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    Day 19. Okay back on the wagon today. Honestly wasnt very hungry at all until later in the day so just had some chicken around noon then bacon around 330 then dinner - scallops, shrimp, sweet potato and sour cream, with an apple and Cinnamon for dessert. Also got in a solid 25 or so minute workout while watching the Office - kettlebell swings, pullups, pushups, ab roller thing, kb snatches. Felt good after. Just chillin now.


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      Day 23. feeling good, heading to the gym now to do some lifting with my PB uncle. Then gonna do some XC skiing later this afternoon. Looking forward to that!


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        DOing really well now on Primal. I know it's been a while since I last updated this. Been super busy. Doing LeanGains style stuff now. Also just made this site for my friend who's running for a position here soon,

        Chris Martin is running for Duke's Young Trustee position.
        We just got endorsements from the Duke Basketball players for him so that's really sweet!
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