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    OK Jason. Accountability time - how much Coke* did you have? really.

    *before you take a literal approach to my question and answer none, by Coke I mean any version of Coke, Pepsi or you-know-what-I-am-talking-about, regardless of whether its sugar free, aspartimine free, caffiene free, colour free, Max free or bubble free....


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      good luck! we'll be here for you if you need it kicking the pop addiction is really, really stinkin hard, but you will definitely feel better in the long run. hell, i dropped 10 pounds by cutting out the mountain dew. you can do it!

      HANDS OFF MY BACON :: my primal journal


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        Hey there Jason (waves from across the Nullabor )

        Good luck with your goals, can't wait to see how you go, you're pretty hot looking already so you will be smokin' when you get there!
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          Originally posted by Mog View Post
          NOOO! Just stop the soda. Its killing you in so many ways. Promise yourself to just go one day ... and see how different you feel.

          +1 Ditto to that.... Just say NO to all grains, Just say NO to all Sugars, Drink water, tea, coffee. Put lemon juice in your water to spice it up.

          Eat liberally from meat, eggs, fish and fruits, veggies & nuts. Carry a bag of Almonds with you at all times, so if you get uncontrolled cravings, just eat a handful of Almonds and it will go away.

          Please read my links below the line about grains, and sugars.

          We know you can do this,


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            Jay, unless my eyes are deceiving me, I came across some of your YouTube videos when I discovered PB. Chin-up and find some of the enthusiasm through these boards.

            We have an ‘all you can drink’ fridge-full of soft drinks at work and in my whole time here (approaching 2 years) I have never taken a can. It’ll be hard for you, no doubt, cravings will be brutal; after all it is an addiction. Ride through the storm, you’ll be glad you did.


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              Yep thats me yep. I have a youtube channel with an array of videos on there. some fitness and some other videos. Im doing it no ifs or butts this time!!! Im turning 30 next APril and its going to happen!! Mark my words!!!


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                DAY 1...

                i think I did pretty well for Day 1.

                Canned shredded chicken breast in MAYO. Was supposed to be eggs but didnt have any on hand. I am now stocked up on on groceries last night.

                Big a$$ salad. Tomatoe, mixed greens, 1 whole avocado, turkey breat shaved, honey mustard dressing - the dressing is store purchased and in the next week or so will start to make my own.

                Shredded canned chicken in chilli - it almost taste like tuna - would have had a boiled egg if i had some.

                SALAD with tomatoe, whole avocado and boxed chicken breat. I ran out of turkey and only had the pre boxed chicken breast crummed. not a great choice but low in carbs and good for a first days eating plan.

                the last picture is slogans and positiver messages i have stuck in my bedroom and on the mirroe in the bathroom to remind me everywhere I go that this is my last chance. I cant escape the words of positivty as i have plastered them in my bedroom, my fridge, bathroom mirror and in my car!!!

                Its my time to shine

                Pictures below

                Felt pretty good but had headaches last night from no coke!!!!!! im dying here lol

                until tomorrow, enjoy!!!
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                  Also I had 2 whole avocados yesterday. 1 with my salad lunch and 1 with my salad dinner is this to much?


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                    keep it going mate and fight the evil coke zero monster


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                      Well everything seems to be going pretty well at this stage. Ive taken my photos and my weight currently and alsmost died when i saw the scales.

                      For some reason i do feel alot tighter, what I mean by that is I dont feel bloated at all like i normally do in the morning when i used to have toast or oats. After I had those i would feel fat if that makes sense.

                      Pictures below are of my breakfast this morning and a snack I had after dinner last night. hopefully week 1 results will be positive.

                      This mornings breakfast was 3 eggs and 3/4 of an avocado. Any good?

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                        looks good ... id add some fat eg bacon and cut back half an avocado given they can be carb heavy but minor tweaks ..


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                          thanks no worries... im trying to limit my avocados to 1 per day . But by crikey they are delicious... Isnt there enough fat in the 3 eggs?


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                            Here are some foods I had today

                            Breakfast is
                            3 eggs 1 avocado

                            Lunch (photo)
                            Steak with carrot and broccoli. I must admit it did have some pumpkin but i scraped most of it off but i did eat 1 mouthful which wasnt to bad i don't think. Also i ate the mushroom and padded the steak down with napkins to soak up the sauce which might be higher in carbs. Didn't think it was a big deal but did it any way

                            2 eggs, mayo, half avocado, + bacon and one ripe tomato as per photo. This recipe was on MDA a few weeks ago.

                            I think I am doing a lot better. I am really sleepy because of the coke zero and my body feels drained.

                            Exercise today was------>

                            1. Walk in the morning with friend 35 mins
                            2. Afternoon walk to gym 4km 30 mins
                            3. Workout weight 45 mins
                            4. Walk Home 4km 30 mins
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                              Nice work Jay. Keep taking photos of your meals, keep track of your workouts, weigh, measure and take full body pics once a week. It'll happen!

                              I started taking pics of my meals and posting them ( Visit it from time to time to retrospectivley look at how you've done and follow other people who are also on the primal / paleo journey!


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                                Hi Edz,

                                just looked at your blog wow good foods. how did you make the chicken drumsticks in the slow cooker marinated? any tips or recipes?