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    It was a long weekend of Jewish holidays and college football. I am now ready to do this 30-day challenge!

    Today is Day 1

    Breakfast- 2 eggs, 4 strips bacon

    Lunch- salad, italian dressing, and handful of almonds

    Dinner- sirloin steak tips and side of broccoli

    Fat - 65.2% (100 grams)

    Protein - 25.4% (87 grams)

    Carbohydrates - 9.5% (33 grams)

    Alcohol - 0%

    Other - 0%

    Daily Sodium Intake - 1,861 mg

    Daily Sugar Intake - 14 grams

    Daily Cholesterol Intake - 697 mg

    Daily Saturated Fat Intake - 28 grams

    Daily Fiber Intake - 14 grams

    Workout- kickboxing

    I am not going to weigh myself until October 15th (17 days from now). I know I am super bloated from this past weekend, plus it is TTOM, and I feel terrible from all the junk I have been eating. It is honestly painful.

    I am looking forward to getting back into my Primal lifestyle and really committing to this challenge!

    102 days until my wedding!


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      Day 2 of my challenge!

      Yesterday was good, I skipped kickboxing and took my dogs on a 3 mile walk. It felt really good to be outside. I also skipped my veggies with dinner because I had a snack of pork rinds before my walk (I was very hungry) so I just had steak. That cut my carbs way down for the day!

      Today I am trying to go VLC again, under 20. I want to kick start my fat burning and undo the damage I did this past weekend.

      Breakfast- 2 eggs, 4 strips bacon

      Lunch- leftover steak (8 ounces or so) and pork rinds if needed

      Dinner- grilled chicken, side of broccoli

      Calories- 1709

      Fat - 48.6% (92 grams)

      Protein - 47.2% (202 grams)

      Carbohydrates - 2.6% (11 grams)

      Alcohol - 0%

      Other - 1.6%

      Daily Sodium Intake - 2,166 mg

      Daily Sugar Intake - 4 grams

      Daily Cholesterol Intake - 946 mg

      Daily Saturated Fat Intake - 35 grams

      Daily Fiber Intake - 4 grams

      That is a lot of protien! I am concerned that I am eating too many calories to lose weight...........


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        Day 3!!!!

        Yesterday was great, I finished the day at 5 carbs! I skipped my broccoli with dinner. I actually kind of skipped dinner all together because I wasn't hungry, but then around 8pm I got really hungry so I had a few pieces of cheese and some pepperoni.

        I took another nice long walk with the dogs and my fiance last night too.

        My fiance was eating cookies last night and he was like "these are the best cookies I have ever had, here, have one" when I refused, he tried to get me to have a bite. When I refused the bite he came over, put the cookies in my face and was like "but they are SOOOO good". Seriously? I have issues with self control and I don't need cookies shoved in my face. They smelt fantastic by the way. I didn't cave though! I feel like that was a small success.

        Today's plan:

        Breakfast- 2 eggs, 1 egg white cooked in butter, 4 strips of bacon

        Lunch- Chicken breast with hot sauce, fresh mozzerella

        Dinner- Broiled mahi-mahi, side of broccoli

        Workout- Maybe kickboxing, maybe another walk.

        Calories- 1553

        Fat - 46.1% (80 grams)

        Protein - 49.4% (192 grams)

        Carbohydrates - 2.9% (11 grams)

        Alcohol - 0%

        Other - 1.5%

        Daily Sodium Intake - 1,689 mg

        Daily Sugar Intake - 3 grams

        Daily Cholesterol Intake - 1,074 mg

        Daily Saturated Fat Intake - 35 grams

        Daily Fiber Intake - 5 grams

        My fat is a lot lower today than yesterday, I wonder if I will get hungry?


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          Day 4!

          I was great again yesterday. Instead of having mahi-mahi for dinner. I decided that a porterhouse steak sounded SO much better. So I had a nice big juicy steak for dinner and maybe half a cup of broccoli. I didn't even want the broccoli but my fiance is starting to think I am crazy so I ate it to appease him.

          After dinner my fiance was eating cookies again and he tried to get me to have one. I had to yell at him. I don't need him trying to derail me every night.

          I had some sugarfree chocolate in the fridge and I thought about having a piece, but I resisted and I am glad I did.

