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    Can't remember exactly what I ate yesterday. There was coffee, scrambled eggs, half a peach, some nuts, some strawberries with cream, and then beef stir-fry for dinner. That's most of it, anyway.

    Grokking consisted of cleaning the car. Not the most ambitious, I know.

    Now here's something I'm finding weird: Throughout the entire Primal Challenge, I could not lose weight. I meticulously cut out all the things I thought were holding me back, and was otherwise very careful. Nothing (aside from a potential drop once).

    Last week, I got sick. As a consequence, I didn't eat normal food; I subsisted mainly on fruit, nuts and hot chocolate (with meat and veggies for dinner). Today I'm down to 180.0, and I'm noticing a narrower profile in the mirror.

    Wazzup? I dunno. Currently the hypothesis is that I wasn't getting enough fat, since both cream and nuts (which I was consuming in large quantities) are full of fat. I don't know what's going on, but henceforth I will enjoy my cream-drenched berries without guilt.


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      I was dreaming about eating raw meat last night. Mmm, tasty.

      So here's what I ate yesterday.

      Breakfast: Coffee, scrambled eggs with onion.

      Snack: Berries with cream.

      Snack: A handful of nuts.

      Dinner: Roast turkey with turnips, fried summer squash.

      Walking: Nothing.

      And I'm back up to 183. LOLWHUT? Sometimes I doubt that I will ever figure out exactly what makes my body tick. In any case, I need to get in some exercise today.


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        Okay... I think part of my problem here is that I'm too spastic. I'll try something for about a week, and if I don't see any results I start freaking out and doing something else. (Picked up that mentality from Atkins, I'm afraid. When one starts that, results tend to happen really fast.)

        So I'm going to scale back to the basics. Eat a lot of fat (I don't think I was getting enough), eat some fruit, walk regularly. Probably one day of DFS's workouts per week instead of four. I'd really like to see the scales go down a bit before I worry about building much muscle. (Because seriously, 183 is too much for a 5'3 woman. Ever.)


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          Oy, I forgot to mention this: for dessert, I had a berry cobbler. Naughty ingredients were oatmeal and honey. Everything else was completely Primal.

          Breakfast today: Coffee.

          Lunch: Turkey casserole.

          Snack: Strawberries with cream.

          Dinner: Further turkey casserole.

          Walking: Took a long hike with the little brother. Climbed a hill. Got bitten by a lot of mosquitoes.


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            Once again, I haven't been updating with mah fudz. I suppose I'm wondering just what the point of it is. I can meticulously track and write down everything I eat, or I can just eat. It doesn't seem to make that much of a difference. It also doesn't seem to make any difference whether I walk every day or not. *tired!emo* Which would prolly be why I haven't been walking, devoting my time instead to studying cosmology and working on my website and sitting around on the Internet looking at random junk.

            I'm at a low, really. I'm not sure why. It might be the half of an English muffin I ate the other day, but I really doubt it. I just feel like crap. Here I am, working my butt off to try and change the things I detest about my life and nothing is happening. (Except that I've learned how to squat on the toilet, which is kind of fun.) It's almost like some grand cosmic force is working against any sort of improvement. I'm feeling really frustrated. To be quite honest, I want nothing more than to sit around and watch telly the rest of the night.

            Since that wouldn&#39;t be productive, though, I suppose I&#39;ll make myself do something else. Even if I spend all that time working on a project that doesn&#39;t really matter <strike>at the moment</strike> period. I think I need it.