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  • Long-Term Primal Journal - GeriMorgan

    Here we go: a more permanent home for my daily logs. Turns out I like bragging about mah fudz on the Internet.

    Breakfast: A huge garden salad (not the restaurant kind, but the EVERYTHING CAME FROM MY GARDEN kind) with chicken, seasonings, and rice wine vinegar. Also some nuts.

    Lunch: A Carl's Jr. Famous Star, lettuce-wrapped, with Santa Fe sauce. It's a habit of mine when I get fast food.

    Snack: Pork skins.

    Snack: Mixed berries with yoghurt.

    Dinner: Fried beef, fried mushrooms, salad with Litehouse bleu cheese dressing.

    Walking: Went grocery shopping.

    Grokking: A short game of one-man Frisbee.

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    Ugh. I was all set to do another one of DFS's workouts, but I'm still sore today - in fact, I think I'm more sore than I was yesterday. (Grocery shopping is hard on the recently-exercised body.) So I'm going to rest, eat plenty of good Primal food, take a long walk, and try again tomorrow.


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      Had a lovely and productive (hah!) day off. Did no walking beyond regular daily use, but I did clean the kitchen.

      Breakfast: Salad, scrambled eggs with mushrooms, almonds.

      Snacks: More nuts (made the mistake of leaving them out on the counter while I cleaned the kitchen - bad idea) and some pork skins.

      Lunch: A cheeseburger and some leftover spinach.

      Dinner: Meatloaf, fried squash, "winter blend" vegetables (broccoli & cauliflower), half a beet. (Was a big beet.)


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        Okay... let's see if I can remember what I ate.

        Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with fried onion and green pepper, black coffee.

        Lunch: A small amount of ground beef, cheese, and sour cream, leftover winter blend, spicy pork rinds.

        Snack: Some nuts, noshed over a period.

        Dinner: Chili sans beans with some cheese. (Others had chili burritos, made from these whole wheat flax wrap things.

        Walking: Two trips down the driveway, one of which was partially barefoot.

        Grokking: One (somewhat shortened) round of DFS's Crawl/Sprint. That was all I could take.


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          Breakfast: Chili (sans beans, as usual), strawberries with almond butter.

          Lunch: Fried chicken gizzards w/onion and garlic, leftover zucchini, leftover beet.

          Snack: A few bites of cold chili (ate around the beans).

          Dinner: Leftover chicken gizzards, a piece of bratwurst, fried chard, a slice of curry zucchini bread, a tomato.

          Walking: Nothing to speak of.

          Grokking: Practiced riding my bicycle. Discovered it has a flat tire.


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            I was all set to do IF today, but stuff got in the way. I ate relatively little anyway.

            Snack: Nuts.

            Brunch: Zucchini pancakes - the result of our zucchini-flour experiments, made mainly from zucchini, coconut, and eggs. It didn't have a very pancakey texture, but it was very good.

            Snack: A few more nuts (like, two or three) and some bites of ice cream batter.

            Dinner: Curry chicken soup.

            Dessert: Homemade ice cream. Contains honey and half-and-half. Totally worth it (especially since I make it myself).

            Grokking: Cleaned the car for about forty minutes. It needs more cleaning, though.


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              Okay... it's been awhile since I posted here. Life - and my carefully scheduled video gaming time - has kind of gotten in the way of rigorous fitness. And, frustratingly, I don't seem to be losing anything - I'm still stuck at 184 lbs. and pretty much the same body size. I've been trying nearly everything. I cut out bread, honey, beans, dairy, and most fruits. Still trying to give up the nuts, but they're far too convenient of a snack.

              So, for yesterday:

              Fud: I honestly wasn't paying that close of attention. I ate mainly nuts and veggies and odd stuff like that.

              Walking: Walked down the driveway and back. Yaaaay.

              And today:

              Breakfast: Nuts; leftover broccoli with cheese.

              Lunch: Scrambled eggs with veggies.

              Snack: Spicy pork rinds.

              Dinner: Fried pork, spinach, fried veggies.

              Walking: Went on a walk of indeterminate length (not too long) with my little brother.

              I'm going to go to sleep tonight, then get up and go on a walk tomorrow morning. I guess I should mention the reason I haven't been walking as much: I'm avoiding my grandmother. The last couple of times that I went out, I ran into my overly-chatty grandmother, who drives me absolutely crazy, so I'm scared to go walking again for fear I'll have to listen to her chatter about her cats or her latest project or gossip about her kids when it's NONE OF MY FREAKIN' BUSINESS and... yeah. So I'm just going to go walking somewhere where she doesn't hang out.


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                Nuts. I have got to start writing down what I eat again. I'm having trouble remembering everything.

                But here's for yesterday:

                Breakfast: Coffee with a touch of cream (not losing weight anyway... figured I'd give myself that), scrambled eggs with veggies.

                Lunch: Er... I honestly can't remember if I ate lunch. I know there were some nuts and spicy pork rinds in there, but that's all I can recall. This is why I need to write this stuff down.

                Dinner: Beef steak, broccoli with cheese and grated carrot.

                Walking: A 30-minute hike with my little brother and small cat. The brother appreciated the walk; the cat, not so much. She doesn't appreciate the dogs, and spent much of the walk clinging to my shoulder and growling.


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                  Oh, yeah, and I also drank some cream from the carton. Very naughty of me. Did it again today, too.


