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    Well, I havent started the Primal lifestyle yet...but I figure starting this now would be good!

    I did do a couple of weeks of palea last that 2 weeks I lost like 20 lbs, by blood pressure became normal, and all my aches and pains went away...all in 2 weeks!

    I retired from the army last year. I stayed in fairly good shape until about 5 years I came closer to retirement age, I worked out less and less and became fatter and fatter and less in shape.

    Back in my past, I used to run a 2 mile time of 12:00 at a wt of 190. I am only 5 foot 10 inches, but I have always been very "stocky"...I wrestled at 189 in highschool and had NO fat to speak of...

    Well as time went on my times went up along with my waistline.

    I did a week of crossfit last felt great in that class, but I re-injured my left achilles and have used that as an excuse to not work out for a year now!

    I have alot to write about, and will add to this later, by the way.

    Today is the day after Thanksgiving. I read Marks book and really likes the philosophy behind it all, and I love crossfit...and I think if I back off on crossfit and use it as my intense work outs and live my life in the paleo/blue print zone,,,I may do very well.

    Anyway,,,day after thanksgiving....I ate some turkey with blueberries in the am and felt great. Later in the afternoon I ate a couple pieces of pie,,,and wow,,,what a huge difference! I felt like crap for hours!

    So bottom line is I am starting this Grok thing, and will see how it goes....I have a terrible unpredictable schedule, and work 12 hour shifts with a 2 hour drive there and 2 hour days that I work is hard to do anything but work...but I am going to try, will type out more about myself later,,,,like my wt and fatness etc!!!!!