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    Yeah, when you get to this stage I imagine there isn't a ton of primal-ness to log. But arguably nesting is primal too!

    I'm having sharp contractions every 10 minutes for about 20 hours a day, for a few weeks now. Not very fun but A) it's not labor and B) baby's fine, so I guess it doesn't REALLY matter.

    By the way, I can tell you from experience that last time I got much better sleep AFTER the baby showed up than just beforehand. You're much more physically comfortable than you are at 9 months pregnant, and that makes a huge difference. So don't believe all those people who snark about how sleepless you'll be.

    ... I mean, you WILL be tired still due to interruptions. But you'll get quality sleep in between wakings -- make sense?

    Definitely drop in and post again when you're enbabyfied, would you? Looking forward to it!
    "Trust me, you will soon enter a magical land full of delicious steakflowers, with butterbacons fluttering around over the extremely rompable grass and hillsides."