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  • Primal Journal (Jen AlcesAlces)

    Starting a journal that I will update a couple of times a week... Hoping it keeps me going as I've never made a real dietary change that stuck. Guess I haven't found the right lifestyle for me. (Hoping I have now!) if nothing else, I'll be cutting out a lot of fake food garbage that my body doesn't need. Here goes...

    Today was the day I cleaned out the fridge & freezer of all the crap, save a few grainy products for my SO. Luckily, they are things that I don't like! It was amazing the junk I found in there... Lean pockets? Ick. They were the SO's from a while back, but still... Ick. Tossed.

    Now I am stocked up on fresh veggies, uncured bacon, organic beef, and some organic cheese. Very respectable, I must say!

    So here's what I ate today for the record. Not even close to perfect, but ten times better than what I was eating a month ago!
    B: Tea with milk, cashews
    L: Almonds & some dried fruit (higher carb I know)
    S: Vegetable beef soup
    D: Roast beef with steamed carrots & green beans
    Indulgence: Some jello & whipped cream. Gotta resist dessert... My weakness
    1209 calories, 112g carbs. (according to LeanMe app)

    I've been cutting grains out slowly for the past week, but have already noticed something. I'm not ravenously hungry anymore. Instead of a huge breakfast & lunch, I just snacked on a handful of nuts and random stuff. No low sugar crash or irritability. Hmm this is good so far.

    If anyone reads this, thanks! If you have any comments/ suggestions/hints please let me know... Happy New Year!
    Jen, former Midwesterner, living in the middle of nowhere.

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    PB Fitness today:
    Random walking during the day...
    1hr walk in the evening
    Still sore from yesterday's lifting of heavy objects (yay!)
    Jen, former Midwesterner, living in the middle of nowhere.


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      Still here, reading posts every day. Lots of inspiring stories and friendly, encouraging folks out there. Makes me happy!

      I'm loving the PB non-diet. I'm using the LeanMe app on my phone just to get an idea of how many carbs are in certain foods. Before starting PB last week, I was eating between 150-250g carbs a day! Now it's between 75-125g. Yay me!

      Having a little trouble planning the food for an upcoming backpacking trip. Our usual go-to meals are Mac & Cheese and other pastas. I'm proposing rice to the hiking partner, but I might have to compromise, alternating dinners of rice, potato, and pasta. Should be ok as long as I stay mostly PB for the other meals/snacks. Nuts, some fruit, jerky. Add olive oil to dinner. Hmm, will have to search boards for more BPing food ideas...

      Made the PB breakfast casserole yesterday, was pretty yummy. Next time, I'll add a little cheese and maybe jalapeņos. For dinner, we had leftover meatballs in tomato sauce with a BAS - my new fave acronym. Some almonds & dark chocolate for dessert.

      Fitness is continuing... it's great to not be on the chronic cardio plan anymore! I was tired of working out 2-3 hours a day without results, only to be told "then you need to work out HARDER and MORE". um, no. Last month, a typical workout was: running 3-4 miles, lifting weights, then stairclimber, then swimming. After that, I'd sit in the steam room and wonder what I was doing wrong. No more! Now I'm staying on the PB fitness with a little extra because I like exercising. Zumba, some light jogging, dancing around. So much more fun like this!

      That's all for now... Have lost a pound, but who knows if it's just water or whatever. We'll see.

      Go Bears!
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      Jen, former Midwesterner, living in the middle of nowhere.


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        Not missing grains at all, but still craving chocolate. Will that ever go away?

        Food today:
        small omelette with spinach a touch of feta cheese
        salad with grilled chicken, pecans, and a few dried cranberries
        dinner will likely be left over brussels sprouts & whatever else I scrounge up.

        Going to Zumba tonight... lifted heavy things yesterday, did sprints on Saturday. Just need to keep moving. Not easy at work. I try to get up every hour for a walk, but sometimes the conference calls are non-stop. So I stand up and move a little in my little space - not quite the same. I wasn't meant to sit in a cubicle and whither away. Oh wait, that's just my soul whithering away...
        Jen, former Midwesterner, living in the middle of nowhere.


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          I have the same problem.. I love chocolate try to limit but I want it daily. The pizza craving only happens once in a blue moon now.


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            Hi Jen,

            Have you found some primal backpacking food? Is this a long trip or just a weekend thing? Let's see if we can come up with things other than rice, (white) potatoes, and pasta! If you have a dehydrator, you can do your own jerky, veggie chips, and of course you can do your own trail mix. If you're talking about a weekend trip, where weight's not a huge issue, what about hard-boiled eggs?

            Here's a thread on this forum, and be sure to read the comments for more ideas. Elsewhere on the 'net: a paleohacks Q&A. I'm sure there's more ideas out there.

            Good luck!
            "If man made it, don't eat it." ..Jack LaLanne
            "It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are.
            If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong." ..Richard Feynman

            beachrat's new primal journal


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              Sempronia: Thanks... nice to know I'm not alone in the chocolate cravings! Pizza is tough; it is everywhere. Once last week, I ate the toppings (cheese, sausage, veg) and tossed the crust. Then scarfed down a big salad. I guess that's progress.

              beachrat: thank you for the links! I agree, the options I listed are not ideal. I hike with a carb-lover, and we usually do one-pot meals for dinner. That's why there might be some compromise required. I love the idea of hard-boiled eggs on shorter trips - will try it this weekend! Trail mix is already a staple - I'm just more careful now to get fruit/nuts/etc that do not have added preservatives & sugars.
              As for the longer trip we are planning (CDT - 5 or 6 months), I have a dehydrator, but worry about jerky going bad. Do you know how long homemade jerky & veggie chips can last? Thanks again for your help! Much appreciated.
              Jen, former Midwesterner, living in the middle of nowhere.


