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  • Primal Journal of Jazmin ~ Ex-Herbivore Goes Carnivore ~

    Well, hi everyone!

    I am so excited to join you guys - I have been so inspired at checking out many of your primal journals. They are so encouraging and helpful.

    I am now on Day 6 of the PB. I started it upon reading the book, and then found my way to this great online forum. So I am a little late to the game, but I will catch up ASAP.

    So here's my deal: Until six days ago, I was an 18-year vegetarian (several of those years as a vegan). That's over half my life (I'm 35). I first became a vegetarian as a 17-year old girl reading Robbins's "Diet for a New America." Now I wish I had never laid eyes on that book. It advocated complete veganism based mostly on the way farm animals are treated in factory farms and the supposed environmental consequences of eating meat. Well, shoot! Those were strongly convincing arguments to a young animal lover with a green lean, and that was it! I never touched a bite of meat again for 18 years until ... last Saturday! (When I hesitantly asked my BF for some of the chicken fajita meat in his lunch and tasted something ... like ... heaven on earth.)

    Oh Geez, I forgot how good meat is!!! Well, I never would have touched it again, regardless of its maximal deliciousness, had I not read the PB and been "sick and tired of being sick and tired."

    About a year ago, I read Lierre Keith's "Vegetarian Myth," and man, she really shook my arguments for vegetarianism to the core. Even though all my logic for being a veg was now basically gone, I still couldn't get over the emotional reaction I had to the idea of eating meat.

    So ... over a year later, I am in a demanding grad program, my work is suffering because of my constant migraines and vomiting, I am tired, crabby, hounded by nighttime anxiety attacks and insomnia, and really just no fun anymore! For anyone who has read The Veg Myth, you will know how I recognized myself in her descriptions of what veganism turned her life into. Just an absolute mess. A big bundle of edema and inflammation. Lame. Really lame.

    So the ground was kind of fertile for me see some kind of logic-based approach to lifestyle, like the PB, as far superior to vegginess. I guess I had been kind of scared off by fears that it might be faddish or Atkins-esque, but when I really sat down with the PB and read it without letting my herbivore emotions get in the way, I was convinced! Instantly! Good Lord, but Mark makes sense. Finally someone with some good sense out there.

    Soooooo ... I thought about it all day (and all night while I couldn't sleep,) and bam! - the next day I got up and ate the aforementioned awesome chicken fajita meat. I am surprisingly not feeling any moral conflicts about eating the animals - but I have tried to save myself from that by buying all grass-fed, free-range meats. I suspect that if I were to eat some meat from tortured factory farm animals, the moral conflict would step right up to beat me down. So -- only clean meats for me!

    I will post more specifics on what exactly I am eating (very little as it turns out - where'd my dang appetite go?) but for now, I will say that physically, I already feel better than I have in months, and my body seems to be adjusting OK to the new foods.

    Please skip if you are not fond of TMI: One caveat, my poor bowels are so confused. Any other former veggie's out there, I would recommend being near a nice private bathroom for at least a while after switching to meat. Nuff said.

    Thanks to all the people out there whose posts I have read! Thank you for sharing your insights and wisdom.

    If anyone has a veg-carni conversion story they want to tell, or advice on navigating the switch, I'd be grateful. I did also see there there are several forum threads relating to this topic, so I will be sure to spend some time with them.

    Gettin' Meaty!
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    ~ Ex-Herbivore Goes Carnivore: Jazmin's PB Journal ~

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    Let's see ... more about me. Hehe. I love that this forum gives us a place to talk about like - what we ate for breakfast, how our body pains were, what our BMs were like, what sorts of activities we did all day. Come to think of it, sounds a lot like the little old ladies in my grandma's assisted-living home. Well, we will all get there someday. I was with my BF's grandma in the waiting room of the doctor's office the other day, and she and the old guy next to her (total stranger) loudly started up a conversation about their Metamucil dosages and its effects on the stools, and then grandma revealed how she'd recently lost bladder control and had to wear Depends, while the man countered with a story about how prostate surgery had made him a bit ... leaky. OMG. Well, so it goes.

