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Could it possibly be this easy?

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  • Could it possibly be this easy?

    Struggled w/ weight most of my life. Was @ 300+# at one point. (only 5'6") Renovated my lifestyle several times. Vegetarian for 8 years, vegan for 2, down to 160# at my lowest but was definitely not healthy.

    Hit 40 and had a craving for meat and went back, but "conventional wisdomly". Whole grains, lean meat/fish and plenty of fruits and veggies. Through it all I walked. 90 minutes a day at first to burn off some of that 300 and an hour most days since. I settled in at 220, not great but when you were as fat as I was I wasn't complaining.

    Hit 45 and my blood pressure is now scary high and resistant to drugs to lower it. My cousin, same age, dropped dead of a heart attack. Seems everyone in the family has had at least one by the age of 55. What to do? I have educated myself, (again conventional wisdom) learned to cook, took up baking even, taking a good quality vitamin supplement and am an inveterate food label reader but nothing's moving the needle.

    Then I happen upon the Primal Blueprint. Skeptical before I ordered it, even more skeptical after I read it but figured what the hell. 2 weeks ago started trying it and so help me I dropped a belt notch in a few days. Then a non-primal whole wheat home made pasta meal and I'm feeling bloated and it hits me: a systemic allergic reaction. Maybe my imagination? Primal again for a week and then a small bran muffin at work and this time felt downright ill.

    Could it be this easy? Is Sisson right, about all of it? It's a lifestyle that doesn't even feel like it requires discipline or sacrifice because, for the most part, I'm never hungry.

    I was going to eat my way through my pantry but now the local food bank is due for a nice donation and I'm pricing deep freezers. We'll see how it works out.
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    "Live Free or Die"


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      For a lot of people, it really is that easy. And, it makes sense. Thats why there is a LARGE movement happening!
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        I've been floored by the results and ease of obtaining them in the 25 days since I started.


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          It is extremely easy and seems to get easier over time!

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            It's easy for me. I'm actually surprised.


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              It's just crazy how easy it is! I wish other things in life were this easy!
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                It's really been that easy for me. I've indulged occasionally on random delights that never were fixtures in my diet before, like a cosmo and some creme brulee, and I will very likely have those again (in several months), but ...

                living this way, as a rule, means I have said goodbye to a myriad of symptoms. Yesterday, one of the girls brought in some very pretty pumpkin cupcakes with a professional looking dollop of frosting on top. Did it look good? Sure. Would it have been delicious? I'm sure it would have been. Would I have gotten bloated and had distracting cravings all the rest of the day? Absolutely. That is why it was so easy to decline. I don't see choosing to feel good over choosing to feel lousy as a sacrifice.

                Good for you, noticing how your body reacts to things. What's good for the goose is not always good for the gander. Lot's of people here have a higher tolerance for non-primal foods, so they eat them sporadically throughout the week. I can't.

                Eating this way has truly enriched and simplified my life.


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                  Yes. Sickening when you work so hard to conform to CW, only to find it's wrong and the alternative is really, really easy.

                  Zone diet on and off for several years....worked, but too much focus on exact meal composition
                  Primal since July 2010...skinniest I've ever been and the least stressed about food


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                    Originally posted by lizch View Post
                    Yes. Sickening when you work so hard to conform to CW, only to find it's wrong and the alternative is really, really easy.
                    That is so true. I was a gym rat, lifting weights sometimes 6 days a week, rotating body parts, adding in hours of cardio, tons of stretching, weighing and measuring food (which was heavily grain based as recommended by CW) and in 10 years I really never got anywhere. I held up better than my peers, but I never improved and I always thought "Wow this is a ton of work just to stay stagnant" and I attributed it to getting older (I'm now 39).

                    In 26 days on the Primal Leap, I haven't measured food (except for a few days of food journaling that the leap kit recommends), I've cut my workouts WAY down and I've seen more drastic improvements to my physique than I had in the past 10 years. I also feel better, my seasonal allergies (which I've taken medication for every day for 15 years) have vanished (no medication) and a painful grinding in my right shoulder (which I attributed to age and too much baseball as a kid) has gotten 90% better.

                    I'm just stunned that we're all being fed this bunch of lies from CW. It makes me so grateful to folks like Mark Sisson who have made it their passion to inform us.


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                      Originally posted by lizch View Post
                      yes. Sickening when you work so hard to conform to cw, only to find it's wrong and the alternative is really, really easy.
                      Primal eating in a nutshell: If you are hungry, eat Primal food until you are satisfied (not stuffed). Then stop. Wait until you're hungry again. Repeat.

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                        I have to add my two cents. Just came home from a gathering where the main food was chicken parmagian, pasta. bread and subs. I didn't eat any of it and opted to wait until I got home. It's not that I was being rude- I know for me that if I ate any of that food I would be feeling sick later. It's like ingesting poison. So yeah it's easy because there is such a major difference in how we feel. So, I just socialized , drank my water and then came home and had ribs and an avocado.


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                          It has been incredibly easy for me too.
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                            "Poison" is pretty much the way I've been seeing the grain based diet lately, or maybe like being drugged. I feel like all of the masses who are eating a sugar/grain based diet are essentially drugging themselves (without even knowing it) to feel sluggish and sick. I have a 3 and a 5 year old at home, and I'm going to try to cut them over to primal.


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                              IvyBlue - congrats on your success! Sounds like you are well on your way