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    TL;DR: I was super fat in hs, then skinny fat in hs/college, then SUPER fat in college, and now I'm working on "healthy athlete" post college.

    I figured there's no reason to wait until the new year to do a whole30 so i'm starting mine tomorrrowwwwww. that way when new years rolls around my only resolution will be to keep doing what i'm doing already.

    So yeah. Basically like a lot of people, my weight has fluctuated throughout the various stages of my life. I'm now 22 and in PB I've found a nutritional viewpoint that I can sustain easily for long term health. I'd love to use this journal as a place to catalog everything that goes into my body on a day to day basis, and to receive criticisms/comments about it along the way. I'm sure there will be tons of food pr0n and recipes because I LOVE to cook.

    I had absolutely NO problem cutting out processed foods, pasta, bread, corn, and grains, but my weakness is chocolate, dairy...and beer. rich, dark, malty goodness... So my biggest two goals of Whole30 will be no beer or chocolate--and butter--but I have a feeling this journal will keep me accountable for my actions..

    Tomorrow's meals are already planned/purchased, and I'll upload pictures of the especially tasty looking meals. here's to the next 30 days that will most certainly change the rest of my life!
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    So today went pretty good. I almost slipped back into the habit of having a beer at lunch, but I survived without it...

    B - running late, "ate" at work (my coworkers think i'm so weird for eating coconut oil lol)
    S - 2 T of coconut oil spread out into two black coffee's over the course of the morning
    L - 13 or 14 wings with hot sauce (as my boss asks "i thought you were on a "diet"...*facepalm*) and a huge salad
    D - kale/onions/garlic in olive oil, and then i was craving the breakfast i didn't have so i scrambled two eggs and about 4 or 5 oz of sausage

    Edit: S - broiled some broccoli with evoo/balsamic...i cant wait until breakfast

    about 30 mins after finishing dinner i realized i was still hungry, so i drank 6 oz of coconut milk and ate a carrot. Managed to eat right about 2200 calories and around 60g of carbs and 140g of protein. As i'm writing this i'm deciding what food to eat in my fridge, because my hunger seems insatiable at the thinking about gradually cycling in like 30 or 40g of more carbs via a sweet potato every now and then.

    It's been a good few weeks of lowwwwww carb and i'm lifting every other day. are sweet potatoes my best bet if i was looking to add some carbs on lift days?
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