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  • Ohh, Jenny, I'm so sorry about the nausea/vomiting - I hope you are feeling better by now!

    Optimus, I do the same thing with the movies/movie stars - when I see someone who looks healthy and is obviously in good shape, especially someone who is older, I wonder if they follow a primal lifestyle.
    Despite your frustrations, you have a plan. It will come together.
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    • Hi Jenny, hi Optimus,

      Hey you two, I just have to pipe in here to (1) affirm what others have said, that you are both really inspirational with your dedication, and then (2) tell you to give yourselves a break! You have just made the hardest parenting transition there is, going from 1 to 2 children. [This is empirically supported!] You both have commitment in spades, so trust yourselves that what you are doing now is enough, and you will have time for sprinting and more sleep and going down the water slide and lots, lots more when you are healed, and as your little one grows and settles in more and more all the time to the family routine. Be gentle with yourselves!

      And actually, I remember the original When A Stranger Calls all too well...although not the tubby cop... Alas, it seems we'd have no decent horror flicks if the good guys were all primal!
      50 yo single mom
      Primal since 12/1/2010. Now Whole30ing until I feel WHOLE again, my goals are no longer scale-related.

      Aila's Primal Journey

      "If I cling to circumstances, I could claim to be not responsible. Only she who says she did not choose is the loser in the end." Adrienne Rich


      • oh ack, i'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well jenny! i agree with Aila, going from 1 to 2 is tough, so don't sweat the small stuff! life with kids gets so much easier when they get a bit older.
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        • Thanks Tawny and Saoirse, the nausea seems to be finally gone. I ate food yesterday and have NOT been sick since then. Whew!!

          Aila, that's really sweet. Yay for empirical evidence. We know it will work out long term -- it's inevitable since we're both so committed to this -- but we are just overeager for that future and let ourselves get too frustrated, methinks. It's getting easier already considering the baby has just started sleeping for long chunks of time on a relatively regular basis, so we can have an actual evening.

          And speaking of having an actual evening, last night I finally started the PB fitness book exercises!

          Class Type Level # Unit Sets
          Strength Push-ups 1 40 Reps 1
          Strength Squats 1 28 Reps 1
          Strength Press 1 20 Reps 1
          Strength Plank (front) 2 40 Seconds 1
          Strength Plank (side) 2 30 Seconds 1
          Strength Plank (side) 2 30 Seconds 1

          We used our fancy new logging form that I made us to use in Google docs, hence the format.

          As for the exercise itself... considering I'm starting from zero here and pregnancy did a number on my core, I'd say that actually went really well. I'll bump up to level 2 on the push-ups after a few more sessions at this level. I didn't do any recordable chin-ups because we were too focused on figuring out which combo of Woody Bands I would use for assistance. Not exactly sure how I'll record those, I'll work something out.
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          "Trust me, you will soon enter a magical land full of delicious steakflowers, with butterbacons fluttering around over the extremely rompable grass and hillsides."


          • Tawney, Aila, and Saoirse:
            Thanks for the encouragement. I suspect things will continue improving, and I always feel MUCH better after achieving ANYTHING. I guess we picked a crazy time to make serious lifestyle changes, on top of having a baby.

            Hi Aila!
            Heh. You’ve seen When A Stranger Calls! I think we may be the only ones. Regarding horror (or at least monster) movies with primal people... ALIENS!! They are healthy, strong, doing everything right, and still boned! Best ever!

            I was glad to work out with you last night. I am impressed considering you have been laid up/recovering for nearly a year now!

            Great name!


            • PRIMAL LEAP POST 20

              Week 3-B
              Primal Lifestyle Laws:

              Success: 7/10
              Difficulty: 5/10 (It’s getting easier now that we can sleep.)
              Satisfaction: 9/10

              Sleep: Typically, we are sleeping much better now due to changes in our baby’s sleep patterns. Also, we are going to bed by 10:00 most nights. I am just beginning to feel energetic during some days. I am still very tired a lot of the time.
              Play: Now that the weather’s getting a bit better, we have plans to walk outside more, take our kids to the park, and play very casual Frisbee in the yard. I will start running around in the woods and we can geocache sometime this Spring/Summer. There is still little time for organized long-lasting play dates.
              Sunlight: We’ve been walking around the neighborhood more.
              Avoid Stupid Mistakes: Doing better here. More alert.
              Use Your Brain: I have begun reading more aggressively, and am catching up on the web-book Anachronauts. I am also doing these exercises.

              Lifestyle Action Item 2: Commence a Use Your Brain Endeavor:
              1: Read more books: I have caught up and am keeping up with updates to the online series Anachronauts (, and read chapters of Feed, a book about the world after the zombie outbreak, in the bath.
              2: Learn to cook more: I have been cooking steaks, chicken, and preparing massive amounts of veggies for soup and salads. I have pulled two Cornish hens and will cook them over the weekend, once I look up how.
              3: Take more seminars: Nothing yet. I will take at least one in March.
              4: Learn more about space travel and astronomy: Later, no time now.
              5: Build a decent train set: Later, no time or money or space now. However, I will get the train set in our basement running sometime this month.


