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    Great that you are feeling so well on the diet! My wife and I started recently and it is good to see people with such dramatic results.
    - Tom


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      Hooray! Good job conpewter! How long have you guys been on the PB?

      Also I am curious about how you both got on board together? Did you both read the book and decide to do it, or did one of you convince the other, or some other way?

      Anyway, welcome! Do you have a Primal Journal yet?
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        PB Day Eleven!
        Or, Who Needs to Take Meth When They Could Instead Eat Primally???

        OK, OK, now I am not a meth user. But it has been on my mind recently as I saw a report claiming that Sacramento is the meth abuse capitol of California. (In addition, it turns out, to being the drunk-driving capitol of California.) So stay on your toes if you ever operate a vehicle in this city, that's for dang sure. Soooo ... I have had occasion to see the methed-up individual in action around town.

        In fact, one night at the grocery store, a couple, clearly enjoying a large dose of the amphetamine, started up a conversation with us in Frozen Foods. It was as if they were a video recording that had been set to play at double-speed. Not only their speech but their movements were just lightning-fast. In addition there was this odd conversational tic where one of them seemed to be speaking aloud his internal monologue intertwined with his dialogue with us. Sort of like, "Hey, what brand of frozen fish do you guys like? 'Did they just hear me say that?' I don't really like the breaded fish fillets. 'Am I speaking out loud or is this all in my head?' What kind of beer would be best with those?" Fascinating. We talked about it for days. (I don't mean to be derisive. I have never taken the methamphetamine, but I am fascinated by the various and wacky effects it seems to have on people. Such an odd drug...)

        Anyway, my point to all of this is, yesterday, I sort of felt like some of the methy folks act. I guess the old Energizer bunny metaphor will do here. ALL DAY LONG. Running around and around and around. Now, some people are naturally this way, but not I. In fact, my overall lack of vigor and energy has been commented on by ~possibly~ SCORES of people.

        "You look healthy...? Why are you so tired?"
        "Did you have insomnia last night? Man, those circles under your eyes are DARK!"
        "Guuuuuuuuurl, you need to eat you some MEAT!" (At which I winced and felt superior in my strict vegginess. Heh.)
        "Come on, let's go do X...Y...Z! It will be FUN! Are you sure? Pleeeeease, come on?"

        Well, not yesterday. I forum-trolled until I could forum-troll no more. I vacuumed, I scrubbed, I washed the laundry, I did 12 pushups (WOO!), I scrubbed the many dishes, I went to the co-op for some more PB food, I made several phone calls I had been putting off, I ran around the park with the Wild Wolflette, I blazed through my corporate law readings in less than two hours (a miracle, I can tell you - that has GOT to be the dullest subject ever taught), I ran around the backyard, I sat through my two-hour corporate law class like a meerkat on the alert, I organized my desk, I organized my undergarment/sock drawer (I know, right?!?), and then last but not least, I cleaned out the old leftovers/sauces/sugary things from the fridge and recycled or composted them, AND then I even did a special load of laundry for my BF who needed a certain thing for the next day cleaned AND made him coffee for the morning without feeling "put upon" as I usually do!

        Why? I guess it's easy to do things to help out the people you love when you have the FREAKIN ENERGY TO DO THEM! What a revelation. I'm sure lots of folks on here can relate to some sort of chronic low-level fatigue. My question is: Can this possibly last? And if so, what will I find to fill my time? I can't even watch movies anymore because I can't stand to sit still and stare at a screen for that long. I guess I will either have to (A) take up a hobby, or (B) become a stellar law student by greatly increasing my study hours. If this level of energy keeps up, I am going to have to find something to do with it...


        B: Hunk o' leftover roast
        L: Chicken breast w honey mustard dressing, apple
        S: Walnuts, dried fruit
        D: Leftover chicken curry, leftover eggplant

        Headache: HA! NO!

        Energy: No comment.

        Insomnia: Nope.

        Exercise: All kinds of craziness, including 12 pushups and a long walk.

        Chronically Inflamed Neck/Shoulder Muscles: (Not even sure I should have this category anymore...)
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        ~ Ex-Herbivore Goes Carnivore: Jazmin's PB Journal ~


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          Hi, my name is MeatMe216 and I approve of this journal.

          Good shit.


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            Thanks MeatMe! I also heartily approve of your journal. Mmmm ... drooooooool....
            ~ Ex-Herbivore Goes Carnivore: Jazmin's PB Journal ~


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              Day Eleven Addendum
              Or, The Day I Got Brave Enough to Post Before Pix. Sigh.

              MmmmmmKay. I was not going to do before-and-after pix because my primary goal in joining PB is to get rid of migraines. Buuuuuut: I was just looking through some photos from a month or so ago, and I realized, I don't look so good. Oh Geez. Turns out, I am hella skinny-fat, and I am in serious danger of out-of-control muffin top-ness.

              So, in order to motivate myself to not only get on the PB ~Eating Plan~ but to also get on the PB ~Exercise Plan~ I am going to embarrass myself by posted the hated photos. Especially the one of my face where I am all awash in multiple chins. OMFG! (I had to un-tag myself from that photo on Facebook because I didn't want anyone to see it.)

