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  • primal journal, Amy Rose

    Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs, 1 cup of coffee

    dinner: 250g of organic mince beef
    snack: small pot of almonds, pumpkin seeds and raisins

    tea: organic chicken thai curry (carrots, bamboo shoots cabbage pineapple, water chestnts)
    strawberries, blue berries raspberries with double cream and a drizzle of honey

    Then me and my primal partner did a great big shop filling our trolley full of fruit veg and meat! and we hit the jack pot as the super market had loadsssss of organic fruit and veg reduced!

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    Excersise: walk the dogs this morning, bit of heavy lifting doing a trip too the tip


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      Breakfast: Mashed banana and avocado yummy green tea

      Dinner: 250g mince, 1/2 courgette, plum

      tea: probably some some chicken and cauliflower/broccoli mash

      Excercise:took my 2 dogs for 2hr walk through the woods and fields in the rain, made me think about the new life we are going to have in Australia hopefully very soon


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        this morning I had my mashed banana and avocado with some double cream mixed in!
        I work with special needs children so counted my morning of looking after a 4 year old boy with quadriplegic cereblepalsy as a bit of heavy lifting!

        dinner: salmon salad (made with spinach leafs) berries and cream

        snack : almonds/cashews/pumpkin seeds/ sunflower seeds/ raisins (mixed in a small tub)

        A great workout with my own Grok! lots of pull ups and lifting weights - getting stronger each week, 20 min sprints on stepper
        (post work out isolate whey protein and spinach Teaspoon honey shake!)

        Tea: venasion sausages, carrots, courgettes, mushrooms chicken stock made from last nights chicken and some cream
        Banana and cream

        that sounds like a lot of cream in one day but it was yummy!


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          Had a great night at my local running club on tuesday. We were doing speed training which means lots of sprinting.....I got a few comments at the end of the session wondering where I suddenly got my speed from and have you suddenly speeded up and how I have really improved over the last couple of months (funny that, my race times started improving around the same time I started living primal!!) I'm sure they must think I'm on something and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't believe me if I told them Yes Im on something....meat,fat, lots of veg, fruit, nuts and seeds and NO GRAINS! NO PASTA! NO RICE! NO BREAD, NO OATS !!!! WHAT no carb loading???? lets see how I manage my first 10 mile race on Sunday with out my usual pasta the night before and the biggest bowl of porridge in the morning


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            can anyone tell me why some boxes are red and some are green and mine has a little arrow pointing left on the forums?


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              snow snow snow, guess I will be going out to play today!


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                Originally posted by amyrose View Post
                can anyone tell me why some boxes are red and some are green and mine has a little arrow pointing left on the forums?
                Red usually means people are viewing that particular journal.
                little arrow means you've posted in it.

                Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!


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