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  • Amy's journal to stay on track

    Hello. I just joined you all in the PB journey. I started on 9.1, and so far feel GREAT!!

    I am 37 yrs old, living in MA with my wonderful husband of 11 years.

    I am 5'7", 145lbs, and 25% bf: uuggghhh!!

    I have tried everything know to man to reshape my body (with no luck), and to lose 10/15lbs that crept up on me over the past 6 years. I have been eating super healthy over the past 2 years (no preservatives, no wheat, gluten, sugar, and dairy light), and I am up to committing to the primal way 100%. The biggest change for me will be eating fat: I am a bit afraid, but willing to try.

    I normally workout 6 days a week. I have slowly started to change up my workouts this week, but really want to get a grasp on the eating first, and will then incorporate the sprinting, etc.

    Goal: lose 10/15lbs, drop belly weight, and bf%.

    Eats for WED:


    black coffee/1 stevia

    egg/veggie bake

    5 strawberries


    2c spinach


    1T coconut oil

    1T almond butter



    5oz ribeye steak


    1/2 T coconut oil


    mustard lime chicken breast



    1T pomegran/vinegar dressing

    1c broccoli

    1/2 T coconut oil

    1424 calories/53 carbs/90 fat/110 protein


    My workouts for yesterday was 2.5 mile walk with dog and 45 min interval training.

    Felt satisfied for the day: no hunger pains!

    Hoping I am doing this right....

    Any thoughts/feedback greatly appreciated. I would love some help and motivation along the way. I will take the positive and negative, and will gladly change things up if it will help me with my new primal life. Thanks!


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    Eats for Thursday: planned


    2 cups coffee-black w/ 1 stevia

    egg and veggie bake

    1/4 c walnuts



    2T almond butter

    1T coco oil

    2c spinach


    leftover mustard lime chicken

    1c brussel sprouts

    1T coco oil


    wild salmon 4oz

    zucchini fries sprinkled with raw parm cheese

    1384 cal/56carbs/111protein/87fat


    workout: body was sore this morning, so I decided to just walk today (probably 3 miles).


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      Stay on plan. Ate everything listed, and was once again satisfied. It is great to not have hunger pangs.

      I have been sleeping so much better too!


      A bit nervous about the upcoming weekend. Weekends in the past is where slip ups have happened. I will take it day by day, but make sure I have food available.



      2 coffee/1 stevia

      pp/2c spinach/1 T coco oil/2T almond butter


      egg/veggie bake

      1/3c walnuts


      sockeye salmon 3oz/zucchini


      chicken meatloaf (this does have some oatmeal in it--this was made pre-primal/frozen leftovers)


      1T vinegarette

      1362 calories/52carbs/88fat/107protein

      wo: resistance

      walk: 2.5 miles with dog


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        Hi, Amy. It sounds like you were eating well already. What changes did you have to make to your diet?


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          dragonmamma: I mainly ate fruit, veggies, and lean meat. I avoided fat like the plague.

          So far, so good with the changes. I very rarely ate rice, and needed to give up grains last year due to celiac disease. When I was diagnosed, I also cut out sugar and preservatives.

          Really hoping primal is my answer in getting in shape and losing some body fat. I have been stuck here for a while.

          How long have you been primal? How have your results been?



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            Welcome Amy!

            Funny thing is, Fat is the BEST way to lose weight!!! It's soooooo backwards what were are all taught about fat!

            Seriously, you will have super cravings for more food and even more carbs if you are not shoving your face full of good animal fat!!!

            Take a test-run for 1 week (heck even a day or two will show you) and eat 70% of your calories as fat (bacon grease, coconut oil, palm oil, Ghee, whatever!).

            I'm not just touting basic 'mumbo-jumbo' here, but overall, your appetite will severely decrease with this much fat!!!!

            (I mean it ;-)

            Good luck girl!


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              HI SassaFrass!

              I was aiming for 10%c/30%p/60%f tomorrow.

              I eat anywhere right now from 1320-1425 calories.

              Maybe i will aim for 70 on Sunday.

              I AM FOR ONCE NOT HUNGRY!! I am really surprised at how good I feel after only doing this for 4 days: amazing?

              I really want to lose some fat.

              If you don't mind, about how many calories are you taking in with 70% fat? what about carbs/protein?

              How long have you been primal? Results?

              I really wanted to make sure I am doing this right!

              Does it look like I am getting enough protein? (5'7" 145lbs--wanting to lose weight/inches/bf)




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                Calorie-wise, I don't think those are bad cal numbers, but I wouldn't worry about them too much. I found my cals going way down when I started to get to 65 - 75% daily fat intake. Your cals will immediately decrease because your hunger decreases immensely!

