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    Day 21:

    Got up this morning and got right on the treadmill. I walked/jogged for a full hour and felt great. For breakfast, then, I had a banana and a protein shake. For lunch, we picked up a rotisserie chicken from Costco. It tasted really good. I did give in and have some dark chocolate for a snack while I was doing chores around the house, and then had a banana around 6. Not sure what I'm going to do about dinner yet. Thinking about making some egg salad, but we'll see how I feel in a little while. I may just have a salad, too.


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      Alright. For dinner I had a salad, some more egg salad from the last of the hard boiled eggs I made on Friday, and a small bowl of chili. The chili did have some beans in it, but not many. I probably could have done without it though.


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        Day 22:

        Could not seem to wake up this morning. I'm normally up right when my alarm goes off, but not this morning. I had a hard time falling asleep last night and just didn't sleep well, so when my alarm went off at 5:30, I hit the snooze button over and over. I finally got up at 6:30. I was still able to get a short LHT workout in, but wasn't able to have my normal solitude time. Oh well! There's always tomorrow.

        LHT: 40 knee pushups, 40 half squats, 40 leg lifts, forearm/knee plank/side plank, and a shoulder stand.

        B: protein shake with water, protein powder, and a banana
        S: Almond butter
        L: Mixed lettuce salad with olive oil and vinegar dressing, topped with a can of tuna mixed with mayo
        S: More almond butter
        D: Some leftover rotisserie chicken and a couple pieces of leftover meatza
        S: A beer
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          Day 23:

          Woke up late and didn't have time to work out.

          B: 3 egg omelet with green peppers, mushrooms, and onions
          S: A handful of almonds
          L: Had lunch at school with my son, so I went a little off the PB. Lunch at school was pepperoni pizza, fruit cocktail, salad with ranch, a brownie, and milk. I ate the pepperoni off his and my pizza and a little cheese. Also ate the salad and a little of the fruit cocktail. I should have skipped the fruit and cheese, but oh well. Wasn't really that full, so when I got back to work I had a lettuce salad with a can of anchovies on top.
          S: Some almond butter.
          D: Wasn't really that hungry for dinner, but my mom picked up some salmon she wanted me to try, so I broiled a couple pieces and had one with some green beans. Boy, even though I wasn't hungry, that salmon was good. So good, in fact that I had half of another piece, too. Unfortunately, that second portion pushed me over the edge to the point of discomfort. Gotta learn to follow gut (literally).
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            Day 24:

            Woke up at 5:00 with the idea I was going to do sprints outside. However, I heard the wind howling outside and knew it was only in the 20s or 30s, so I hit the snooze button a few times and finally got up around 6. Kinda lazy, but I made up for it later. Before dinner I did 55 minutes on the treadmill walking/jogging.

            B: Protein smoothie with protein powder and a banana
            S: Almond butter
            L: A 4 oz piece of salmon
            S: Almond butter and a few semi-sweet choc chips
            D: A piece of meatza
            S: Dark chocolate and a banana


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              Day 25: Thanksgiving

              Given that it was Thanksgiving, I think I navigated the day fairly well.

              LHT: 2 sets each of 20 level 2 pushups, 20 bent leg lifts, 40 level 3 squats, 20 oblique crunches, and 20 level 1 overhead press. 20 level 1 pullups and 10 level 1 chinups.

              B: Protein smoothie with chocolate protein powder, a banana, and some coconut milk
              L: Egg salad
              D: Turkey, yams, broccoli/cauliflower casserole, green bean casserole, and a small piece of pumpkin pie (sans crust)
              S: Leftover turkey, yams, and broccoli/cauliflower casserole
              S: Almond butter


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                Day 26:

                Wow! I can't believe this was day 26 of my 30 day challenge. Things are going well and I'm feeling good, so I don't think I'll be going back to SAD. After my long bout with a bad cold/bronchitis (or whatever it was) at the beginning of the month, I've felt like I've had more energy than in the past few months, so that's definitely a benefit. I'm also not hungry as often as I used to be. That's good, too.

                On the downside, while I've lost a few pounds (not a goal of mine), according to my scale my body fat has increased. I don't understand that. Hopefully, since I've incorporated PB Fitness in my life, I'll start adding back some muscle and burn more fat.