          I know my calories were really high because of the steak but I don't realy care. It was awesome and my carbs were like 6 grams yesterday!


          Breakfast: 2 eggs cooked in butter, 4 strips bacon, coffee with cream and 2 splenda. (I have cut back from 3 steps.)

          Lunch- planning to skip

          Dinner- We are going to a party. I am making stuffed mushrooms that are stuffed with sausage and cheese so I know I can eat that, but I think I might have a high fat/protein meal before i leave so I am not even tempted to eat anything bad.

          I might have a couple glasses of wine. Maybe not! We will see....


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            I did it!!! I made it through the weeked being about 80% primal!!!

            I did have a craving for chocolate on Saturday, especially after watching everyone eat cake and ice cream Friday night. So I took some sugar free chocolate and dipped it into almond butter. It was the perfect solution. Craving gone!

            I had a glass of wine Friday, a couple glasses on Saturday and a glass Sunday, but no "binge" drinking at all. I just enjoyed wine with my meals.

            I weighed myself this morning. Maybe I should have waited because the scale discourages me, but the number was 127.

            This is a survival week and I am determined to suceed!

            Breakfast- 2 eggs cooked in bacon, 4 strips thick but bacon

            Lunch- homemade chili (no beans)

            Dinner- Steak with a side of asparagus

            Workout- Urban Bootcamp

            Calories - 1625

            Fat - 48.4% (87 grams)

            Protein - 43.9% (178 grams)

            Carbohydrates - 6.2% (25 grams)

            Alcohol - 0%

            Other - 1.5%

            Daily Sodium Intake - 2,579 mg

            Daily Sugar Intake - 12 grams

            Daily Cholesterol Intake - 748 mg

            Daily Saturated Fat Intake - 34 grams

            Daily Fiber Intake - 7 grams


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              Day 8!

              I IFed breakfast yesterday! My first IF!! I never thought I could do it.

              Had a huge fight with the fiance last night. Over nothing, we just don't communicate well sometimes. He did want to eat dinner, so I just made more eggs and bacon and I had a half of an avocado for dinner. No gym either.

              Today's plan:

              Breakfast- IF

              Lunch- 2 eggs cooked in butter, 6 strips of bacon, 1/2 avocado

              Dinner- chicken breast, side of asparagus

              Workout- Boot Camp

              Calories- 1362

              Fat - 51.7% (78 grams)

              Protein - 42.6% (145 grams)

              Carbohydrates - 4.9% (17 grams)

              Alcohol - 0%

              Other - 0%

              Daily Sodium Intake - 2,342 mg

              Daily Sugar Intake - 4 grams

              Daily Cholesterol Intake - 909 mg

              Daily Saturated Fat Intake - 24 grams

              Daily Fiber Intake - 10 grams

              I really enjoy breakfast foods, so it is easier for me to skip breakfast if I get to eat the breakfast foods for lunch!

              I weighed myself today again, 126.


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                It sounds like you're doing great. I haven't started tracking my daily weight, considering I've only been Primal for a week. I'm using FitDay to track my food and it's great to see other people being so particular about tracking their eating habits.

                The only thing I've noticed is that the PB states that carbs should be between 50-100 to generate ketosis for fat burning, and sure, you can go under that and have 0 carb or carnivore days as well as IF days. I just wonder if keeping your carbs so low that your body is hesitant to really burn a lot of fat. Maybe try upping your carbs for a few days and then cutting back again will shake your system up to start burning more?

                I hope I have the tenacity to handle my personal 30DC as good as you have been!


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                  It is actually 50-100g carbs per day for fat loss, and under 50g for accelerated fat loss in ketosis. There is NO way I am in ketosis anywhere near 50g, and definitley not above. This is also a survival week for me which means I keep my carbs under 50g this week.

                  I am a smaller woman, 5'2", small framed, so I don't need as many carbs as someone larger does.

                  Usually every weekend I eat over 50g per day, but during the week I have been trying to stay under 50. I am trying to lose 10 pounds before my wedding so I want the accelerated fat loss, so I am upping my carbs a few days per week.


