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    Day 30.
    Starting weight: 191,4
    30 Days Later Weight: 184.4
    Weight lost: 7 lbs.

    Noticing nice definition in my shoulders and clavicle. My neck is now showing definition, which is nice to see. My stomach is 'splitting' and I'm seeing a separation between the sides, soon to reveal my abs. :-)

    Raw data since 12/6. I realize this is a 78-day stretch, but most of the changes are since I started strict Primal/Paleo+chz.

    1.4" decrease in chest girth
    2.5" lost at waist
    1.45 inches lost at hips
    .25" loss of right thigh girth
    .33" gain of left thigh girth
    .67" decrease in right bicep (leaner biceps, seeing some tricep definition)
    .42" decrease in left bicep

    Haven't had a beer in 30 days, but have had some wine, tequila and a little rum. Not a big drinker, but a few on the weekends.

    Totally gluten free. Feeling great!
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      \m/ FAT BAR PULL UPS \m/

      Or any fat bar work for that matter, grip strength ftw!!

      Glad to see things are going well for you.
      I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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        Did a ring workout yesterday with my new set of Rogue rings. It MURDERED my body. I thought it was weak sauce -- holding myself above the rings for 5 seconds, 8 reps, 60sec rest, 3 sets. So, I held out longer. When I started doing pushups with the rings hovering over the ground, it crushed me.

        Today, I've got the DOMS, but am getting stronger. A little shake from being so sore, but all is good.

        You are mine, rings! I WILL OWN YOU!


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          9.5 mile walk yesterday at the State Park. After, I got in the shower and was in PAIN from raw thighs. I hadn't planned on walking so far, but I got carried away with the dog.

          Today, feeling much better - I'm not walking bowlegged.


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            Heading to a conference Wed-Sun. This is my first time away from the kitchen for an extended period of time.

            IF until 2p every day. Stop eating at 10p.
            1 workout while gone (did the other 2 before leaving)
            Walk for 3 hrs outside or on the treadmill (not optimal, but DC is cooooold!)
            Steer clear of beer. Drink tequila if I drink.
            Not take everything so damn seriously.


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              Back from the weekend conference. Sticking to IF was easy - went to lunch with everyone and brought it back for my 2p feeding.

              Didn't do a workout, which felt like the right thing to do. My legs were sore from last week, so taking it easy was a good idea.

              Did a lot of walking while at the event, walking to restaurants, air squats, sprinting down the mall in front of the Washington Monument with friends, playing around.

              Had some beer, and some tequila. Nothing crazy, only drank past my 10pm feeding window one night. Otherwise, right on track. Got out of bed this AM and saw the muscle definition in my shoulders. Feeling good, liking what I'm doing. Time to relax this week and lower my cortisol levels.


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                Today is roughly day 60 of me being a paleo-eating, caveman fitness dude.

                Paleo START Paleo + 30D Paleo + 60D
                Date 1/24/2011 2/23/2011 3/25/2011
                Weight 191.4 184.4 186.2

                My body weight has increased, but that's from muscle mass. I saw a decrease in bicep size after 30 days (cutting fat), and now the size is about the same as it started - just more muscle! I'm starting to see a nice bicep, something I've never had. Working on chinups, leangains style, to get my pump.

                Measurements from Day 1, Day 30, Day 60


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                  6 Months Paleo

                  I'm about a week over my 6-month mark, being Paleo and more health conscious. I've had a few pieces of bread along the way, some wheaty beer, and snacked on some not-so-Primal foods, but stick to healthy choices about 90% of the time.

                  Pretty happy with the results. The biggest improvement I've seen recently is the addition of Olympic lifts. I picked up 300lbs of weight off Craigslist for ~$150 and do deadlifts/squats/presses 1-2x/wk. I need to get a bench so I can do bench presses and get more work on my chest.

                  Started running a bit, too. Did a mile yesterday, plan to get 1-2 two mile runs in a week, just for stamina.

                  So, for all you non-believers, here's an insider's tip: Primal/Paleo works. Just stick with it.