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    workout: 2 mile walk with the dog 45 intervals

    m1: 2c coffee/pp/2c spinach/2T coco oil/.25 frozen strawberries

    m2: buffalo/egg and veggie bake/.5 chicken sausage

    IF for 9 hrs: water/1c tea

    m3: chicken/salsa/zucchini/1 T coco oil (to cook)

    Kept my carbs at 34grams and was roughly 10%/30/60.

    today I am going to fast breakfast, and I am aiming for a 20 hr fast. I will not lift today, and will walk for a few hrs instead.

    Tonight I am making stuffed peppers. This is one of my favorite things to eat!

    Next week I am going to add sprinting into the mix, and up my weight training a bit more. After adding that into the mix, I will be PRIMAL!!!



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      Great to hear Amy!

      I need to get back into my weight routine again. I used to put the boys to shame in the gym! Now, I am gettin' flabby! ;-)

      You can also try a 'carnivore' only day (eat only meat & maybe a few eggs) all day like once a week, with a cycled carb re-feed day (berries, coconut bread, etc), then do another mostly fat, some veggies, no fruit and red meat day and then after that, go for a IF day.

      If find it keeps your body humming in the metabolic department!

      Keep it up!


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        thanks for stopping in SassaFrass! I will try a carnivore day sometime next week! Then maybe a day fast.

        Down another 1lb!! I am thrilled.

        So I fasted yesterday for 20 hrs, and feel great.

        In less than 2 weeks primal I already:

        sleep better

        feel better

        more energy

        less hungry

        less irritable

        no aches and pains

        no belly bloat: 1st time in 2+years!!!


        I feel like finally I have found something that works for me and makes sense!! I have always been carb sensitive, but perhaps more than I realized. I have kept my carbs below 50 since starting and it really has made the difference. Most days I am in the 20/30 range and that seems to work well for me.

        I am THRILLED!! I have had the books since it came out. I wish it didn't take me so long to finally read it. My husband has noticed the change in me too.

        My workouts have been less intense, and it has been such a joy to workout again. I will be incorporating the lifting heavy and sprints in next week, but it has been so nice to walk daily, and remove the intense cardio I have done for years!!


        wo: 10 mile walk


        IF 20 hrs: from 7pm Wed - 3pm Thurs


        buffalo/egg/veggie bake

        sausage patty: GROSS!!!

        1T coconut oil

        1/4 c walnuts


        primal stuffed peppers

        1/2 grilled summer squash

        1T butter

        SassaFrass: join me with the weights next week!!



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          Dude. I'm soooo there! ;-)

          Here's my plan:

          Monday: Swim, Tuesday: Hike, Wednesday: Full-body Weights, Thurs: Swim, Friday: Hike, Saturday: Weights


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            Sassa: your plan for next week sounds great. I will check in with you next week for support!!


            4 hr walk




            pp/2c spinach/1/4 frozen straw/1T coco



            pork chop

            side salad with oil/vinegar


            1T butter

            Managed to keep carbs33g/protein/95/fat89

            Calories on average this week have been in the low 1300 range. I feel satisfied, and hope that amount is okay.

            Really think the fasting was a great jumpstart for me this week.

            Need to go food shopping today. Grass fed beef, steak, eggs (need to eat more and learn to like the taste/texture) are low right now: need to stock up.

            My husband is slowly converting over his diet, and is enjoying all the beef we know eat!!

            Have a great Saturday!



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              I just stumbled on this thread. Great stuff here! I've been stuck at progress the past few weeks. I'm going to add in more fat to see if that helps. Thanks, guys, for the info.

              @Amy -- I love how you've dropped from four meals a day to just two. It's amazing how it works, right? And IF is awesome.


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                HI CaveCat! Thanks for stopping by. Really, this site has been so helpful in my staying on track.

                2 weeks down, and the rest of my life to go!

                I took measurements on Saturday and so far I am down 5lbs, 1" off the waist, and 2" off the belly pooch! Needless to say, I am estatic!!

                Sorry I was MIA all day yesterday. I walked 26 miles for cancer. I TRIED to be primal all day, but had to eat bars and fruit, so I ended up a tiny bit over 100 for the day.

                BUT I am feeling great and back on track for Monday!

                I was going to fast breakfast, but decided against it because I really am hungry, and want to refuel after a long walk.

                Today I will rest and opt not to workout.

                I will be back later to report how today goes.......

                I plan on taking it a bit easy to rest the body, and will be aiming for around 30g carbs today!



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                  Still a bit sore in the feet from the 26 walk, so I may just walk the dog today and do a few pushups. Hope to get back to wo tomorrow.

                  I was really hoping to add sprints and heavier weights this week, but I am going to listen to my body....I may need to wait till next week.

                  So Eating on Monday. So nice to be back to REAL food


                  2c coffee/1 stevia

                  egg/turkey/veggie bake



                  sockey salmon









                  mixed nuts/coconut/dark chocolate (handful)

                  carbs were at 30g. Really could have done without the nuts/chocolate in the evening. I think I ate it cuz I was bored. 1st time doing that primal....

                  I am going to fast this morning and eat lunch and dinner today (i think). We will see how things go!!

