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  • it is just exertion. it also comes with the shakes and an ability to maintain my balance. it usually comes after several rounds of ups-and-downs (falls and getting up) which takes a lot of physical power and energy (particularly when you are learning and inefficient). it's a pretty common side effect.

    i make sure that i'm hydrated and that i have enough of the minerals. I definitely get enough salt, mag and potassium. And sun. summer!

    feeling very sore today -- did a fair bit of foam rolling and some yoga, and then gearing up to do my weight training (body weight stuff) tomorrow. It's just more specific to the derby. Oh, and things with skates on as well.

    looking forward to saturday.


    • feeling not sore at all today -- it's wednesday -- and so i did a bit of my cross training for derby and then got my period and now i'm resting. got a massive headache right along with it. blargh.

      anyway, all is going well. super-busy classes this week so far. very cool stuff.


      • got another corporate client!!! so psyched to see another crew coming through our offices!

        today's new group is 19, and this new corporate client is another 15 people. It's just so great to experience this level of growth!


        • alrightie, i ended up at a party yesterday until about 9, and man were we busy. it ws fun -- great to hang with people. Needed to let go of today's practice, too, as stuff came up that got in the way.

          week is busy, so we needed to spend today doing more fore-planning. hawk needs more cuddles (i think he's worn out from the last few days). So, we're going to keep close to home and be low key.

          setting up to do a week's worth of food -- i prefer things fresh, but i'm fine with reheating, at least our lunches. So we're trying to plan that out so that we know what we want on a given day.

          It's been really good. Happy with my measurements.


          • so emotional about having to put the derby league aside for this year, and see how it goes.

            really, i was feeling very anxious about being full contact tomorrow, when i just want time to work the basic skills. so, i'll go back to the casual skates to do that, and then NSO as well. I just feel like it's better, and I won't be letting anyone down if I need to focus on work or family during the next 12 months, you know?

            anyway, that means one skate a week -- which is great -- and then the other day i'll do a HIIT that will prep for derby (and my stair sprints!), and then from there, see how things unfold.


            • wow, page 10.

              So, my house is a total mess because we've been decluttering and spring cleaning and all that good stuff, but it should be sorted out by this evening and good to go.

              We got all of our paperwork together for our immigration consultant, so this should go very smoothly by all accounts.

              Food has been easy/great lately -- summer and primal just go so well together. SO much veg, so much fruit. Avocados on sale for 80 cents per! It's awesome. Avocado every day! yummy!

              Roller derby, on a back burner. Hoping to start skating again next week -- they are sitll on hiatus for the group I usually attend. The other group in the Hutt is available on Wed/Friday, so I'm talking to DH of using one or the other days until the more local crew gets started. I'll see what I can manage. I miss it. I loved going 2x week!

              the business is going awesomely. Our first goal has already been reached, and our second goal is very close! I expect we'll make that goal within the next 6-8 weeks. Then we start the 'transition.'

              The business is designed to be a rental business -- which means that the yoga classes are rentals, and so are the practice rooms. Right now, the yoga class income is supporting the business as a whole. That was goal 1.

              This means that any new classes added (and it looks like we'll be adding 4-5 in the next 8-12 weeks) will be rentals. Any income beyond that cost (rental) becomes my personal income.

              The second goal, then, is to get the current public classes (8) up to a number where their income will support the business. This is not at all far away -- I won't be surprised if we reach it sooner than we think, but we are giving ourselves time. We also are giving some of our new marketing strategies the opportunity to take root.

              The third goal is to increase our number of practitioners. I've started approaching small, independent practitioners about whom I've heard good things, and seeing if they would be interested in joining our team. We've created a prospectus, and have started just opening the conversation. The results have been really positive. So far, no takers, but people who seem genuinely committed to their business and the opportunities of working with us. And, we plan on putting out an advertisement on some of the local job sites as well. So, we're looking to get several more people working with us in that way, too.

              Once the third goal reaches a certain amount (our "safety net" number), then I'll look at moving the public classes (8) to rentals, and increasing the number of classes we offer based on the demand for classes. I suspect that we'll need to had several more classes to the schedule (moving from our current number of 14 -- to 18/9 in April, and then probably up to 25 in the new year. This might include several private corporate classes as well, or so I hope because I want to continue to develop that program too!

              I am also focusing on developing the teacher training program. I really need to train up some people who are interested in teaching in a similar style. The students are really responding to what I do, so it's important that there is some consistency for them.

