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    So last night we met with the caterer and went out to dinner. I had a chicken caesar salad as planned and a glass of red wine. Well, the salad was not big at all and I was hungry when I got home, so I had a few pork rinds. Then I was craving some chocolate so I had a few pieces of dark chocolate dipped in almond butter.

    I guess it could have been worse, right?

    Today's plan:

    Breakfast- IF

    Lunch- 3 eggs cooked in butter, 5 strips bacon, 1oz raw almonds

    Dinner- steak with a side of asparagus

    Workout- Boot camp

    Calories- 1297

    Fat - 50.3% (72 grams)

    Protein - 45.4% (146 grams)

    Carbohydrates - 4.3% (14 grams)

    Alcohol - 0%

    Other - 0%

    Daily Sodium Intake - 1,310 mg

    Daily Sugar Intake - 4 grams

    Daily Cholesterol Intake - 1,065 mg

    Daily Saturated Fat Intake - 22 grams

    Daily Fiber Intake - 6 grams

    I know I ate over 2000 calories yesterday which is fine, but I really need to get a jump on this weight loss.

    I am hoping that this coming weekend I will be able to do well!!!!


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      I think today is Day 11....

      Another awesome boot camp last night! I love this class!!!

      Today's plan:

      Breakfast- IF

      Lunch- steak, avocado, tuna on a salad

      Dinner- steak and side of green beans

      Workout- cardio at the gym

      Calories- 1414

      Fat - 47.6% (74 grams)

      Protein - 43.8% (154 grams)

      Carbohydrates - 8.6% (30 grams)

      Alcohol - 0%

      Other - 0%

      Daily Sodium Intake - 1,059 mg

      Daily Sugar Intake - 7 grams

      Daily Cholesterol Intake - 356 mg

      Daily Saturated Fat Intake - 18 grams

      Daily Fiber Intake - 18 grams

      I am not doing anything tonight. I want to hit the gym and then head home to relax. Tomorrow night we are going to a friend's house for game night. They will be eating pizza, and I will be eating a salad

      I am really hoping for another sucessful weekend!!!!

      Oh, and I weighed today- 125.2!


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        I am back. I totally fell of the wagon there for a week or so. I felt terrible. I started to get anxiety, I got bloated, have stomach pain and felt depressed. It was terrible. I am back on track now. I have never felt as GOOD as I did when I was eating primal.

        I did good yesterday, I ended the day with about 20 grams of carbs. I went to boot camp, which was awesome, as always.

        So with 80 days until the wedding- it is time to kick up my workouts!!

        Today's plan:

        Breakfast- omelet with mushrooms and cheddar, side of turkey sausage, coffee with cream

        Lunch- roast beef and provolone roll-ups with some pork rinds

        Dinner- grilled chicken with a side of green beans

        No workout today- I have my hair trial for the wedding.

        Calories: 1337

        Fat - 40.1% (60 grams)

        Protein - 53.3% (179 grams)

        Carbohydrates - 6.7% (22 grams)

        Alcohol - 0%

        Other - 0%

        Daily Sodium Intake - 2,385 mg

        Daily Sugar Intake - 6 grams

        Daily Cholesterol Intake - 373 mg

        Daily Saturated Fat Intake - 29 grams

        Daily Fiber Intake - 6 grams


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          Glad you're back on the wagon with us, are you feeling a little calmer now?

          You are what you eat,
          and what you eat eats too - Michael Pollan


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            I am! Thanks! One day at a time.....


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              Last night was good, stuck to the plan. Had my hair trial which was awesome. My hair is going to look fabulous the day of the wedding!

              Today's plan:

              Breakfast- 2 eggs, 2 egg whites, 5 strips bacon

              Lunch- chicken caeasr salad

              Dinner- 2 eggs, 2 egg whites, 5 strips of bacon

              Workout- Boot camp and maybe some other strength training on top of that

              I am off tomorrow and Monday, my brother is flying home from Vegas (where he lives) because we are having a Jack and Jill wedding shower this weekend.

              I plan to go to the gym Friday and Saturday and make good choices all weekend- although I will be eating some cake at the shower!


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                Well, if you can't have a piece of cake at your wedding shower, when can you?!