    ANYWAY, so the first day of PB:

    B: Cottage cheese
    L: Chicken fajita meat, apple
    D: Grilled chicken breast, garlicked greens, squash and onions.

    Headache: Moderate, under control with 3 ibuprofen and 2 Tylenol (I know, bad combo)
    Energy: Dismal. Drained like an old dishrag.
    Insomnia: Ridiculous. Awake until 3:30AM. Slept on couch, couldn't get to sleep in bed, thus woke up with headache.
    Exercise: Walked Dog ~half an hour.
    Chronically Inflamed Neck/Shoulder Muscles: Excruciating, despite drugs as above. Probably contributing to insomnia.
    ~ Ex-Herbivore Goes Carnivore: Jazmin's PB Journal ~


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      PB, Day Two!

      Or, The Chronicles of How I Lost My Appetite, Can Somebody Help Me Find It?

      Actually, I'd rather not find it. It has led me far astray in the past. I am legendary for my large appetite. I was known to drive to Krispy Kreme and eat eight (!!!) glazed donuts for a snack. I also have polished off an entire tub of cookie dough on many an occasion. Blech. No, that carb-machine can stay gone, for all I care. But really though, my appetite is WAAAAYYYY down. Very IN-teresting.

      B: 3 poached eggs, avocado with salsa
      L: Apple, Walnuts with dried currants and white raisins (mmmm)
      D: Grilled chicken breast, salad with oil & vinegar, grilled red peppers and mushrooms.

      Headache: Horrible. Kept me awake for hours. No pills could touch it.
      Energy: Energy? What's that?
      Insomnia: As above, awake for hours
      Exercise: None.
      Chronically Inflamed Neck/Shoulder Muscles: Bad, bad, bad.
      ~ Ex-Herbivore Goes Carnivore: Jazmin's PB Journal ~


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        PB, Day Three!

        AKA, Whose Feet Are Those? Oh, They're Mine! Well Then, Whose Pork Sausages Used to Be Attached to My Ankles?

        So, good-bye bingey appetite, AAAAND, goodbye mystery swelling. Guess I didn't realize how badly swollen my feet and ankles had gotten, but now, when I look down, I see these bones n veins n things in my feet that I kind of forgot I had. Another Bonus Side Effect! And here I just thought I was cursed with fat feet and cankley ankles. Guess not! Guess who's gonna wear a skirt later in the week? Oh yeah!

        B: Leftover Chicken Breast with Salsa
        L: Apple? (Que? How can that be? Yep, all I wanted for lunch was one little apple. So weird.)
        D: Grilled hamburger (mmm - greasy grass-fed, mmm - first red meat in 18 years), salad, sauteed chard with garlic

        Headache: Moderate, but no painkillers would even touch it.
        Energy: Wanted to just melt into a puddle like the Wicked Witch.
        Insomnia: Up until 2AM, a little better than before.
        Exercise: Walked Dog ~half an hour.
        Chronically Inflamed Neck/Shoulder Muscles: Could somebody please just chop off my upper torso, because I don't think I can stand to be attached to it anymore. Oh, wait...

        ~ Ex-Herbivore Goes Carnivore: Jazmin's PB Journal ~


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          PB, Day Four!

          Or, Dang, This Food is Good, But I Feel Sicker Than Ever! Wahhh, Crybaby Wants to Give Up

          Well, all was tripping along nicely. I seemed to be a little more energetic and upbeat, and of course, I was loving the food (who could not love this food?!?) BUT, man, I got the worst migraine I have had in weeks and I was sort of like, somebody should just shoot me in the head, I think it would feel better than what I've got going on right now.