                  Beautiful day in MA today. I will need to get out to walk the dog at lunchtime!! Clouds and cooler weather heading in tomorrow....



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                    So my feet are feeling much better today, and I am feeling myself again since walking the 26 miles.


                    wo: 2mile walk



                    2c coffee/1stevia

                    egg/veggie/turkey bake


                    spaghetti squash 1.5c

                    chicken breast


                    1/2 c tomato sauce

                    Was not hungry yesterday. with the squash the carbs were a bit higher 44g, but still in line....

                    Really wanted to start the sprints, but I have decided to hold off til next week. I did weights this morning and will do them again on Friday.

                    Steak tonight for dinner: I can hardly wait!!


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                      I got on the scale this morning . Was reading down 5lbs for several days, but now it is back up 5lbs.

                      Kind of bummed!!

                      Going to try and stay on course.

                      Perhaps I will do a 24hr fast: dinner to dinner. DONE: set for Thursday pm to Friday pm.

                      I am still entering things into myfitnesspal.

                      I do know I need to up the exercise (less cardio/more resistance! Foot is feeling better, HARDCORE next week for sure!!

                      STAY POSITIVE!!


                      wo: walk 2 miles/45min intervals


                      2c coffee/stevia

                      2eggs scrambled

                      1oz cheese/1oz raw milk

                      .5c spinach

                      3 sausage links

                      1T butter


                      8oz raw milk


                      1c spinach

                      1/4 frozen stawberry slices


                      ribeye steak 6oz/mushrooms onions-3ozeach

                      1T butter

                      roasted zucchini sprinkled with raw parm cheese

                      HMMM, noticing the cheese and dairy in there where I haven't really had any.....will need to watch dairy intake!

                      40g carbs/108g protein/101g fat


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                        Hang in there Amy. You're journal is mirroring mine. I see that when people start, your body starts dumping weight fast and you get pumped, then, the scale goes back up and your thinking "Sure I haven't been over 100g carbs and I've been mostly under 50g for several days, so what's the deal?". Don't worry. I too had this happen. Good thing is, this weight loss is so very different from what we are used to. Keep measuring and try to stay away from the scale. I haven't weighed myself in over a month, but my pants are falling off.... THAT, I know! ;-)

                        Keep it up. I went through phases: 1. Easing into Primal, 2. Encouraging more 'Primal' choices, 3. IF and extra fat plus less fruit, 4. Gorging myself silly on fruit and nuts and/ or Primal treats like berry muffins, etc., 5. (Current state), eating mainly Protein, Fat and some veggies.

                        It is a long process and sometimes the lbs show back up on the scale, but, we're women and sometimes a matter of hormones and water-retention can show up in anywhere from 5 - 7 lbs, in one day alone!

                        You are doing fantastically! Don't forget that!


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                          Thanks Sassa!!! I do need to at times take a deep breath and realize that weight loss is a process. From what I hear too, the last 10lbs are the hardest to come off, and that is really what I need (10-15lbs)

                          I am fasting today. From dinner last night til dinner tonight. I will make sure to drink some tea and water today!

                          I also just read a great post from Nick about ZERO carbs, and this may be what I need!

                          Had a great workout with the hubby this morning, and I am ready to take on the day (and the fast!).


                          wo: 2miles/35min intervals



                          2c coffee/1stevia

                          3oz ribeye

                          1oz raw milk

                          2 eggs


                          was trying to fast, but had 1/4c walnuts


                          fish and vegtable coconut milk soup (Delish!!)

                          The soup was from a primal website, and it was sooooo good! I have leftovers in the freezer for at least 2 more meals.

                          I also stocked up on grass fed steaks and will start eating some steak with breakfast, etc.

                          tonight I will have fish at the end of my fast.

                          HAPPY FRIDAY!!!


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                            Sounds perfect Amy! You are hardcore Primal now! WELCOME to the club ;-D

                            Definitely the toughest to get rid of the last 10. Try to keep up with intermittent fasting and then try to go pure carnivore for 1 whole day.

                            Once you meet your goal, you can have veggies, fruits, etc, but for now, the last 10 will require discipline (trust me, I am just about there myself).

                            Definitely listen to Nick on the zero carb thing. As you can see on my post after his, I totally agree with his (if rather long) post based on my own, personal experience.

                            I also made a seafood coconut soup last night! It was fabulous. I 'vacuum' sealed the larger amount for further storage and then proceeded to completely spill a good 2 - 3 meals worth of the rest onto my kitchen floor last night :-( You don't want to know what words came out of my mouth when THAT happened!!! :-( (I think I'm STILL pouting about that...)

                            Happy Friday indeed!


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                              so I took the weekend off from the board. Stayed primal all weekend EXCEPT I had a margarita Sat night.

                              Managed to attend 2 events this week with sweets, etc and was not tempted, and had no cravings for it!!

                              Making a asian pepper steak crock pot recipe from this site for dinner tonight. Smells yummy!!

                              This morning for breakfast I had leftover Thai seafood coconut milk soup, and think I wiil be satisfied till dinner time.

                              Tomorrow I think I will try a carnivore day (thanks Sassa!).

                              Off for a walk with the pooch. Nice day, who needs lunch!!



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                                Have a great walk!

                                I think I'll eat my seafood soup now as well!