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    Some great progress!

    Geocaching huh? My wife is obsessed about it...although in the winter, with so much snow, it's hard to do. I'm not as big of a fan...but have to admit, it's a great way to see places you would otherwise not see. i.e., in Hawaii, we went to some very remote places with amazing views trying to find caches.


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      Here are my exercise results. I tried to be explicit about all the neat exercises they give, without giving away all the formulas the kit actually uses (that would be kind of unfair to their biz, eh?)

      Primal Leap Journal Exercises -- Week 1

      Baseline Food Log

      I did this, but one of my two days I logged was pretty extreme (oops) so I'll use the other day as my basis below rather than averaging. So moving on...

      30-Day Fat Loss Goal

      Activity level: Inactive (till the end of January and doctor's clearance, that's obligatory.) = 1 point
      Bodyweight: 195 is between 200 and 180, so I guess that's... um... = 9.5? instead of 200.
      Gender: Female = 4
      Body type: Endomorph... go Team Blobby! = 10
      Total is my Primal Metabolic Exponent (PME) = 24.5
      So my fat loss goal = 6.5 pounds

      Estimated Daily Caloric Expenditure

      Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) = 1,635
      Harris-Benedict factor = 1.2
      Estimated Daily Caloric Expenditure = 1,962 calories

      Caloric Deficit and Planned Intake

      Fat loss goal = 6.5 pounds
      Have to reduce by this many calories this month = 22,750 calories, or 758 a day
      1,962 minus 758 = 1,204 calories a day? Uh, hrm, I'm not sure I can do that with breastfeeding too... wait, just realized I should include how many calories a day that is... *googles* Looks like the most typically cited amount a day is 500. I'm pumping too so it's probably more, but let's go with 500 calories.
      So that would mean I should shoot for this many calories a day = 1,704. Let's round that to a nice even 1,700 calories a day.

      Protein Calculations

      Since my body fat % is 47% (supposedly), my lean body mass is 103 lbs.
      Times protein intake factor = goal of 72 grams of protein daily.

      Carb Calculations

      Primal Metabolic Exponent (PME) = 24.5
      so my carb "sweet spot" for weight loss = 80 grams of carb daily.
      I have no "extreme activity" so I'm skipping that...

      Fat Calculations
      72 grams of protein daily = 288 calories of protein daily
      80 grams of carb daily = 320 calories of carb daily
      So of my planned 1,700 calories daily, that leaves this many for fat = 1,092 calories of fat daily
      Which = 121 grams of fat daily.

      Primal Eating Goals Comparison

      Just comparing that with the food log day I would consider most "typical", I had:
      2,322 calories.
      108 grams protein.
      166 grams fat.
      112 grams carb.

      So basically, looks like my ratios are already correct -- I just need to reduce everything to 75% of their current level. Ought to be doable.

      That assumes the 500 calories for milk-making is correct of course. For all I know, I may be one of those women who gets ravenous while breastfeeding because her body wants to hold onto fat, and has a really tough time losing weight as a result. But, hopefully my high fat intake will reassure my metabolism! So this will be an interesting month.

      Eliminate Offensive Foods / Primal Shopping Spree

      Our cupboards and fridge are already pretty much primal-ized, and we enjoy all our shopping for food. So instead of filling this out I'll say that I have some concerns about how much milk I drink. Even with the higher fat of whole milk, that's a pretty major carb source. Presumably I'd be better off getting those carbs from fruit and veggies, or even my yogurt... we'll see how it works out in practice.

      Establishing Healthy Habits

      We didn't think of a way to really alter our eating environment itself. I plan to stop what I'm doing and focus on enjoying my food when I eat, and take my time about it. Gotta remember to only eat when hungry!

      Other sections, checklists, etc.: I'll look at these on Saturday, which will be the end of the first week. (jeez, I am already four days in? I'm lagging behind!) I won't be doing the aerobic heart rate calc until next month when I redo the Leap for exercise.

