts (probably not even that many, but didn't really count.), egg yolk, avacado.

                    Calories 1,499
                    Fat 130.1 1,144 76 %
                    Saturated 30.6 271 18 %
                    Polyunsaturated 4.9 44 3 %
                    Monounsaturated 52.2 449 30 %
                    Carbohydrate 34.7 104 7 %
                    Dietary Fiber 23.2
                    Protein 64.5 257 17 %


                    3 sets each:
                    30 walking lunges
                    Wall sits 1min
                    Farmer something walk with 25lbs.
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                      Beginning weight on 1/1/2011: 195
                      Today's weight:186

                      Today I had lunch at Wholefoods again with a coworker so I don't know exact nutritional breakdown. So I gave it my best guess in fitday.

                      B: Skipped - I'm just not hungry for breakfast anymore.
                      L: Raw Kale salad with tahini dressing, some olives, 1tb parm cheese, some nuts and seeds sprinkled on, 1 chicken breast that was in their green curry but with no sauce.
                      D: 1 avocado, 2 boiled eggs, 1 babybel, 1Tb artichoke dip.

                      Calories 1,412
                      Fat 97.0 858 61%
                      Carbohydrate 44.5 134 10%
                      Dietary Fiber 18.2
                      Protein 102.6 417 30%


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                        Beginning weight on 1/1/2011: 195
                        Today's weight:186

                        Today I just wasn't hungry. I'm finding that I don't want to eat as often or as much anymore. I made ground beef on monday and I wasn't too sure if I should eat it today, but I did..only half because I wasn't so sure about it.

                        B: skipped
                        S: macadamia nuts
                        L:4oz ground beef, 3 eggs, spinach, 1T coconut oil.

                        4 rounds of 40 seconds on 20 seconds rest:
                        Rope lash, jump rope, step, kettlebell swings, planks.
                        This felt way more like cardio...more like sprinting...I didn't like it.

                        Calories 1,167
                        Fat 103.0 902 78 %
                        Saturated 32.4 284 25 %
                        Polyunsaturated 7.3 65 6 %
                        Monounsaturated 47.0 407 35 %
                        Carbohydrate 23.8 61 5 %
                        Dietary Fiber 13.9
                        Protein 49.3 196 17 %
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                          Hey vlc buddy! Congrats on the fat loss!!
                          Ancestral Nutrition Coaching
                          Pregnancy Nutrition Coaching
                          Primal Pregnancy Nutrition Article


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                            Beginning weight on 1/1/2011: 195
                            Today's weight:185

                            I'm so sleepy right now. I ate lunch today after IF since lunch yesterday. I just wasnt hungry. I went to see a show and got really hungry so we went out to eat afterwards at a mexican restaurant. I didn't even notice the chips that the others were munching on. I ordered the steak salad. It was steak strips on a bed of romaine with a boiled egg and avocado. It was very good. I also ordered a class of cabernet. I have been on VLC and have not had any alcohol since I started. Well i took a sip of this wine and it was sooooooo sweet. It tasted like grape juice to me. I have never tasted wine this sweet, so it made me realize that my taste buds have changed and things are way sweeter to me now. I didn't end up drinking the wine because I couldn't.
                            Anyway so i'm not loggin in fitday today. Since I ate out, I have no idea what the macros are and I don't care right now...cuz I'm tired and i'm going to bed.


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                              Beginning weight on 1/1/2011: 195
                              Today's weight:186

                              B/L: 3 eggs fried in coconut oil, 1 cup greek yogurt
                              D: 3 eggs in coconut oil, 1 can smoked oysters, 1 cup kim chee, 1 cup greek yogurt.

                              Calories 1,265
                              Fat 88.0 786 63 %
                              Saturated 45.1 401 32 %
                              Polyunsaturated 4.5 40 3 %
                              Monounsaturated 12.2 110 9 %
                              Carbohydrate 45.8 181 15 %
                              Dietary Fiber 1.9
                              Protein 69.0 272 22 %

                              Boot camp 1 hour - intervals of cardio and strength.
                              Walked 4.6 miles.


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                                Measurement update

                                on 1/14/2011:
                                Arms = 16'
                                Chest = 38.5
                                Waist(smallest part) = 35
                                Stomach (belly button) = 42
                                Hips = 42
                                Thighs = 29

                                Today 1/30/2011:
                                Arms = 15'
                                Chest = 38
                                Waist(smallest part) = 33
                                Stomach (belly button) = 41
                                Hips = 42
                                Thighs = 28