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    Food log Tuesday night -

    1 savannah (cider)

    2 glasses of red wine

    chicken in a curry sauce with green beans and carrots

    Cream and mango ice-cream (home-made not added sugar)

    Tea with milk

    food log this morning -

    3 egg omelette with chunks of Brie Cheese - so creamy and delish!


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      Did not eat until 4. Slept a while too. My whole being is fatigued with sadness.

      AM Tea with milk

      4pm 200g frozen tropical fruits - couldn't find anything to eat except that. Don't feel like meat right now. Yogurt soon.

      I read somewhere that the three most digestible milks for humans...3rd place goat, 2nd place sheep and top of the list...reindeer! So I am imagining that I have found a wounded mum and little one and have saved her and brought her to my cave and since I am a herb lady, I fix her wounds and she just loves me, so does the baby reindeer who is still suckling on mum. Watching the happy scene, deep in thought and curious, I taste mum's milk one day, and boy, I like it! And then I find a way pretend to be a baby reindeer and get some milk in my coconut shell. (The one I wacked with an mammoth shin bone I had found on my search for pretty flowers and herbs down in the valley. It was an anger management moment)My joy is great. I leave the left-over milk overnight in my warm cave and wake up to a fermented drink that thrills my being. Voilą! A light protein and I don't have to kill mum or the baby.

      But that's another thing. It is cold in the cave and my old bearskin is tatty and torn...searching for herbs and flowers can be a very thorny thing.

      So, a little reindeer hide mini perhaps?


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        Food log:

        Salad with the mince of two pure grass fed beef burgers in it.

        Balsamic vinaigrette...the 20%

        Water water everywhere and not one alcoholic drop to drink.

        2 Gold stars for today gorgeous!


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          Been skipping my food log because of hectic times and late late nights, but it has all been good.

          Today: Biltong (jerky) a bowl full, and 2 fried eggs.

          1/2 a glass of full cream milk

          1 tea with milk

          Not hungry now.

          Got a birthday party of 17 in for the restaurant tonight so will need some good energy for that. Feeling sleepy a lot, and also not sleeping too well at night. Started taking Melatonin again. Need to remember to take it earlier than I do.


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            Hi Journal

            Been quite a raw last few days. Mak's funeral was on Saturday and it rocked me silly for the whole weekend. Strangely enough, it did not send me into a chocolate frenzy. I drank alcohol over the weekend after a whole week of abstinence. Pretty good really.

            Today was a late sleep in day and then DH brought me breakfast in bed. He has pretty much got the story of Primal eating, but brought me juice - OJ - which I gave back to him after a few sips. He knows that it is mainly meat that I eat so the breakfast was pork rashers and creamy gorgeous scrambled eggs, and of course my beloved tea. Only had one cup today so that is going well. Diminishing steadily.

            No, my diet is not yet perfect. The mustard sauce for the fillet had a spoon of sugar in it (I had very little) and the sunflower seeds were perhaps not the best choice for snacking, but hey!...better than the chocolate DH bough for himself. (My treat was Brie cheese). As I said - diminishing steadily.


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              Lost three kilos and put back 2. Probably wine.

              Tea x 2

              2 egg Omelette with broccoli, spring onions, cheese and dill.

              Going to make meatballs now. Pure beef with an egg to bind.


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                From all the posts that I have been reading, it would seem that I need to do a meat and fat regime for a while. I think I am one of those that needs zero carbs to get my body into the fat-burning zone. The wine and tequila will have to take a back seat for a long while. That's ok. I really need and want to lose this weight.

                Perhaps if I (as an actress) get into the role of Ayla from Valley of the Horses and f-e-e-e-l the primal nature

                OK - I have been given some of the beast to eat from the rest of the tribe and I have cut the meat fine and rolled it into little balls and am about to cook it on a stick over the fire. Not in the mood for raw meat today. I found some nice herbs and have mixed it in with the meat. There was a nice bird's egg in my cave and I mixed that in with the meat as well.

                Fat and protein, here we come!


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                  Roast Eisbein and a few carrot sticks

                  1 glass of white wine

                  100gm of Drunken Pecorino cheese

                  Water water water


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                    On my way to bed last night I had a tangerine (naartjie in South Africa)

                    Off to give a yoga class.