      So mostly this is a week of food logging for me -- I plan to continue logging because I feel like I need to watch that closely.
      "Trust me, you will soon enter a magical land full of delicious steakflowers, with butterbacons fluttering around over the extremely rompable grass and hillsides."


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        P.S.: Optimus has done these exercises too; he said he'll post soon.

        In his case we're assuming he does NOT need to lose weight. The calcs didn't seem to work for a 125 pound guy, probably because the Kit assumes you do want to lose weight -- it said he should lose six pounds (seriously? He should be 119 pounds? Dude needs to maintain and gain muscle, maybe...)
        "Trust me, you will soon enter a magical land full of delicious steakflowers, with butterbacons fluttering around over the extremely rompable grass and hillsides."


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          Originally posted by BeagleMan View Post
          Geocaching huh? My wife is obsessed about it...although in the winter, with so much snow, it's hard to do. I'm not as big of a fan...but have to admit, it's a great way to see places you would otherwise not see.
          Yeah, can't imagine we'll be doing much this winter, though we get a lot less snow!

          Locally I figure it's as good a reason for a hike as any, or just to get to know some local parks for the easier ones. And the game aspect is fun. And I'm sure you're right about geocaching on vacations!

          Later on I bet our toddler will be old enough to squee about boxes of toys in the woods without wanting to take them all.
          "Trust me, you will soon enter a magical land full of delicious steakflowers, with butterbacons fluttering around over the extremely rompable grass and hillsides."


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            Yes, she DOES look awesome!


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              Thanks babe! Although hmm... perhaps he's just trying to make sure I let him back into my pants at the 6 week mark...
              "Trust me, you will soon enter a magical land full of delicious steakflowers, with butterbacons fluttering around over the extremely rompable grass and hillsides."


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                Originally posted by Jenny View Post
                this picture is so awesome that i have lost my ability to type. s;lakhgsad;lkhgsfladkgh

                especially the rawr face.

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                  Originally posted by batty View Post
                  especially the rawr face.

                  Me? Love mugging for cameras? Naaah... NEVER...

                  Okay, maybe a little.
                  "Trust me, you will soon enter a magical land full of delicious steakflowers, with butterbacons fluttering around over the extremely rompable grass and hillsides."


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                    sal;kdgh ilu so hard. i do the same.

                    especially in zombie mode.

                    HANDS OFF MY BACON :: my primal journal


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                      Optimus primalís primal leap post 1:


                      Hi All!

                      I have begun tracking progress for the Primal Leap.

                      Week 1:
                      Diet Action item 1: Baseline Food Log:

                      Day 1 (Jan 1):
                      Fage full fat (with fruit stuff) yogurt cups x 4 (I love this stuff)
                      Cup of grapes
                      2 orange soda cans
                      1 cup of sparkling cider
                      A 10 oz steak
                      About 10 crackers
                      Dinner, included some sweet potato, salad, ham
                      Some beef jerky (homemade)
                      Some grape tomatoes

                      Calories: 2,864 Carbs: 339 grams Fat: 97 grams Protein: 163 grams

                      Day 2 (Jan 2):
                      Fried eggs x 3
                      Bacon x 4
                      1 cup chocolate milk
                      Hot tea (mint)
                      9 oz steak
                      2 apricots
                      Tossed salad
                      Another 6 oz steak
                      A few Doritos (cool ranch)

                      Calories: 4,593 Carbs: 81 grams Fat: 327 grams Protein: 321 grams

                      WOW! Sodas and steaks make serious impacts on the numbers.

                      Calories: 3728 Carbs: 207 grams Fat: 212 grams Protein: 242 grams

                      Diet Action item 2: Calculations:
                      Weight Loss: N/A. I weigh 125 lbs. No loss needed.
                      Protein: 90 grams daily
                      Carbohydrates: 100-150 grams daily
                      Fat: 134 grams daily
                      Total Calories: 1,969

                      Diet Action item 3: Create a Healthy Environment:

                      Eliminate Offensive Foods
                      Major food categories tossed:
                      Juices, most sodas, lemonade, some teas. We still drink milk.
                      Grains: cereals, bread products (mostly), pasta (mostly), peanuts,
                      All oils except olive and coconut.
                      Processed hot dogs, packaged dinners
                      Snacks/sweets: Candy, most chips, gold fish, crackers, etc.