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                    Here's the scoop: I'm working on launching a website for Primal and low-carb recipes. (I'm also lazing.) Consequentially, I'm a tad busy. Consequentially, I forgot everything I ate day before yesterday. I do remember that I didn't get a walk in.

                    But for yesterday:

                    Breakfast: Veggies and some nuts.

                    Lunch: The insides of a Sonic chicken wrap.

                    Snack: A WinCo salad containing iceberg lettuce, carrots, cabbage, spinach, craisins, sliced almonds, and some kind of cheese, topped with some less-than-stellar (but very low-sugar) ranch dressing.

                    Dinner: Roasted chicken with some unidentifiable seasonings (also picked up from WinCo), cauliflower with cheese, a bite or so of peas.

                    Walking: Went grocery shopping.


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                      Breakfast: Hot coffee with some cream (ditching it doesn't seem to be helping, so I figure I'll go ahead and use a little -- it helps me to avoid nuts, anyway), strawberries with yoghurt and a "splash" of cream (srsly, what is a splash anyway?).

                      Lunch: A hamburger patty with cheese.

                      Somewhere in here: Leftover cauliflower with a bite or so of peas, a few (less than a handful of) hazelnuts.

                      Dinner: Salad, pork sirloin baked with homemade Cream of Mushroom soup. (The tips on cooking sirloin were very helpful. The pork was very tasty, and while it was still dry, it wasn't soak-up-all-your-saliva dry like I've had it sometimes.) The soup was made from cream, milk, onion, mushrooms, celery, and a bit of corn starch.

                      Snack: A bit of leftover pork.

                      No walking. Busy working on website; not quite ambitious enough to haul my butt outside.

                      I've been noticing something weird the past couple of months. Normally, when I get my period, I have a day of horrible cramps. Usually this is the first or second day. Now, when I say horrible, I mean agonizing, gut-wrenching, crawl-in-bed-and-stay-there cramps.

                      For the past two months, I can't recall having anything of the sort. This time in particular, I've found myself expecting to fall to a wave of pain and, for the past three days, feeling absolutely nothing. All the pre-horrible-cramp symptoms are there - bloating, gastrointestinal discomfort, bowel evacuation - but when it's actually gotten to the cramping bit, no pain. I feel a bit of tension - my uterus is obviously chugging away - but for the first time in seven years I find myself able to work through it, usually completely unaware that there's anything going on.

                      I'm only three days in, so I'm not sure if the cramps are completely gone, but if they are I'll definitely make a post of it. (I've also noticed a lessening of some of my other symptoms - in particular, my incredible ability to be too hot and too cold at the same time.)

                      On an entirely different note, I weighed myself this morning. (I don't normally weigh myself during my time of month, due to water retention throwing everything off, but as I was decidedly un-bloated this morning I thought I'd give it a go.) As I've mentioned, I've been stuck at 183.5-184.5 for the past several months, with one drop to 181.5 a few weeks ago which I had since chalked up to a fluke.

                      However, I weighed again today, and that same number popped up again.

                      I want to know what's going on here. I'm guessing it's water weight, but I'm also guessing that means that I'm doing something that is enabling me to shed that water weight, which means I've probably also geared my body to start losing weight. (I know, I know... weight is not the ultimate goal and all that. But I have many, many pounds of excess fat that I have GOT to get off my butt before I spend too much time focusing on muscle gain. This is why I haven't been too worried about working out, to be honest. It seems kind of counter-productive, though I do want to go with a once-weekly thing.)

                      Problem is, I'm not sure what I'm doing differently. The only thing I've noticed is that it happens when my overall


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               consumption is down.

                        I don't know why it cut off there. That's weird.

                        So, for yesterday:

                        Breakfast: Coffee and some pecans.

                        Lunch: Scrambled eggs with vegetables and soy sauce.

                        Snack: A quarter of an English muffin.

                        Snacks: More nuts.

                        Dinner: Beef stir fry with green peppers, onions, and beans.

                        Walking: Nothing.

                        >XD Ph33r my unPrimalness. Really, yesterday was kind of bottom-of-the-barrel.


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                          Here's the dope: I'm down with a cold. Have been for the past three days. I'm eating Primally (aside from cream; cutting myself a little sick leeway here) and resting a lot. Will be back to more normal activities soon.


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                            O-kay! Back on the radar today.

                            Breakfast: Nuts, cauliflower with cottage cheese and salsa.

                            Snack: Hot chocolate.

                            Lunch: Scrambled eggs with garlic, onion, and beef tallow.

                            Snack: More nuts.

                            Dinner: Fried chicken, broccoli/cauliflower mix with rice wine vinegar, small amount of peas with cheese.

                            Snack: ...more nuts.

                            As you can see, my dietary habits are way out of whack. I ate a lot of hot chocolate and nuts while sick (I'm still a bit sick, but doing better), and they're a tricky habit to drop. I'm working on it.

                            Walking: Had a short walk (probably about seven minutes - would have liked to go longer, but there was no one to tell Mum where I was going).


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                              Hzbgh... let's see if I can remember what I ate today.

                              Breakfast: Coffee with some cream, scrambled eggs with onion. Yes, finally I actually cooked something! Woo!

                              Lunch: Er... shoot... I think there was lunch. There was leftover broccoli and cauliflower with cheese, and pork skins with cheese and some salsa. I think that covers it.

                              Snacks: Nuts and some hot chocolate. (Decided to see if dried zucchini would be good with hot chocolate. It wasn't.)

                              Dinner: Ratatouille (my awesome recipe, going on the website) with beef.

                              Walking: A walk down the driveway and back.