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                      I know that there are folks here who do not advocate the blood type diet, but then there are many out there who think primal eating is just plain loony and unhealthy. I guess it is what we think of something personally that counts. If I am going to restrict my eating to such an extent, then I am going to eat Blood Type B meats to refine it. Can't really lose. I love the meats I am supposed to eat so I am on a good wicket. B-type advocates meat, liver, eggs and green vegetables for weight loss. Couldn't get more primal than that Good thing too.


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                        My back is not doing well. I had a back op Feb 22 2008 and had a titanium rod put in. The break was at the waist - happened in a car crash. Now it is hurting after a good 6 months of doing yoga. It almost feels like the rod is coming loose somewhere. Pain on sitting, walking and standing. Being a chef in the restaurant kitchen is painful these days. I am going to try and get an appointment with my orthopaedic doctor on Monday and have the x-rays that are overdue.

                        The truth of the matter is that I am way overweight for my knees, hips and back. My body is feeling it for sure.

                        Thank goodness for Cornelius. A dear friend visiting who is also into low-carb eating. It is a pleasure to prepare food for him. I feel so virtuous! Beautiful rib-eye steak tonight served with salad - lettuce, mint, basil and tomatoes from the garden. The balsamic vinaigrette was probably not such a good idea, but I didn't have too much.

                        I have kefir culture once again and had a lassi drink after supper. I love it. Next one tomorrow I shall put in some turmeric. Mmmmmm.

                        Eggs and bacon for breakfast. Wish I could find a nitrate free bacon though. Had basil and garlic chives in it. Really creamy and delicious scrambled eggs.

                        Snack in between was meatballs (spicy but a bit dry, only made with one egg and nothing else but pure grass fed beef). I heated them in the pan and added some cream and mustard. They were palatable enough to finish a bowl of them.

                        I really am convinced I can do this thing, and that I need to and want to succeed once and for all with changing my lifestyle, losing the excess weight and lifting weights. Later when my back is not sore anymore, bouncing on my rebounder and swimming..along with the yoga. Core exercises are important for my back and I shall make it a new habit to do 50 callanetic crunches before sleeping. After 2 weeks I shall increase it to 100.

                        So here I go - to bed -to crunch


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                          Breakfast omelette with mince, mozarella and peppadews. Delicious. Coffee with cream and tea with full cream milk.

                          Cheddar cheese and an apple

                          Tonight I am a food judge at a Bush Kitchen competition...Kos-inni-Bos on Tourism Day. The kitchen judging was done 1/2 an hour ago and I need to be back in 2 and a half hours to judge tables and then the food. There are only 5 entrants and they all seem to be enjoying themselves. I look forward to it.

                          In the meantime, rugby.


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                            ...and I have managed to do crunches on one night and then in the morning. Am getting there.


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                              3 days away in the mountains. Drank a lot of wine, and did some water in between. Game biltong (jerky) eggs, green veg, macadamia nut butter, salad, roasted vegetables, The mini coated donuts were under my nose and I took a deep whiff of one and put it down. A gold star

                              The 20%, not counting the vino, was a slice of extraordinary quiche made by my favourite chef in the Limpopo Province. He has great style and he loves organic, fresh ingredients which he uses in the most flavoursome way. The crust was thin, thin and perfect. It is also possible that the quiche had a little flour in the filling. Leek and bacon quiche with beautiful baby cress on top. Some organic black coffee - grown on their own farm - and herbs and spices for sale that are pure and non-irradiated - in grinders. Bliss. Also a tin of fragrant masala. Mmmm-hmmm)

                              I loved my vegetables while away and cooked an impromptu dish for a friend and it was so delectable. Basically vegetarian - spring onions, celery, onion, garlic, cauliflower, green pepper, green radish leaves with a disc of feta cheese and 2 Tbs macadamia nut butter, organic, also from the farm. Like I hit the jackpot. It really helped keep my diet simple and tasty. Wherever I go, whenever I travel, even just an hour away, I seek out the herbs and spices and interesting vegetables and fruits. A hunter-gatherer indeed!

                              Tonight at the restaurant I touched not one piece of corn chips. A gold star again!

                              And I limited myself to one square of 85% cocoa chocolate...that is three gold stars!!!

                              It's working...


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                                ...forgot the bowl of superb strawberries with black pepper and the scrambled egg with mushrooms on the side at one of our local (organic) coffee shops.

                                And a magnificent salad dressing with lemon, cranberry, pomegranate and olive oil.