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    Hi Imasin. Tried to reply to you last night but none of my posts are showing up ... says they have to go to a moderator for approval ...? Well, what I said was THANKS! And hopefully the other stuff I wrote you will show up soon.

    Hi Minxxa! I think I tried to post on your journal too, but it never showed up either. Hmmm ... mystery. Thanks too for your encouragement. Funny how you get an idea in your head about how you look, and then you really look at some photos you didn't want to see, and you realize you don't look like you thought you did at all. So much for self-delusion! It helps to know that a couple of people have seen these. Now I would feel like an uber-wuss if I took them down.

    PB Day Thirteen!

    Almost Two Weeks In... Almost One Week W No Migraine!

    I had a bell pepper harvest to clean, chop, and freeze yesterday, so that took a good chunk of the morning. (Thank God for slicing blade on food processor, that's all I can say. Except it also sliced my finger, which bled for-freaking-EVER, and now I can barely type, cuz it was my right index. Geesh.)

    Then I made some crock-pot stuffed peppers. They were tasty, but BF said they would have been better with rice in the stuffing. He was right. It was about 1/2 ground beef and about 1/2 shredded veggies and some cheese. Maybe I will up the cheese content next time. Or add some ground nuts or something. They just needed a little ... filler.

    Also, we are going out of town, so I cooked up a pound of ground venison for the dogsitter to give to the dog while we're gone to entice her to eat (since she will be so depressed without us and starve herself in protest of us leaving her at home.) But then BF ate it all. MEN! I got another packet out of the freezer with strict instructions for him to cook it and not to eat it himself before he leaves today to join me. Geez Louise.

    Then I had to get everything ready because I will be at an Environmental Law Conference in Yosemite this weekend. I forgot the cardinal rule of PB traveling (and Life): Be Prepared.

    Like, I forgot to find out whether the hotel room had a fridge or coffeemaker. (It does.) So I could have totally packed meals for us for the next few days and brought some nice heavy cream for my coffee. I CAN'T, CAN'T drink coffee black, just can't do it. Soooo .... I put some of that gross nondairy creamer in my coffee this AM. Maybe it was even worse than black? Plus, it has corn syrup solids in it as well as sugar. I already have an appetite this AM, which NEVER happens, because I never ingest any carbs in the AM, and I blame it on the sugar in the creamer.

    Well, I will just have to hit the grocery store later. And since this is an Enviro Law Conference, I am hoping they will have some organic foods there? Maybe wishful thinking. I suspect this is going to be a tough day, energywise, now that I've already screwed myself up. Sigh.

    Yesterday (Day 12):

    B: Forgot
    L: Forgot
    D: Stuffed Bell Pepper, and later an apple and 1/2 avocado, some walnuts.

    Poor planning = poor eating. Lesson learned.

    No headache (always a victory! - Almost to a Week With No Headaches.) Gooooo Today!
    No exercise other than crazy running around all over the house all day.
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    ~ Ex-Herbivore Goes Carnivore: Jazmin's PB Journal ~


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      Finger ouch!

      Those peppers sound good. Ground nuts and shredded coconut would be a good filler.

      Have fun!


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        Originally posted by jazmin View Post
        Well, hi everyone!

        I am so excited to join you guys - I have been so inspired at checking out many of your primal journals. They are so encouraging and helpful.

        I am now on Day 6 of the PB. I started it upon reading the book, and then found my way to this great online forum. So I am a little late to the game, but I will catch up ASAP.

        So here's my deal: Until six days ago, I was an 18-year vegetarian (several of those years as a vegan). That's over half my life (I'm 35). I first became a vegetarian as a 17-year old girl reading Robbins's "Diet for a New America." Now I wish I had never laid eyes on that book. It advocated complete veganism based mostly on the way farm animals are treated in factory farms and the supposed environmental consequences of eating meat. Well, shoot! Those were strongly convincing arguments to a young animal lover with a green lean, and that was it! I never touched a bite of meat again for 18 years until ... last Saturday! (When I hesitantly asked my BF for some of the chicken fajita meat in his lunch and tasted something ... like ... heaven on earth.)

        Oh Geez, I forgot how good meat is!!! Well, I never would have touched it again, regardless of its maximal deliciousness, had I not read the PB and been "sick and tired of being sick and tired."

        About a year ago, I read Lierre Keith's "Vegetarian Myth," and man, she really shook my arguments for vegetarianism to the core. Even though all my logic for being a veg was now basically gone, I still couldn't get over the emotional reaction I had to the idea of eating meat.

        So ... over a year later, I am in a demanding grad program, my work is suffering because of my constant migraines and vomiting, I am tired, crabby, hounded by nighttime anxiety attacks and insomnia, and really just no fun anymore! For anyone who has read The Veg Myth, you will know how I recognized myself in her descriptions of what veganism turned her life into. Just an absolute mess. A big bundle of edema and inflammation. Lame. Really lame.