              First: photo swimming in ice-cold water of the Tuolumne River in Yosemite. Ain't the scenery gorgeous? Look away from the skinny-fat whose swimsuit no longer fits properly . Sigh.

              Second: Fatty upper arms and the multiple chins. Oh, the shame. I understand if you can't look at it.

              Third: Muffin-top on display thru clothing. Motivational, motivational.

              ~ Ex-Herbivore Goes Carnivore: Jazmin's PB Journal ~


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                Hey Jaz... just stopping by to say Hi!! Great pics... it'll be interesting to see in a year's time, huh?!

                So glad you got your energy groove on, it's nice isn't it?

                K... see you later!
                sigpic "Boy I got vision and the rest of the world is wearing bifocals" - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid


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                  Hi Minxxa! Thanks for stopping by! I'll stop by "your place" soon...

                  (And, I hope I'm a new me in a year.)

                  ~ Ex-Herbivore Goes Carnivore: Jazmin's PB Journal ~


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                    PB Day Twelve
                    AKA, How Many Times Can I Almost Delete My 'Before Pix' Before I Run Out of Willpower to Stop Myself?

                    (And Also, the Day I Learned to Love 'Sprint Mowing!')

                    Dang, it sure is hard to Put Up or Shut Up, turns out.

                    I would REALLY, REALLY like to take down my before photos. I cringe every time I think someone may look at them. I have almost gone in and deleted them probably twenty times. Buuuuut, I keep telling myself this is a good way to keep myself accountable. I am great at the primal eating, but the exercise, not so much. Every time I cringe at my photos, it is like a kick in the pants to get up an go lift some heavy stuff!

                    Ummm, yeah, Sprint Mowing. Okay, that was awesome. Our regular lawnmower is on the fritz, so I decided to mow with our old-fashioned push mower. This thing is a great workout! Especially when you nearly run while doing it! Now that the rains have started for the fall/winter in Central Cali, the grass is going to start growing again. So, once a week Primal WOW: Sprint Mowing!

                    B: 4-egg omelette w onions and romano cheese
                    L: Leftover pot roast, carrots, parsnips
                    D: Leftover pot roast, carrots, parsnips

                    Headache: None.

                    Energy: Awesome!

                    Insomnia: None.

                    Exercise: 45 min Sprint Mowing; 30 min relocating wood pile

                    Chronically Inflamed Neck/Shoulder Muscles: Mild (maybe from Sprint Mowing)
                    ~ Ex-Herbivore Goes Carnivore: Jazmin's PB Journal ~


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                      You are braver than I.
                      I wish I would have taken more before pics, cause the changes from the PB really are amazing.
                      I have some stashed away in a folder somewhere, Im telling myself I will post them no later than my 1 year PB anniversary (Feb).
                      Skinny fat or not, you're purdy.


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                        Awww, shucks, 216. ~~Hella blushing~~
                        Thanks, that will help me each time I almost delete my photos.

                        In other news:

                        This Year's Final Bell Pepper Harvest!

                        (May Make You Want to Take Off All Your Clothes and Roll Around in a Big Pile of Bell Peppers) (Or Maybe That Was Just Me)

                        Yes, it's like the devil's playground in summer in Sacto, but the peppers and tomatoes sure do like the heat here. We went out yesterday to take down the pepper and tomato plants but found we still had a lot of harvesting to do. About to make crock-pot stuffed bell peppers with some of the big boys! If they turn out, I'll post "After" pix!

                        Bells..jpgIvy and Bells..jpg
                        ~ Ex-Herbivore Goes Carnivore: Jazmin's PB Journal ~


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                          That is a lot of bell peppers!

                          Hey, don't worry about the pics too much. I can feel what you "see" in them, but I see a pretty cool, fairly thinnish chick. Yeah, maybe skinnyfat, but it's not as awful and horrendous and you think, believe me!
                          sigpic "Boy I got vision and the rest of the world is wearing bifocals" - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid


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                            Love the peppers!

                            I have to say that I also love cutting the grass, I have been mowing my .... I don't even know what to call it.... 3.5 acres of hell maybe with just a push mower.


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                              Hi jazmin -- I think you look good in your photos! Happy and smiling in all of them.

                              I just wanted to say, CONGRATS on giving up vegetarianism! Haha. I have a lot of vegetarian family members and it's really frustrating to try to talk to them about their health problems, and I don't think even "The Vegetarian Myth" would help that much.


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                                Hi Imasin, I know, you are right, vegetarians are HARD to talk to. (I know, because I was hard to talk to for many years.) I didn't listen to anyone, and even after I read The Veg Myth, it took me over a year before her message finally sunk in. So, maybe if you pass on the information, but don't expect any quick changes, you still might make a difference. I certainly wish I had listened to someone many, many years ago and stopped with the vegginess. Oh well. Regrets.

                                Thanks for your nice words. I am pretty happy most of the time, that's true, especially now that I have all this Primal energy! But, it is still hard to look at pix of yourself when you had one idea in your head of how you look, but the photo tells you something different. This forum is great for confronting your reality so you can get to work on being healthier. I love how supportive all the members are for each other's journeys. I will be cheering you on!

                                ~ Ex-Herbivore Goes Carnivore: Jazmin's PB Journal ~