          One thing was interesting: I started getting really sleepy around 11PM, which NEVER happens. Although my head hurt so bad that I couldn't sleep, it was cool for me to experience the actual feeling of sleepiness again, at an appropriate time. So that was a silver lining.

          B: Apple, Leftover Hamburger
          L: Walnuts, Dried Currants and Raisins
          D: Grilled BBQ Chicken Thighs, big salad.

          Headache: Please kill me.
          Energy: Because I don't have enough energy to kill myself.
          Insomnia: And all I'm doing is lying awake thinking about how to kill myself (OK, that was just for dramatic effect...)
          Exercise: Poor dog. No exercise for her or Mom.
          Chronically Inflamed Neck/Shoulder Muscles: Sure. Of course. Why not?
          ~ Ex-Herbivore Goes Carnivore: Jazmin's PB Journal ~


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            PB, Day Five!

            I like to call this: The Day I Saw the Light, Or, OMFG! Thank the Heavens for Mark Sisson!

            What? First day in MONTHS with no sort of headache. First days in YEARS with energy. Even though I was SOOO in pain last night, I popped up this morning at 5:30, no alarm. Now, I have always been the sort of person who will sleep until the afternoon if nobody wakes me up, and then I will be foggy and groggy all day, not to mention grouchy and queasy. This is NEAT-O! I bounced around the house all morning until Borders opened, and then drove over to pick up the PB Cookbook. Then I enjoyed a lovely nap, given I had barely slept the night before, and woke up feeling - no, not like a dehydrated zombie - but like a - wait for it - a HUMAN BEING! WoW! WoWoW! This PB is the greatest! Imagine, restoring the gift of restful naps to to the populace. Complete awesomeness. Will it last? I don't know. Sure hope so. Cuz this day ROCKED!

            B: 4 egg omelette with leek from the garden (mmmm)
            L: Apple, walnuts
            D: Primal Enchiladas from PB Cookbook - ¡muy delicioso!

            Headache: OMFG! No headache!
            Energy: Kinda like all those annoying morning people? Yeah, that's how my energy was.
            Insomnia: Fell sound asleep by midnight. Zzzzzzz.
            Exercise: Walked Dog ~half an hour.
            Chronically Inflamed Neck/Shoulder Muscles: A little sore-ish. Not their usual demonic selves.
            ~ Ex-Herbivore Goes Carnivore: Jazmin's PB Journal ~


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              PB Day 6

              A Very Good Day that Went Abruptly Bad

              Not sure what happened today. I was feeling fabulous. I had to give a ridiculously terrifying oral argument in one of my classes today - dressed up in suit and all, so that was really stressful. But, as soon as it was over, I had a lovely relaxing afternoon, planning dinner and catching up on some reading for enjoyment. I took a trip to the co-op for some dinner supplies, and ended up starting dinner kind of late. By the time it was ready, I didn't feel too well and by the time it was over I was in the throes of exploding-head agony. Geez Louise. After my headache-free day and all. At least the headache didn't come on until late evening, instead of ruining my whole day like they usually do

              B: Scrambled Eggs w Leftover Enchilada Meat on Top (mmmm)
              L: Apple
              D: Meatloaf, Butternut Squash

              Headache: Yaaaaaaargh!
              Energy: Awesome all day until headache started. Then wrung out like a wet mop.
              Insomnia: Hard time falling asleep due to head agony.
              Exercise: Walked Dog ~half an hour.
              Chronically Inflamed Neck/Shoulder Muscles: Some pain.
              ~ Ex-Herbivore Goes Carnivore: Jazmin's PB Journal ~


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                PB Day 7

                A Good Day, Even Including Dragging Elderly Grandma of BF to Doctor's Office for Several Hours.

                Now, I love an elderly grandma as much as the next gal, but you know it ain't easy getting them to and from doctor's appointments. There's the slowness, and the having to yell all day since they can't hear you, and the helping them to the bathroom, and so on ... I don't have kids yet, but I suspect it is much the same. Anyway, I had GREAT energy all day! Not sure if the it was just the stress relief of having my horrible oral argument assignment over with, or what, but I was in a FABULOUS mood! So energetic and cheerful all day. Yay PB!