                B: 4 egg omelet with onions and spinach and a couple pieces of bacon
                L: Big A** salad with mixed spring greens and a can of tuna
                S: Almond butter and a few prunes
                D: Turkey salad made from leftover Thanksgiving turkey, celery, onions, and mayo


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                  Day 27:

                  Workout: 1 hour walking/jogging on the treadmill
                  B: Vanilla protein smoothie with coconut milk and some frozen berries
                  L: Egg salad with 4 omega-3 eggs & some mayo and mustard
                  D: 3 Salmon patties made with canned sockeye salmon, almond meal, and eggs
                  S: Almond butter
                  S: A piece of leftover fried chicken (wish I hadn't eaten that -- way to full right before bed)


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                    Day 28:

                    LHT Workout: 35 knee pushups, 50 bench squats, 16 elevated jack knife press, 20 bent knee leg lifts, 20 knee pushups, 30 bench squats, 15 elevated jack knife press, 20 bent knee lifts, 30 oblique crunches/side
                    (Didn't have access to a bar for pullups today).

                    B: Chocolate protein smoothie with a banana
                    L: A can of chicken with some mayo
                    D: Ham, 1/2 a yam, corn, and a couple pieces of primal pumpkin pie


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                      Day 29:

                      Couldn't fall asleep last night. I was about to fall asleep around 10, and then one of the girls came in telling me about something her older sister had just done to her. Well, I got upset and had to deal with the situation. And at that point, I was wide awake. Instead of falling asleep at 10, I didn't get to sleep until after 12. So, bottom line, I set my alarm for 6 instead of 4:30, so I couldn't work out in the morning.

                      I got my workout in in the evening, though. I walked/jogged on the treadmill for 30 minutes.

                      B: I wasn't feeling all that hungry this morning, but I did decide to have a protein shake. Vanilla protein powder, coconut milk, spinach leaves, and blueberries
                      S: Almond butter
                      L: 2 Leftover salmon patties from Saturday and a piece of primal pumpkin pie
                      S: Almond butter
                      D: 2 eggs fried in butter and the rest of the primal pumpkin pie

                      I know I overdid the primal pumpkin pie and almond butter today. I think I'm going to have to get a fast day in here soon. I'm just filling overly stuffed by the end of every day recently. Not a good feeling.


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                        Day 30:

                        I've made it. The last day of my 30 day challenge. What I've learned this month:
                        - I seem to have more energy throughout the day. An unfortunate side effect is that I'm having a harder time falling asleep at night.
                        - Giving up dairy hasn't been that difficult. I do miss milk in my smoothies sometimes, but other than that, not too bad. I have to admit, though, I never went completely dairy free. Still used butter for cooking my eggs in the morning.
                        - I started the PB fitness late in the challenge since I was recovering from a really bad cold at the start, but it's feeling pretty good now that I've been doing it for a while.
                        - I still have quite a sweet tooth, but it gets worse if I feed it. If I avoid sweets, I don't miss them as much, but when I start, watch out. So, i try to stick with relatively health sweets like fruit and dark chocolate.
                        - I'm happy I rediscovered how much I enjoy fresh egg salad. It's my new comfort food (and it's relatively primal).
                        - I get fuller much faster now and don't feel like I need to snack as often as I once did, although I still reach for snacks when I'm bored/anxious/stressed.
                        - I discovered Jimmy John's offers their sandwiches as lettuce wraps (Unwiches) and I really like them as a primal treat.
                        - I discovered the meat salads at restaurants like Chipotle and Pepperjax are fantastic just with salsa (no dressing).

                        I don't think I really lost much weight during the last 30 days, but that wasn't one of my goals. I did hope to drop my body fat, but it seemed to go the opposite direction. Not really sure why that happened. I did lose about 3 pounds, but my body fat went up about 1%. Hopefully, as I continue to do the PB fitness workouts, that will change.

                        So, for my meals thus far on this last challenge day, nothing too exciting or out of the ordinary:

                        B: 2 eggs fried in butter, 3 prunes
                        S: A handful of raw almonds
                        L: A can of tuna with mayo, a couple pieces of bacon, and an apple


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                          I was really proud of myself yesterday. It was about 25 degrees outside when I woke up, but I was determined to get a sprint workout in. I'm sure I was a sight to see out in front of the house in black spandex pants, a white turtleneck, and Vibram Five Fingers. But I got a nice sprint workout in running up a hill. I was happy with the workout, plus it was my first time running outdoors in my VFF.