              • Keep plugging away. Like others have said, having 2 kids is a LOT of work. With one, you can do stuff while the kid is sleeping. If you have two, often they don't sleep at the same time (espicially when they are younger). I imagine it will get easier as you get used to juggling two kids, and kid #2 starts to get more of a normal sleep pattern.

                Then your kids start to get into sports etc. Between lacrosse, volleyball, basketball, and soon to be karate (or some form of martial arts), there is always something going on. I say it's a good reason to keep off the couch.

                Maybe once a week, you each give each other a "break" so that person can do their sprint on their own. I will work out.

                I can't wait for warmer makes things so much easier.


                • PRIMAL LEAP POST 21

                  Week 3-B
                  Exercise Action Item 3: Continue Strength Workouts

                  Abbreviated (from yesterday):
                  Location: around the house
                  Duration: 15-20 minutes
                  Knee Pushups (Level 2): 41/50
                  Chair-Assisted, 1-leg Pullups (Level 2):15/15
                  Wall Squats (Level 1) 50/50
                  Elevated Jack Knife Press (Level 1): 25/25
                  Hand/Knee Planks: 90/90 sec; 45/45 sec; 45/45 sec
                  Forearm/knee planks (Level 2-Front only): 30 sec
                  Bench dips: 40
                  I did a few extra of each as I helped Jenny learn the basic movements.

                  Exercise Action Item from Week 2-B: Sprints:
                  Difficulty: 7-8 out of 10
                  Enjoyment: 9 out of 10
                  Running, outside, combination of hills and flats.
                  Total time: 18 min
                  3 minute warm up jog
                  10 intervals of 10 second sprints with 1 minute rest periods (walking slowly) between.
                  Walking home after.
                  Felt very good. Appealing because I like sprinting, but get bored with running after a bit (I used to be a distance runner).


                  • Originally posted by Optimus Primal View Post
                    Regarding horror (or at least monster) movies with primal people... ALIENS!! They are healthy, strong, doing everything right, and still boned! Best ever!
                    Most of the troops did everything right, but the folks above their heads didn't. Also, I'm pretty sure it was the non-primal cornbread that did them in.

                    Originally posted by BeagleMan View Post
                    Keep plugging away.
                    soon to be karate (or some form of martial arts), there is always something going on.
                    Thanks... And yes, definitely want to get them into martial arts later (which means we should probably pick it up again later too.) I love the competitive/cooperative aspects of martial arts, how it's individual yet you feel like you're part of the larger group. And of course the discipline, whole-body fitness, etc. I'm confident it will be really good for our girls!
                    "Trust me, you will soon enter a magical land full of delicious steakflowers, with butterbacons fluttering around over the extremely rompable grass and hillsides."


                    • Food porn from a couple weeks ago... kept forgetting to post...

                      It was a great meal, though arguably it needs some fat for primal balance purposes.
                      "Trust me, you will soon enter a magical land full of delicious steakflowers, with butterbacons fluttering around over the extremely rompable grass and hillsides."


                      • OMG! C'est maginifique!*

                        Your beautiful food porn has brought the French outta me!
                        "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
                        -Raymond Peat, PhD


                        • PRIMAL LEAP POST 22

                          Week 3-B
                          Aerobic workouts and fitness assessments:
                          STILL can’t get enough time for these. Frustrating. One kid naps, the other is up. I set my alarm for 6:00 am on a Saturday to get in a workout, the baby wakes up before then and is up until the older one wakes up. I’ll just get them in when I can, providing I have energy. Where IS that boundless energy anyway...

                          Exercise Action Item 3: Continue Strength Workouts
                          Full Length:
                          Knee push-up (L2): 50
                          Wall Squats (L1): 50
                          Jack Knife Press (L2-leveled up!): 20
                          Forearm/Knee planks (L2-leveled up!): 60 front, 30 each side.
                          Bench dips: 40
                          Total Gym (L2...second height setting): 10 reps of spreading arms back and to the sides...10 because the baby started crying. I think I can do twice that at least.
                          Pull-ups (L2): 20
                          NOTE: We got three bands for pull-ups, since they can offer more consistent amount of assistance as apposed to our legs. For us, Level 1 uses the two thickest bands; Level 2, the thickest band alone; Level 3, the middle band alone; Level 4, the thin band; and Level 5, no band.


                          • Good stuff man, you're progressing nicely. I sympathise with you on the 'where the hell is my boundless energy' front, and I don't even have a kid to deal with! A few things I've found to make a difference: more veg (veg seems to be magical in some way), more sleep (obviously tough with a kid...) and upping my water intake. All worth a go if you can.
                            The Primal Journey of Mr and Mrs Fist


                            • Jen and NoSaladWithoutMeat:
                              Good pics! First thing I thought was, where did she find those pretty food pics? Next thing I thought was, oh yeah, those were served at my father's house recently. Man, He IS good!


                              • Primal Fist:
                                Thanks, man. While I feel discouraged by my inability to keep up with the optimum exercise, or even minimum exercise regime, I DO feel better every time I do ANYTHING!. Plus, I do recognize that doing this along side of having a newborn is pretty ambitious.

                                It's nice to feel myself getting stronger, and being able to level up some, already after so few workouts.
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