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                    Awesome! I know if I stay under 50g of carbs I start to get more cravings for "bad" things. My average for the last week has been about 65g carbs. Next week I am thinking of dropping into the sub-50 range for the week. The weekends are hard because I have to force myself not to eat any of the junk food that is always readily accessible.


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                      Try going under 50 for a few days, but make sure you are eating a lot of fat- like 60-70% at least. The most fat you eat the less you have cravings and the more satisifed you feel. I feel awesome under 50 g of carbs per day. I feel alert, not anxious, I have energy to get things done. I love it.


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                        What do you recommend for snacks to get higher fat content. I'm concerned some of "daily" staples right now don't have enough fat. Normally in the morning it's a protein shake, boiled eggs, strawberries, maybe a banana (not often due to carb content). I know long term my success is going to be based on my meal plans. Do you have any recommendations?


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                          I don't snack anymore. I just eat larger calorie meals full of fat. I would nix the protein shake, eating real food makes you feel more satiated and protein shakes have sugar and sweeteners in them that aren't good for you. Have some whole eggs fried in butter (some people cook in bacon fat but I can't get there yet) with a side of bacon or sausage, or leftover meat from the previous night's dinner. If you are the type that eats on the go, make little mini crustless quiches on Sunday night, and that way you can pop one in the microwave and go. You can make them in a muffin tin, so easy!!! Another great thing for breakfast is an omelet. I am not sure if you do dairy or not, but some full fat cheddar cheese in an omelet topped with guacamole and salsa is awesome. I love anything mexican themed.

                          If you are looking to lose weight, cut out the fruit at first, or at least only have it a few times a week. Treat fruit as a dessert or a treat due to the high sugar/carb content. For me personally if I eat fruit in the morning it makes me hungry by 10 am.

                          For lunch I usually have leftovers. This week I made a big pot of chili with ground beef, onions and peppers. No beans. Sometimes I will have leftover steak or chicken or if there are no leftovers I cut up an avocado and put some bacon on a salad (I call it my california club salad).

                          Dinner is always a meat and a veggie. I eat steak and chicken, sometimes lamb and pork. Salmon is great too. I usually steam my veggies and put some butter on top.

                          If I HAVE to snack, I have some raw almonds, a handful or so (1 oz) or some pork rinds.

                          I have been trying not to snack because everytime you eat it causes insulin to spike and you want to limit how many times you spike your insulin each day.

                          People on this forum will tell you that 2 meals a day is the best way to go. I am personally experimenting with this now. Yesterday and today I have been eating a huge breakfast at 11:30 am and then dinner between 5:30-6:30pm. I am still getting plenty of calories/protein/fat, but trying to get my body to burn more fat in between meals.

                          I like the idea of keeping your body guessing too.

                          If you do a search on Intermittent Fasting you will pull up a lot of great info. I was scared to try it at first but I like how I have been feeling these past two days, so I am going to keep trying different ways of IFing.


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                            Day 9 and going strong!

                            Boot camp rocked last night. I am SO excited to keep this up. It was defintley more of an HIIT workout, we hade 12 stations, each with an exercise like burpees or lunges, or jump squats. We stayed at each station for 45 seconds, and then had 15 second to rest. We did that two times in a row. It was awesome.

                            I am not going to skip breakfast this morning because I am STARVING. Working out makes me hungy.

                            Tonight my fiance, my father and I have to meet with the caterer that is doing our wedding shower (couples shower). After we meet with him, we are all going out to eat. I am going to plan to eat a chicken caesar salad so my calories/carbs are more of an estimate.

                            Breakfast- 2 eggs cooked in butter, 4 strips bacon

                            Lunch- chicken, avocado and tomato with a drizzle of ranch dressing

                            Dinner- chicken caesar salad

                            Workout- None, have to meet with caterer

                            Calories: 1562

                            Fat - 59.2% (102 grams)

                            Protein - 30.5% (119 grams)

                            Carbohydrates - 10.3% (40 grams)

                            Alcohol - 0%

                            Other - 0%

                            Daily Sodium Intake - 3,391 mg

                            Daily Sugar Intake - 10 grams

                            Daily Cholesterol Intake - 847 mg

                            Daily Saturated Fat Intake - 27 grams

                            Daily Fiber Intake - 12 grams


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                              heh, u r doing great


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                                Thanks Jedi!