                B: Leftover Meatloaf, Salad
                L: Cottage Cheese
                D: Chicken and cauliflower Curry (from PB Cookbook - hell yeah!)

                Headache: None! Rockin!
                Energy: Also Rockin!
                Insomnia: Negative.
                Exercise: Walked Dog ~an hour.
                Chronically Inflamed Neck/Shoulder Muscles: Whose nice happy shoulders have I borrowed? Cool!
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                ~ Ex-Herbivore Goes Carnivore: Jazmin's PB Journal ~


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                  PB Day Eight!

                  Got To Say It Was a Good Day (I Didn't Even Have to Use My ... Oh YOU Know)

                  Got up super early, no problem, all energized, drove to San Fran for the "Earth At Risk" Conference. I was mostly excited to see Lierre Keith, who wrote The Vegetarian Myth. This is the book that really laid the groundwork for me to later become receptive to the idea of a paleo-type diet, so I am eternally grateful to her. Without that book, I would still be yet another vegetarian with my body breaking down around me and my mental state going to hell to boot. So yeah! She's awesome. And she gave a great, inspiring talk, which went beyond skepticism of the food system in this country to plain old skepticism of the system as a whole in the US (and why would a government that would so willingly mislead us in food recommendations be particularly more trustworthy/competent in other areas???) So it was really cool seeing her as well as the other speakers, all of whom were fascinating and dynamic and inspiring! A good day's work for a Saturday!

                  L: Baked Chicken, Apple, Carrots (Blah food picked up at small grocery store where no organic options were sold. Man, that non-organic chicken is TERRIBLE! Spongy, horribly salty, mealy-flavored. Uuuuuuugh. Never again. The apple and carrots were fairly icky too. Flavorless.)
                  D: Baked eggplant (no breading) with tomatoes, salad (Dinner at some Paleo Diet friends' house. What a luxury having some friends on a similar eating plan. Fun!)

                  Headache: Nope.
                  Energy: Yep.
                  Insomnia: Dunno yet. But I bet not.
                  Exercise: Nope.
                  Chronically Inflamed Neck/Shoulder Muscles: Aaaaaaaaaaand Nope.
                  ~ Ex-Herbivore Goes Carnivore: Jazmin's PB Journal ~


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                    PB Day 9!

                    Three Days in A Row, No Headache!

                    This is great! Must be the first time in a year that I have gone more than a day without a headache. It is fabulous. Not living through the day with that pain and nausea really changes one's outlook on everything! Fabulous!

                    We had out first real fall rain here in Sacramento all day. So, I used it as an excuse to stay inside all day and read/learn as much as I could about Primal Nutrition. SO eye-opening! I really enjoyed reading the blog posts of Dr. Kurt Harris on PaNu ( and although some of it is a bit more detail then I like, it is nice because he backs up all the points in his posts with research articles, which is great for skeptics (such as my med-student BF).

                    I am also going to be attempting to spend less time on the computer, as my eye doctor this morning suggested that my excessive screen time might be contributing to my migraines. I could see that, but my intuition is that the majority of my migraine pain was based on my former highly pro-inflammatory diet. But anyway, can't hurt to attack the migraines from two fronts.

                    B: Three poached eggs w enchilada meat on top
                    L: Apple, big salad, walnuts/dried fruit
                    D: Leftover meatloaf

                    Headache: None! Thank God, and Thank Mark!

                    Energy: Wonderful.

                    Insomnia: Didn't get sleepy until midnight, but slept well once I did.