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                Ok, I'm annoyed. Reading the news, I found this article:

                Tips for healthful eating

                Try eating vegetarian one day each week. Learn more at meatless

                Experiment once a week with a protein that's from plants rather than from animals, such as tofu, seitan, lentils or beans. And with one new whole grain, such as brown rice, quinoa or whole-wheat pasta. As you find options you like, try to cut down on animal products.

                Add more fruit and vegetables to your diet and enjoy more of them raw. Also make raw salads and fruit servings a first course so that the desire for proteins and fat in entrees will decrease.

                Cut as much refined white sugar, white flour and white rice from your diet as you can. Be a label reader and watch for these ingredients in products you buy.

                Make your fats more healthful ones. Eliminate hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated margarines, and use better fats, such as olive oil or canola oil. And even better yet, get more of your fat from whole, unprocessed foods, such as raw nuts, raw seeds and avocados.
                Not only does it say that going meatless is healthy, but it even suggests seitan (wheat gluten) as an alternative protein to meat. Yeesh. I tried the vegetarian approach for 10 years, and it gave me digestive issues, bad skin, and exhaustion. Not to mention that it got me to being borderline obese. In fact, seitan (aka SATAN) was what led me to realize I have an issue with wheat. That was not pleasant. At all.

                Deep breath. Now back to my day....
                Jen, former Midwesterner, living in the middle of nowhere.


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                  But on the positive side, I had lunch from the office cafeteria today, due to poor planning on my part. The special was a patty melt, so I ordered that with no bread. The nice cook loaded up the dish with extra lettuce & tomatoes for me. I was happy. Then I went to the cashier who gave me a $2 discount because there was no bread. Yay!
                  Jen, former Midwesterner, living in the middle of nowhere.


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                    Is this the low-carb flu? Headache, sleepiness, achy body, and my skin itches like crazy. Dermographism is much worse than usual. My eyes even hurt. I'm nearing the end of week 2, and have lowered my carb intake from 150g+ per day (pre-PB) to 60-80g per day. Whatever it is, it sucks.

                    Maybe it's the real flu? Whatever it is, it has to go away by tomorrow... supposed to go backpacking!

                    Yesterday's Food
                    B: Leftover PB Breakfast Casserole
                    L: BAS with Avocado, Bacon, Apple Cider Vinegar & Olive Oil dressing
                    S: Cashews
                    D: 1/2 a Wreck salad from Potbelly's (basically sandwich meat & cheese on shredded lettuce), vodka & club soda with lime

                    Didn't feel very well, so I basically did some walking around, some dancing for fun. But no lifting heavy things... will do that tonight if I'm feeling better.

                    I love PB. But not the carb flu.
                    Jen, former Midwesterner, living in the middle of nowhere.


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                      Several ladies have started a 2011 pull-up challenge, and I joined! I can't do one unassisted... Never could. So, I just bought a doorway pull-up bar on Amazon... This is going to be fun!
                      Jen, former Midwesterner, living in the middle of nowhere.


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                        Yes it is going to be fun! Thanks for taking part.

                        About the backpacking snacks. I don't know if you have time to make it now but pemmican is really good. Mark did a post on it a while back so check the archives. It can be a lot yummier than he makes it sound if you just add some spices. It also keeps for a really long time regardless of temperatures.



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                          @Paleobird - Thanks for putting together the challenge! No time to make pemmican for this weekend, but I'd like to try it out for my next trip. Thanks for the tip about the spices, as I am wondering about the taste. It seems that the calorie & fat content cannot be beat! Backpacking is the one time that I try to pack in as many calories as possible, and the pemmican bars I see online are so high-cal and high-fat (yay)!

                          Thanks again!
                          Jen, former Midwesterner, living in the middle of nowhere.


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                            Have you tried the nut butter bars from the PB cookbook yet? Those are absolutely yummy and while I haven't gone hiking yet, I imagine they'd make a great hiking food! The pull-up challenge sounds intriguing! I might have to look into that! I started PB on the 3rd (second try from November) and so far I feel fantastic ( a little sleepy today but I think that's because of my work hours and I don't get enough sleep for myself). I absolutely love dark chocolate! I can't get enough of the stuff it seems, but I've been able to indulge in a few small squares after dinner on occasion and from what I've read dark chocolate 73% plus has excellent antioxidants! I get the dark chocolate from Trader Joe's!

                            I wish you the bestest success!!
                            "Achievement begins with belief."

                            "Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." -Ralph Waldo Emerson-


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                              Hi zsadie! No, haven't tried the nut butter bars... yet. Thank you for the suggestion; they sound very good and definitely something I'd take hiking. Although eating a bunch of Trader Joe's chocolate sounds good too! Glad to hear that you are doing so well on PB... it's very encouraging to hear that as I'm still having the low-carb flu... I look forward to feeling fantastic too!

                              Definitely look into the pull-up challenge if you are interested; I'm pretty excited about it! If you are also being snowed on (like we are here), be careful out there!
                              Jen, former Midwesterner, living in the middle of nowhere.