                      Tough to throw out:

                      Cereal at first
                      High Fructose Corn Syrup-filled yogurt (EVERYTHING seems to have that stuff in it!)

                      Comments on our effort:
                      At first, I took a look at the lists of foods to avoid and said a big fat NO! Then I read the book, and began to reconsider, since I was thinking of cutting down on sugars anyway. Then I took on the following attitude: I will not CUT anything out that I don’t want to; I will cut DOWN on many things. This remains true.

                      Since I LIKE pretty much everything on the good food lists, it was not so hard to cut down. I found a lot of resistance with my Dannon yogurt, but now I don’t even like it. I instead mainline the full fat Fage yogurt (which is unfortunately twice as expensive).

                      In general, I have found myself not liking some of the things I used to. In some cases, a small hit of something is far more enjoyed, when I do get it (pop corn, chips, chocolate). The things I continue to indulge with are: chips (usually only a very few are enough, and usually with a big salad or other primal snack on the side), pop corn (rarely anyway), rice (rarely anyway), and pasta (usually only at my in-laws’). I keep wanting cereal, but dislike it whenever I have it. I do still drink chocolate milk, sometimes.

                      The hardest thing to cut down is soda (but only sarsaparilla—and sometimes orange soda or Pepsi) Most soda no longer appeals, and when I do indulge, usually only half a can hits the spot (I used to drink several a day).

                      I also love ice cream, and consider that a special snack.

                      My philosophy now (with sodas, sweet drinks, candy, ice cream, and things like donuts) is that I can have them, but only sometimes, and they need to be HIGH quality!

                      Primal Shopping Spree:
                      I went on a spree this week, but forgot to check the bill. So I’ll just describe what we have begun to typically do. We shop at several places, and I must admit it’s becoming fun, and our kitchen is now my second favorite room in the house.

                      Costco: bulk house supplies, big bags of pistachios, dried cherries, cranberries and blueberries, fresh berries if available.

                      Whole Paycheck (I mean Foods): Almonds (Jen only likes the ones from there), Stonyfield full fat yogurt for our girl, Fage full fat yogurt cups (with fruit included) and plain vats (to mix with preserves or fresh berries). NOTE: Whole Foods is the only place offering full fat yogurt, and full fat IS creamier and more satisfying than 2% or 0% fat.

                      Trader Joes: Sometimes they have good deals on fresh berries or produce.

                      Local Asian market:
                      BEST prices for produce! I tend to get a FULL shopping cart of veggies and fruit for less than fifty bucks! I also get cheap sliced meats for making jerky with our dehydrator)

                      Everyday needs, milk, meats, other products.

                      Giant/Safeway: Anything we want that Shoppers does not have, sometimes very good deals on meats.

                      Money: I think we’re spending a lot on food now, but less on going out and less on junk food. Buying a bunch of steaks for cooking is a lot better than spending $25.00 at Fudruckers or some other joint. Also of note: Before Christmas I spent $185.00 at Giant getting about six bags of junk food and snacks for a party that would include a bunch of non-primals. I then spent $150.00 total at Safeway and the Asian market, FILLING my fridge with steaks, stir fry meat, fruit, and a TON of veggies. So, shopping primally is rewarding.

                      We’re also getting smarter about it. Veggies we get at the market, and we also have a freezer now for meat and frozen veggie deals. We go to sales now, and so far have loaded it with three turkeys, twelve hens, ten steaks, a lot of chicken (which we fix according to Bane’s recipe—THANKS, BANE!), and jerky meat. The only real expensive snack we get is the Fage yogurt. I clean the store out when I go. I’m willing to put up with that, since yogurt has always been a favorite.