        So the ground was kind of fertile for me see some kind of logic-based approach to lifestyle, like the PB, as far superior to vegginess. I guess I had been kind of scared off by fears that it might be faddish or Atkins-esque, but when I really sat down with the PB and read it without letting my herbivore emotions get in the way, I was convinced! Instantly! Good Lord, but Mark makes sense. Finally someone with some good sense out there.

        Soooooo ... I thought about it all day (and all night while I couldn't sleep,) and bam! - the next day I got up and ate the aforementioned awesome chicken fajita meat. I am surprisingly not feeling any moral conflicts about eating the animals - but I have tried to save myself from that by buying all grass-fed, free-range meats. I suspect that if I were to eat some meat from tortured factory farm animals, the moral conflict would step right up to beat me down. So -- only clean meats for me!

        I will post more specifics on what exactly I am eating (very little as it turns out - where'd my dang appetite go?) but for now, I will say that physically, I already feel better than I have in months, and my body seems to be adjusting OK to the new foods.

        Please skip if you are not fond of TMI: One caveat, my poor bowels are so confused. Any other former veggie's out there, I would recommend being near a nice private bathroom for at least a while after switching to meat. Nuff said.

        Thanks to all the people out there whose posts I have read! Thank you for sharing your insights and wisdom.

        If anyone has a veg-carni conversion story they want to tell, or advice on navigating the switch, I'd be grateful. I did also see there there are several forum threads relating to this topic, so I will be sure to spend some time with them.

        Gettin' Meaty!
        Thanks for sharing this!!!
        I've a young (23) yo friend vegan for 4years and veg for 10 or so, completely messing up her health. I'm desperate to get her on PB but the veganism is like a religion for her......


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          "Why? I guess it's easy to do things to help out the people you love when you have the FREAKIN ENERGY TO DO THEM! What a revelation. I'm sure lots of folks on here can relate to some sort of chronic low-level fatigue. My question is: Can this possibly last? "

          yup. at least it still is lasting for me, at 6 weeks and counting....


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            Note: Environmental Law Conference does not = organic food served. Not even the half-and-half. Hmph.
            ~ Ex-Herbivore Goes Carnivore: Jazmin's PB Journal ~


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              Oh, Grokann. I can only imagine it must be so hard to see your friend doing poorly and knowing it's probably her diet. I would say that until the last year, vegetarianism was a religion for me too, and I felt guilty all the time for giving up being vegan. So I understand why she won't listen to what you have to say. Iw as the same way. I only wish someone could have gotten thru to me sooner. There were SO MANY years of lost chances and opportunities because I felt too poorly (mentally and physically) to do anything. I am so sad for that girl I used to be. I am sad at all the things she wanted and missed out on because she didn't have the energy or excitement to go after anything.

              All I can suggest for your friend is, give her The Vegetarian Myth, if you haven't already. It may help to her out, to read the author's words of recovering from the Cult of Veganism. She knows exactly where us veggies are coming from ethically/morally. That's all I can think to offer. Truth to tell, if someone had given me the book, I probably would have thought it was bulls**t. I had to find my way to it myself. (Someone on the forum says, "When the student is ready, the teacher will come." but I can't remember who. Great quote. Lierre Keith was my teacher, but it took me 18 years to get ready for her.)

              Best to you ... Jazmin
              ~ Ex-Herbivore Goes Carnivore: Jazmin's PB Journal ~


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                Uh oh. Ate my first restaurant food since starting PB two weeks ago. I am afraid there may have been wheat in my crab cakes. I don't feel so good. Tired, blah, fuzzy-headed. My stomach is swollen too. S**t!!!
                ~ Ex-Herbivore Goes Carnivore: Jazmin's PB Journal ~


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                  D: Never trust the crab cakes (or anything of the nature). They commonly have bread crumbs or other filler/binding agents that are no bueno.


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                    Originally posted by unsuperb View Post
                    D: Never trust the crab cakes (or anything of the nature). They commonly have bread crumbs or other filler/binding agents that are no bueno.
                    Yep, I think you are right, unsuperb. I am transitioning into ordering meat at restaurants, never having done so before, and I have no idea how anything is cooked. Babe in the woods! So, I guess I am going to have to start pestering waitstaff, huh? I already felt bad enough hounding my poor waitress into figuring out what else they could sub for the rice pilaf without charging me $3.95 for a side salad. (Ended up with delicious buttery green beans, the one win of the meal, I guess.)
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                      PB Day Fourteen!
                      Or, I Hate Restaurants

                      I am soooooo grouchy this morning. Had a terrible time yesterday navigating the restaurant world, couldn't get to sleep until 1AM, got woken up by a loud cell phone ringer at 4:30, couldn't get properly back to sleep. Then my alarm went off at 7:30. Argh. Primal living is a harder when you are not at home...