              Once we get the rentals up to 35 per week (which could include weekend workshops, etc), then the studio will completely support the business, and the other practitioners are the 'safety net.' once they get up to a certain number, then one or the other can support the business. I suspect that getting up to that number may take about 2-3 years.

              So, its' going very well, and very happy with the growth.


              • 11 days since I updated, and not much to tell.

                Studio is expanding -- adding more corporate clients and working to get a new teacher coming in as well (probably around July).

                We are heading well into the next goal, with a small adaptation. I'm striving to give one of my evening classes to one of my other teachers, so she has two a week for her students. I think it will build both classes better, which means that goal 2 changes into 7 classes rather than 8 classes.

                The cool thing is that the number of people that we need is 'effectively' the same. We need 17 people per class rather than 15. This week we saw 97 people in the 8 classes, with wednesday evening (the one I'm letting go of) being the smallest at 6. Which means the other 91 were in the other 7 classes. So, we need 28 new, regular people to join our classes, and I like to add another 2 per week for attrition (even though our attrition isn't that high).

                The current newbies-per-week is 5-7 (this week so far). This week we have seen seven and we've had 4 of them already rebook and ready to get class cards. So if we retain these four and see four more next week, and so on at the same rate, then it will be about 7 weeks to meet this goal.

                I have added a corporate class and will be adding a public class to the schedule that I'm looking to build up and pass off to the new teacher in July. I have three other classes developing, as well -- looks like they won't start until May at this rate. I'm ok with that for now -- one would be mine, and since we got another inquiry today for another corporate client, I'd rather go with that than the new thing because they create classes for us.

                I also have a new private client, which is great. And, I've been working on some teacher-training stuff, but decided to back off the assistant and foundational training altogether.

                So, bottom line?

                1. 7-10 weeks from meeting the goal of 7 classes at 17 people which allows me to transition the 5 current corporate classes over to rentals plus make any new class a rental. I'm also transitioning two teachers from % basis to rentals as well -- as their classes grow -- and any new classes we'll be adding at rental amounts, rather than money going directly into the business.

                2. Still working on the prospectus and marketing/advertising copy to attract practitioners to the business. We are deciding to take a much more "business" focus.

                In addition to the 97 people in my 8 public classes, there are an additional 5 people coming to the other public class plus another 75 people coming to the corporate classes. This means that we are seeing 177 people a week through yoga classes alone. The other practitioners are seeing an average of 10 clients each across their days/times, which is an additional 40 people. Thus, we are currently seeing about 217 people through our door each week.

                roughly 10% of yoga clients (or 17.7 people) attend other practitioners in the business, and of that 10%, at least half of them see more than one practitioner on a regular basis (massage, acupuncture, energy work). This means that a new practitioner can expect to see 1 or 2 regular clients to their services once they join us, and that is only expected to grow as the number of students attending the studio continues to grow.

                We'd like to -- in particular -- bring in practitioners who have established businesses and would not necessarily 'cross over' with what we already offer. Though, we do need a female massage therapist -- that would be a great benefit! Particularly one who can do pregnancy massage. Our male practitioners can, but some people just don't want that -- and I get it!

                It looks like that this year will be the year we transition from sustainability to paying ourselves back and paying off my school debt. If things continue on this pathway, I think it may only take a year or three to achieve that, and then from there, we can start moving ourselves forward in wealth!

                I'm really excited about this prospect, and super-happy to work with the amazing people in our little community. I look forward, also, to seeing that community expand!

                Anyway, there we are.


                • GAPS is excellent.

                  DH's GAPS lite directed by his naturopath has been phenomenal for him. skin is cleared, lean as ever, far less anxious, hair looks great (no grey, and it looks like no receding either, which he's concerned about), and then of course, looks like he has fewer wrinkles/etc as well (skin looks younger overall).

                  for a guy turning 40 this year, most people put him around 28-30!

                  we are doing well overall, and primal is great.

                  skating is finally starting again! i'm psyched to FINALLY be back at it.

                  today we went on a nice 5km hike with the kiddo at long gully on the outskirts of wellington. very nice walking area. there's 260 acres for sale there, but i wonder if that wind-power station is going in there or what. anyway, we enjoyed the walk.

                  the weather here was amazing all weekend. we had a "weather bomb" as they call it -- lots of wind and rain -- and then it cleared today to a beautiful (windy!) afternoon (hence the hike).

                  we're working DS up to longer and longer distances so that we can start using the huts in the DOC system. most of them are serviced (cooking with gas, running water, limited electricity) but you have to hike about 2 hrs or more to get to them. and some include river crossings -- which DS is in no way ready for. BUT, we will get there.