                      Establishing Healthy Habits

                      We typically eat when we’re hungry (although I need to be careful not to forget to stop and eat when I am working). I tend to really enjoy eating, and eat pretty much whenever I want to. Jen does too, I think. We tend to feed our older child around the same time each day as part of her routine, but she has some freedom, and stops when she is not hungry. No TV while she eats. We try to reduce distractions. The only things I want to make sure we do are 1) ENJOY fixing and eating food; and 2) maybe sit together for at least one meal. But if we don’t do that, we can do other things together.

                      I think that’s good for now. More to come later!
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                        agree with the others-- you don't look your weight. i love your facial expression, though i interpreted it as "take the damn picture, already!" (which might be projecting, because that's what i'm usually thinking). lucky you for having a supportive husband, mine isn't really so. good luck to him as well.
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                          Hmmm...I was one of those ravenous, stark-raving mad breastfeeding moms who could not stuff enough food (all highly processed carbs, I'm ashamed to admit) into my face. It will be interesting to see how eating primal affects your appetite while nursing.

                          I love all the calculations to come up with just the right balance of everything. Maybe I should consider the kit - I'll anxiously wait to hear more from you, but you have definitely planted the seed...
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                            batty -- you always have the best zombie makeup. I need to pull together some of your pics from your journal to show Optimus. He's been on a major zombie kick lately.

                            Saoirse -- Yeah, that's projecting. That expression was meant to be a sort of "OH yeah I am so badass already, this is all so easy!" even though I know it will be tougher now. And yeah, I'm very lucky he's into this; especially since he's skinny, the obvious "ZOMGFAT" motivator isn't there. Yet he's interested anyway. Yay!

                            Tawny -- I'm definitely curious to see how it all goes with the breastfeeding this time around. I certainly didn't lose any last time (but again, like you... lots of processed carbs.) And the last two days I ate a LOT. But now that I've done these calculations and I'm paying attention today to A) not eating till hungry and B) how the totals are going, today seems to be on target. Hmm, I should post about that...

                            So, today's food report!

                            Fage full fat yogurt with fruit topping, 5.3 oz
                            Jen's Tuna Salad w/Olives, 1 cup
                            Mozzarella Cheese, whole milk, 3 oz
                            Almonds, 20 almond
                            Mozzarella Cheese, whole milk, 5 oz
                            Dairy, Milk - Whole - 1 cup
                            Coconut Milk, 0.5 cup
                            Primal Fuel shake mix (2 scoops per serving), 0.5 serving

                            Daily Totals: 1,734 calories, 55 carb, 130 fat, 98 protein
                            Daily PB Goal: 1,700 calories, 80 carb, 121 fat, 72 protein

                            Sooo as you can see... lotta dairy here with all that cheese. Hrm.

                            Those last three items are basically my attempt to make a shake to up my fat for the day and to tide me over through the various baby-maintenance shifts tonight. (I haven't drank it yet.)

                            And, food pics!

                            The steak I totally didn't eat, but Optimus did. I <3 our weirdly-colored knives.

                            My nummy tuna salad with lotsa olives, celery, onion, and garlic.
                            "Trust me, you will soon enter a magical land full of delicious steakflowers, with butterbacons fluttering around over the extremely rompable grass and hillsides."


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                              Originally posted by batty View Post

                              especially in zombie mode.
                              You people are obviously insane.

                              I'm glad I've come to the right place!
                              "Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint." - Mark Twain


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                                OMG Jenny - awesome before and after. You rock!! and you do look very pleased with yourself in the after pic - as you should. You really do carry it well, prob for all the reasons you have identified. Cant wait to see how 'the leap' works and more pics.

                                and hello hello Optimus. Good deal on the primal food so far. +1,000 re focus on enjoying the food - its so easy to get distracted and then just feel like eating. Oh, btw, Jenny has your intentions figured out re the 6 wk mark. LOL!