                      B: None
                      L: Restaurant crabcakes (prob w wheat flour ), green beans, coleslaw
                      D: Salad, breaded salmon (who breads salmon? Never heard of it. Thought I was safe at Japanese restaurant. The food took so long I couldn't bear to send it back and make everyone else wait another 30 min for a new entree to arrive for me.)

                      Some flashes of low-level headache; sleep patterns TOTALLY disturbed.

                      Excuse me while I go glare at my cup of coffee.
                      ~ Ex-Herbivore Goes Carnivore: Jazmin's PB Journal ~


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                        Those were your before pics? Girl you've got nothing to be ashamed of. But still congrats for putting them up and leaving them there.

                        Restaurants, don't get me started. When I was at a greek restaurant last weekend, it was really hard to find something "eatable". I settled for squid filled with goats cheese and told them I don't want rice. The waiter then offered other rice, potatoes and bread I said no. He was totally shocked. Then I got the squid and it was ... breaded. Best thing you can do in my opinion?! Go eat korean or to a steakhouse. No trouble there in my experience.

                        Hope you feel better soon.


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                          Thanks San-San! I am looking forward to keeping up with your journal journey!

                          PB Day Fifteen!
                          (I Was So Looking Forward to Getting Here, and Now Nasty-ass Food Has Derailed Me. F**k!)

                          Finally gave up on restaurants yesterday and went to the grocery store for something to eat in the hotel room. But now, I am so spoiled by all the free-range chicken we've been eating that the prepared rotisserie chicken we bought tasted like snot. (Or what I think snot would taste like.) Good lord, chemi chicken is so squishy and flavorless and slimy in comparison to free-range. I think I only like the food I eat at home now. And I think I won't bother to try to order anything other than a salad from now on in restaurants. What a frickin primadonna. But I swear, I feel like crap this weekend, for the first time in many days, and I blame the food.

                          Good advice on the steakhouse, San-San. There, I could just order a hunk o' meat and a salad, and be nearly guaranteed safe. Although maybe I am too spoiled from grass-fed beef to be able to stomach grain-fed? We shall see.

                          B: None
                          L: Chicken legs, leftover green beans, coleslaw
                          D: Roti chicken, salad, broccoli

                          Dessert: (Finally home! Experiment! Still in the oven!) Diana Renata's baked apples filled with chopped nuts, butter, and cinnamon. Can you say, all-organic apples, pastured butter, yummy walnuts, hella cinnamon... How could it not be good!?!
                          ~ Ex-Herbivore Goes Carnivore: Jazmin's PB Journal ~


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                            PB Day Sixteen!

                            I feel muuuuuch better today. It is hard to find anything good to eat away from home.

                            Diana Renata's Baked Apples put me right to sleep last night. They were DELICIOUS. Next time i ~might~ add a little honey, and possibly toast the walnuts in some coconut oil/salt first. MMmmmmm.

                            Bought a bunch of veggie starts for the garden today. Loooove shopping in the nursery in the rain. Delicious weather.

                            -onions (yellow and red)
                            -two kinds of broccoli
                            -snap peas

                            B: Coffee w heavy cream
                            L: 3-egg omelette w grilled chicken, sour cream, onions, 1/2 avocado
                            S: Walnuts/dried fruit
                            D: Chicken breast sauteed in coconut oil, then baked w ginger, salt, pepper; artichokes, salad
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                            ~ Ex-Herbivore Goes Carnivore: Jazmin's PB Journal ~


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                              Originally posted by jazmin View Post
                              Yep, I think you are right, unsuperb. I am transitioning into ordering meat at restaurants, never having done so before, and I have no idea how anything is cooked. Babe in the woods! So, I guess I am going to have to start pestering waitstaff, huh? I already felt bad enough hounding my poor waitress into figuring out what else they could sub for the rice pilaf without charging me $3.95 for a side salad. (Ended up with delicious buttery green beans, the one win of the meal, I guess.)
                              I only know because I've been cooking/obsessing over food for the past five+ years I've lived on my own. I've come to recognize the various menu items that are likely to be contaminated just because it's how the recipes tend to go.


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                                Hi, jazmin,

                                As a recovering vegetarian, I enjoyed reading your journal. Congrats on finding PB and a healthier way of eating! Some of the changes are quick and amazing, aren't they?

                                Even though exercise is an important part of the program, you can still see amazing changes just by improving your diet. I've gradually reduced grains and sugar over the past two months without a significant amount of exercise and am losing fat at a pretty good rate and firming up. I just started "lifting heaving things" (my own body weight) a week ago, but am really happy with what just eating, walking, hiking, and the occasional bike ride have done. Exercise will definitely help with your energy; sounds like you're in law school, where energy is definitely needed!

                                Some of your restaurant eating will be trial and error. I have had a few unpleasant surprises, but have become a lot less shy about asking for what I want. It really is incredible how much sugar and grains are in prepared foods.

                                Glad you're feeling better!
                                My primal journal