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    I'm just going to use this thread to track my progress eating and living the primal lifestyle. I'll give some stats.

    (Please, any and all feedback is appreciated.)

    -21 year old male

    -Las Vegas Nevada(Grok meets the strip, hilarity ensues?)

    -I go to school, work, and have a girlfriend, so my life is pretty busy. The short, intense workouts will fit well into my schedule.

    -I'm 5'11" and 182.6 lbs(I was 184.6 when I started the diet a few days ago) I'd guess my bodyfat is in the 15-17% range.

    -I'm about 90% primal in my diet. I rarely eat dairy(the occasional piece of cheese). I eat some organics, but not 100% as I can't afford it with paying for school and rent.

    -Primal since: 09/01/09

    And some goals:

    -Get down to about 170 lbs. I figure my bodyfat will be significantly lower at 170. Once I get to 170 i'll try to get my bodyfat tested at the gym.

    -Sub 10% bodyfat

    -Get stronger. I've been half assed bodybuilding for the past two years, working out and giving up after a few months. So I have some base strength, but a lot of room for improvement.

    -Get faster.

    -Increase grip strength- I have some Captains of Crush grippers that I need to put back into use. I'm also looking into other methods of grip training. I think grip strength is a very practical attribute to have.

    -Increase flexibility-Another practical attribute. Once I come into some more money i'd like to start training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and having good flexibility and grip strength will be very helpful.

    I'll assess where I'm at by the end of October and go from there. At some point I'm interested in adding muscle, but for now I'm focused on getting lean.


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    wt- 182.6


    Just did some sprints today. I did 8 barefoot sprints at about 10 seconds each at a park near my house. Great, free workout. About 30 seconds of rest between sprints. I'll probably sprint once or twice a week. I would like to be able to do about 12-15 sprints per session.


    So far I just had some nitrite/nitrate free bacon and cage-free eggs for breakfast. This is pretty much my standard breakfast. I generally eat a large salad with chicken breast, walnuts, apples, and cranberries for lunch. Dinner is up in the air. I stay under 100g of carbs every day, sometimes under 50g.

    I'm starting to notice my tastes changing a bit. I don't really crave soda or sweets unless I'm stressed. I carry a giant water bottle around to prevent any breakdowns. I was a bit moody the first couple days, but that has passed.

    I still miss pastas though. On the 17th will be my one year anniversary with my girlfriend. We'll be going to an Italian restaurant and I may end up cheating that night. Other than that I'm holding pretty strong.

    My favorite cheat meal, and really my only one thus far is the Double Double from In-N-Out, protein style(wrapped in lettuce). Delicious, and only 11 g of carbs. Anybody who doesn't live on the west coast, make sure you stop at In-N-Out while you're there(barring any interference with your diet).

    That's it for now. I'll get some pictures up at some point to better track my progress.


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      wt- 183

      Workout: None today. I do some moderate lifting and stay on my feet pretty much all day at work. My legs are feeling good from the sprints yesterday. It's my 7th day of work in a row(3 still to go) and I need as much rest as I can get. I plan on hitting the gym in the morning tomorrow for some nice weight training.

      Diet: My weight has been fluctuating a bit lately, which is normal. I should probably stop weighing myself every day, but I'm addicted.

      Yesterday I finished up with about 60% of my calories from fat, and I came just short of where I needed to be with protein. Carbs were under 50g.

      This morning I made the skinless gyozas from Chunster's video, and they were pretty tasty. I'm slowly incorporating more primal recipes into my arsenal. I can't wait to try the coconut shrimp, but thanks to spending a few hundred on books for school, I'll be waiting until pay day.


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        Wt- 179.8(-4.8 lbs from original weight)

        Just a quick update on the past few days. I've stayed primal in my diet, and had to IF the past two days. I'm not really looking to fast yet, but I just wasn't hungry and the food I had around me didn't fit the blueprint.

        Today is my 10th day of work in a row, and I have the next three days off. So I'm going to hit the gym hard.

        Back tomorrow with more updates.


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          Wt- 179

          Starting to really notice that I'm looking leaner around the mid section, also any neck fat is disappearing.

          Hit the gym today and did some squats(i love me some squats), dips, and dumbbell dead lifts. Probably will rest tomorrow and do some sprinting on Monday.

          I'm excited for tonight, because i'm making the coconut shrimp recipe from a few days ago. The only problem is I couldn't find unsweetened coconut flakes. I went to Smith's, Trader Joe's, and finally resorted to Wal Mart to find some coconut flakes. Oh well, i'm pretty good about staying strict so this shouldn't hurt too much.

          Going primal is one of the best things i've ever done for myself.


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            Going primal is one of the best things i&#39;ve ever done for myself.</blockquote>

            then why are you so stoic? Good start to your primal life, and you seem happy about it, that doesn&#39;t seem stoic.

            It's grandma, but you can call me sir.


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              Ugh! I can&#39;t find the coconut shrimp recipe ~ any help??

              Thank you!