                I have been Primal nearly 5 months now and I went from 169 to 158 lbs (I'm 5'9"). The lbs are not necessarily a goal-marker for me anymore, since I am now close to a size 8, when 5 yrs ago a size 8 for me was around 145 lbs.

                I keep yo-yoing with my carbs, even if they ARE Primal, so I am still battling my last 20 lbs.

                That's why I chimed in about the fat. My excess protein intake + decreased fat intake and then additional primal carb intake made me bloat up more instead of continuing to lose weight.

                I need to continue tracking in so that I am reminding myself to gobble up more fat, otherwise, my appetite has shifted into high gear! Oops!

                18 - 24 hr fasts, with high fat consumption in between is a MAJOR catalyst for fat loss. I had friends left and right commenting on my progress after doing that!


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                  Seconding Sassa. Fat=Progress. For me, a big turning point was when I started using CO for cooking.

                  Also, you may not need to lose as much weight as you think you do. I am actually wearing clothes at 149 lbs that previously did not fit until I was down to 135 on a CW diet (and I actually looked like crap then, cause I wasn't lifting at all).

                  I've done a couple of IF days, too, and it feels really good.

                  Have fun, and keep asking questions!


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                    So, basically, you needed to ADD fat to your diet.

                    I'm one of the more moderate primals here, in that I'm not ultra-low carb. I'm not trying to lose weight, so I do just fine keeping my carbs at around 100-150 grams a day. I do just fine with fruit, sweet potatoes and beans, but grains (particularly wheat) make me feel bloated and inflamed. I also don't do dairy except a bit of yogurt.

                    I've been grain-free about half a year now, and I've been obsessed with coconut products for a couple of months. I've maintained my weight for about four years (I used to be 45 pounds heavier), but since cutting out the grains I'm looking leaner and meaner.


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                      Thank you all for the information. I really appreciate the love!

                      it really is amazing. It is 3pm here and I just ate my second meal of the day. Normally I would be on meal 4 (or 5) for the day!

                      I was doing a bit of reading on the fasting, and I was goint to try fasting in the mornings a few days next week, or eat breakfast, skip lunch, etc and then have dinner.

                      Reading sassafrass, perhaps I should aim for a longer fast instead. I am willing to give it a try!

                      Have a great day: thanks again!!



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                        So the weekend is here and I think this way of eating is easier to stay on track for me.



                        egg/veggie bake

                        1/4 cup walnuts


                        2T coco oil

                        2T almond butter


                        2c spinach



                        artic char

                        green beans w/ oo and garlic

                        wo: 3 mile walk

                        hit around 10% carbs today....I may have been a bit over.

                        Really going to try the IF this upcoming week. As of this morning I am down 2lb my first primal week!



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                          Went a little over 50g of carbs for yesterday, but all in all stayed primal for week 1!

                          Glad the weekend is over and ready to get hard core.

                          Goals for the week:

                          1. stay under 50g for carbs

                          2. IF one meal a day.

                          This site has been a HUGE help for motivation and support.



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                            Hi Amy,

                            It sounds like you are doing great!

                            I have been 100% Primal for one month now (have been about 75% the past three years, with several bouts of prolonged cheating, I have put on body fat). I found that after about 2 weeks on 1400 cal per day I got really really tired and was not feeling energetic enough to do anything high intensity. I am eating about 55-60% fat, 35% protein and 5-10% carbs. I would say that I have been at 25-40 g. of carbs on average. I am really not eating any fruit. I increased my calories by about 200-300 and feel much better. I have lost 5 lbs so far, most of this was in the first two weeks. I did not seem to be losing much while I was feeling tired. I also have not been hungry at all, no cravings and feeling very satisfied after I eat. I walk 2-4 miles per day with my dog, a few short weight workouts weekly. I have just started sprinting.

                            Keep up the good work and I look forward to hearing how you are progressing. Like you, I have tried lots of other things and am so happy to not have to feel deprived or hungry. Last weekend we visited a local orchard and cider mill. I threw away my coupon for free cider and donut, not because I have incredible will power (donuts used to be one of my biggest problems), but I just did not WANT a huge sugar load. Gross.



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                              wo: cardioX


                              pp/2cups spinach/2Tcoco oil/2 cups black coffee

                              buffalo/egg/veggie bake

                              1/4 cup blueberries and walnuts

                              IF 9 hrs

                              lemon and ginger pork

                              brussel sprouts w/ 1/2T coco oil

                              So, I managed to keep the carbs at 36g. Protein was at 101 and fat 91. today is similar and I am fasting from 1030am - dinner time (7pm).

                              I may try to skip breakfast tomorrow and see how that goes....

                              Trying to get the fat loss moving......

                              Still not hungry and not experiencing any cravings: whoohoo!!