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  • Malory's Primal for Weight-loss Journal

    *I'm starting another journal because this seemed to be a false start. Looking back at it a month after going primal (at least diet-wise) I notice I'm a far less anxious person. Even reading this message below annoys me. I want to tell myself to chill out.*
    Hey YOU!

    If you've done this Primal thing and lost weight with it, I need you for a buddy. Man, I just need like at least one person to talk to and encourage me here. (By the way, feel free to just say I'm in if you don't have the time to read this entire post yet -- or read the last paragraph for what I hope to accomplish here.)

    I'm 25, 225 lbs and pretty much been overweight ever since I put a 100 pounds in high school. It's a bummer to talk about with anyone, and even the friends who clearly would like to help have opinions on health I don't agree with. Or I just can't relate to them and vice versa because they're not obese. I'm really interested in taking this Primal lifestyle seriously ... in fact I did diet-wise for three weeks this summer and felt incredible. Really. And when I started eating sugar and bad grains again, I started feeling like shit again and still do. I'm convinced Mark's approach to eating and exercise has something great here to offer me.

    So why haven't I dedicated myself to this thing yet? Everybody has their stress triggers and, as a writer, my trigger is writing (I set high standards for myself every day and then worry I won't meet them). As you can imagine, I trip that trigger a lot -- on a daily basis. And when stress surges - God! - I can't believe how powerfully I want to eat something sugary. Without stress I can behave pretty responsibly, but I fall apart so easily when I start worrying heavily about something and almost always use a bad food as the de-stressor.

    SO the goal here would be to lose 80-90 pounds, to not gravitate towards food every time I stress and, ultimately, get a life outside of writing. I spend far too much of my day thinking about my career and not enough about my personal life outside of it.

    If you're in, stay tuned for the diet and exercise journals to come.

    Exercise: None
    When I have a writing assignment, I convince myself I can't do anything but sit in front of my computer until it's done - REALLY a practice that isn't helping me out since I'll sit there for hours.

    Diet Today

    B: Omelet with cheddar, jalapenos and tomatoes
    S: Coconut water (100%0
    L: Spinach Salad with chicken (with red onion, avocado, blue cheese, red wine vinegar, olive oil, tomatoes)
    S: 4 small lettuce leaves with cream cheese, capers and lox and 2 oz left of unfiltered apple juice
    D: Coconut water and two weird old vegetarian patties I found in the freezer, from an old roommate. It had bad things in it like potatoes and canola oil, but I did not feel spending more than 5 minutes preparing dinner because I'm finishing a writing assignment
    S: Sugar cravings ... a table spoon of raw honey

    I need to probably fast for a day and then be strict on no sugars even from fruit for a week to curb the insulin insensitivity. By and large the food that's up there is healthy, but I didn't move around much today at all. I feel like I should have only eaten the omelet I was so sedentary today.

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    Hey MaloryVon...welcome. Plenty of supportive awesome people around here.

    Is the writing for work or pleasure? I'm working on a few collaborative projects and personal projects, non-work and in contrast to you, I find if I am about to write, the best approach is to refresh where I am up to then going for a walk to sort out the direction of the story in my head. Especially if I have a deadline for the collaborative material. I can't just sit there...but I get how food is a great distraction when you are trying to write. and cups of tea. and glasses of wine!

    Try cut the sugar as much as you can to start with, don't feed it honey - deal with the withdrawal faster. That's what helped me anyway, other people may have had different experiences, by my advice - dial up the fat massively and cut out the sugar asap, when you start. not sure how you found it last time.

    Good luck ...


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      The last time I got off the sugar train, I just mentally prepared myself for it. I just said, I've got an addiction and the first few days are going to feel like crap because it's a biological withdrawal - things are switching up in my body and I need to just deal with it. Starting with one day of fasting seemed to give me a head start. And it did work. I've only been putting it off because as crappy as I feel right now, I know I'll feel crappier in withdrawal - and when I've got deadlines I want to find easy comfort instead of investing myself in another challenge.

      I know. Excuses, excuses - I'm going to a pizza/beer party for a hockey game tomorrow night, there's a huge Stanford vs. Cal game I'll drink at on Saturday and then Thanksgiving! So I think I'm going to do what I can to improve my diet and exercise routine in the next week, but won't be able to give myself the pure sugar withdrawal until Nov. 27. The holidays ... I just have rough that one out. Should be an interesting 30-day challenge.

      Thank you for the writing advice! I definitely need a few more walks. The writing is for work - I'm a journalist.