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    I wouldn't worry about the dark chocolate. Besides, you went with a very dark chocolate which cuts down on the sugars quite a bit, while still satisfying your sweet tooth. And even Mark has said he indulges in dark chocolate as a treat now and then.


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      Like everyone else said, don't sweat the chocolate. As far as the taste goes, dark chocolate is an aquired taste. But once you get it you'll be hooked and there will be no turning back.
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        Arg I woke up with a headache and I really want to blame the dark chocolate lol! About to make myself a kale/broccoli/orange shake and then force myself to go for a neighborhood walk up some really steep hills. I don't wanna but I gotta!


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          I did the it was hard starting back at zero! I got up three damn near vertical blocks and I was done. It was hard to breathe, I was getting that painful splintery feeling in my legs(wtf is that btw?), and then on the way back down I got a runner's stitch. I'm gonna do it again tomorrow. I just can't believe that those are the same hills I used to do sprints up!

          I had a second kale shake, some grass-fed ground beef patties with diced onions in them and a few left over pieces from that damned chocolate bar. Finally out of my lean ground beef, time to get into the ground chuck. Hungry now and preheating the oven for a slab of yellowtail.


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            Crap. I am going on a day trip to Julian(a little mountain town famous for its pies and quaintness) tomorrow. I'm sure I'm gonna have a pastry at some point. If we sit down for lunch I'm sure I can find a meat and veggies option. But I am sure there's gonna be candy galore.... I must consider this a test of the mind.....


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              Made and accidentally overcooked the yellowtail....still ate it but it wasn't fun. Still munching on left over dark chocolate from that bar, had a couple strawberries and just cooked a chunk of beef liver. Also went out and bought coconut milk---can you say YUM? I started drinking it right out of the can but forced myself to stop so I'd have some left over for the curry experimentations I have planned. A good alternative to slamming cow's cream too. Here it's legal to sell raw dairy products in stores, there's a great brand that uses grass-fed cows and I used to love buying pints of cream and drinking them down. Last time I did though it made me feel icky, plus I want to cut ties with dairy...and the coconut milk is the perfect substitute!


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                Originally posted by Raphaella View Post
                Pissed at myself.... got a dark chocolate bar. So yeah...I can't really count today as being a primal day. At least it tastes bad enough that I don't think I'll be tempted to buy one again any time soon.

                I also had a kale shake with fresh-squeezed OJ and I bought one of those coconut waters because everyone's raving about them and I was curious. And they suck, as I've now learned lol! Well, not SUCK but not worth the $1.79 or the extra 70 calories.
                Dark chocolate=good
                Coconut water=good IF you get the right brand/kind (fresh is best, especially for the meat; but there are a few bottled kinds that are acceptable and include the pulp, mmm)


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                  ^^^I got Harvest pulp. I think I would have preferred pulp.



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                    Originally posted by Raphaella View Post
                    I think I would have preferred pulp.
                    I got your pulp right here doll

                    Yeah I'm not much of a coconut water fan either, I think it is just mehh; however, coconut oil is amazing.
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                      Originally posted by Adventure8410 View Post
                      I got your pulp right here doll
                      I'm offended.


                      I like coconut oil for 'beauty treatments' but a long time ago I tried to cook my eggs in it and it didn't go too well. I've come a long way since then though, I think I'll try it again...


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                        AAaaaaah! I was TERRIBLE yesterday during my trip! I woke up and made myself scramble my eggs in coconut oil that way I wouldn't be tempted to get anything when my friend stopped at McDonald's for her breakfast. That part worked...but that's about it. We stopped at a bakery in Ramona where I got a chocolate croissant and a cheese danish. I took one bite of the croissant but it sucked so I chucked the rest. The cheese danish however I ate most of. Then at Julian when we stopped for lunch I had grilled cheese and fries(water for a beverage though!), a few forkfuls of a greasy iced cinnamon roll, a milk chocolate mint bar, a few chocolate caramels and a peanut butter cup. I was soooo stuffed, we got home late and I didn't eat anything.

                        I noticed that after having no carbs for a week, when I let myself have those nasties for lunch I instantly wanted to take a nap. So that's what everyone talks about! Funny how you don't notice the symptoms when you're living with them all the time.

                        I have no more trips coming up so I should be able to control myself for a while. Today I had some coconut milk, a strawberry and 5 small beef patties. The rest of my day will probably include blended kale and oranges and baked yellowtail.

                        I think I'm finally beginning to figure out what works for my taste buds day to day too. I get so bored with eggs, if I added cheese to them I think I would like them a lot more but I'm trying to cut out dairy for a while to see if anything happens. I'm also sick of baked fish. Beef however I can eat day after day. My favorites are beef patties with onions and iceberg lettuce(gives ya that burger sensation) and beef patties with adobo on top. I love beef stew, when I get my crock pot I'm probably going to be making a lot of it. And siince I like curry and coconut milk I'm gonna try making curries.


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                          Eating some beef liver, about to make a kale orange blend.


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                            Making curries can be a lot of fun and tasty. I personally love making Thai Chicken Curry and serving it in a Young Coconut! Looking forward to how things progress for you on your Primal journey!

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                              I AM PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              I go to Whole Foods and am ordering grass-fed ground chuck from the counter, the dude tells me that that in the freezer behind me is the same thing in bulk and that it'll be a little cheaper per pound since it's in bulk. Everything is within $11-$12, I grab a big hunk of it, buy my other shit, go home. I'm dividing the 3+ pounds of meat into separate portions when I see the price tag again. I'm like 'Wow that's really cheap! .....wait....too cheap...' So I look at the label and it's not grass-fed! There weren't a lot of bulk ground meat packages and the rest that I saw all were in the same price range, so there was no grass-fed ground beef in that freezer. If I was ordering grass-fed why on earth would he refer me to grain-fed?? And since I was willing to pay $10 per pound I obviously wasn't too concerned with pinching pennies. And you'd think he'd know from working there that the people who buy grass-fed are probably serious about it. I could bring it back but honestly I don't feel like it since Whole Foods is a ways away. When I go in tomorrow to buy GRASS-FED I'm going to complain big time. I mean I guess I shoulda read the labels but the dude knew what I was ordering and referred me to "the same thing" just in bulk. #^#^%*^!@##$#!

                              Bought a young coconut, am drinking the juice out with a straw and preheating the over to cook my marrow bones. Which are not from grass-fed cows but it was all they had and I really wanted to try it. I'm sick of Whole Foods though, even the don't have a lot of the stuff I want. I need to find a butcher with grass-fed local meat ASAP. But why can't I find one??

                              Great. These aren't even the right kind of bones. Way to go me. I'm getting really frustrated and angry right now because it feels like everything is fucked up. Also I don't like the meat of the young coconut. So that's probably over $17 wasted right there(wrong meat, wrong bones, didn't care for the coconut).
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                                I made some chicken and broccoli in was pretty bad lol! I can't cook a damned thing, it has been officially proven. I did learn that cilantro and crushed chili flakes together = heaven. So that's a seasoning combo that I will be using on everything.

                                I had some baked salmon(not wild ). I really need to get more veggies in and stop snacking on strawberries and coconut milk. Granted it's only a handful of strawberries but I have fat to lose. Meats and veggies meats and veggies....