                    Exercise: Walked dog ~ 1/2 hour

                    Chronically Inflamed Neck/Shoulder Muscles: Mild inflammation (I blame the nasty non-organic food I ate yesterday.)
                    ~ Ex-Herbivore Goes Carnivore: Jazmin's PB Journal ~


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                      I haven't read all of your entries in-depth, but I must say that I can totally get rid of headaches when eating primal! I notice inflammation with grains, sugar...hope you continue to feel well.
                      And isn't Kurt Harris FABULOUS?!
                      Keep on keepin' on...meaty is marvelous.


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                        Originally posted by jazmin View Post
                        Got To Say It Was a Good Day (I Didn't Even Have to Use My ... Oh YOU Know)
                        I DO know!

                        Glad the PB seems to be working so well for you. Very cool that you got to see Keith speak.


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                          Thanks for the encouragement you guys! Every time I hear someone say that they feel better on PB or that some illness like migraines goes away, it is so helpful. A couple of months ago, when none of the medications were working and I was wretchedly ill almost every day, I was ready to give up.

                          I really do feel like a new person as I have gotten past the one-week mark with this lifestyle change. I have so much more energy than I am used to that I can't think of enough things to do to keep me busy. It's kind of crazy, actually!

                          I love this forum! Is it possible that the most friendly, positive people in the world are all users of Mark's Daily Apple!?!

                          Also, MeatMe, it was really cool to hear Lierre Keith. I am quite sure I never would have picked up any of this PB stuff if I hadn't read her first. It would have just felt too sacrilegious to my vegetarian morality. But now here I am, healthier than I have been in years after only one week! Awesome! She was really a great speaker, a mile a minute, bouncing around from everything to grain agriculture to sixties counterculture and how that has influenced us health-seekers to this day, and how they got the idea that sprouts and tofu could make you healthy... fascinating! I think there will be a DVD of her talk coming out ... I will post it on here if I hear anything about it.

                          ~ Ex-Herbivore Goes Carnivore: Jazmin's PB Journal ~


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                            Interesting: Weight loss was a FAR secondary goal for me (getting rid of migraines, chronic body pain, and fatigue are my main concerns) but ... today at the doctor's office I hopped on the scale (I say hopped because I am so energetic now) and I had lost six pounds! (AND I am around that time of month so I should have actually GAINED some water weight like I usually do!)

                            Crazy! This PB stuff really does bring effortless weight loss, within the first week anyway!
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                            ~ Ex-Herbivore Goes Carnivore: Jazmin's PB Journal ~


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                              PB, Day Ten!
                              We Have a New World Recordholder! FOUR Days in a Row with No Headache!

                              That's right, I am feeling like a healthy human being this week! (I started to say a "regular human being," then it occurred to me that regular human beings don't usually feel very good at all. What we are trying to be on this PB is HEALTHY human beings. Woo!) Despite a day running around to doctor's appointments (Eye doctor says my prescription is off and that is probably contributing to migraines, in addition to too much screen time - I think it was all about my bad pro-inflammatory diet, but either way, can't hurt to get new glasses.), I didn't get a migraine. In the past, a day of errands was always a surefire trigger for an evening head-explosion (actually, maybe migraines feel more like an IMPLOSION, heh).

                              Either way, this is FABULOUS!

                              B: Leftover PB Cookbook Chicken Curry, Leftover butternut squash
                              L: Cottage cheese, avocado w salsa
                              D: Pot roast from PB Cookbook, with carrots, parsnips, mushrooms, and turnips added in .... OMG, mmmmm

                              Headache: Thank you, and no.

                              Energy: Awesome.

                              Insomnia: None. (Also thank God)

                              Exercise: Gardening (pulled up all the tomato and bell pepper plants - it's definitely autumn here in Sacramento finally. Prepped the garden beds for the broccoli, garlic, onions, and kale I am about to plant.)

                              Chronically Inflamed Neck/Shoulder Muscles: Just a bit in the AM, wore off throughout the day.
                              ~ Ex-Herbivore Goes Carnivore: Jazmin's PB Journal ~