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    Where to start?!

    I have spent the first 35 years of my life following CW and getting fatter and fatter. I'm a solid girl anyway, I have broad shoulders and hips and carry a lot of muscle, but I'm also carrying about an extra 20kgs of fat as well (I'm guessing, never have had my BF% checked).

    Food and nutrition are a big hobby of mine. I read constantly about all things related to this subject. The last few years have led me to where I am now. It all started with finding out about Weston A Price and buying myself Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig. I completely changed the way food is prepared in my house. I fermented vegetables, made my own sourdough bread, yoghurt and kefir and stopped using white sugar and flour.
    There was a huge turnaround in my family's health once we started eating this way, but I still didn't manage to shift any weight, at this point I got hold of Gary Taubes Good Calories Bad Calories and absorbed that. As a student and researcher, I found that an awesome book and a wonderful validation for the healthyness of low-carb eating. Shortly after this I decided to do Atkins. That worked for a while, but I thought it was unnecessarily restrictive, surely not eating fruit and restricting vegetables can't be right?
    So anyhoo, I follow Jimmy Moore's 'Livin La Vida Low Carb' blog and he mentioned The Primal Blueprint, I downloaded that onto my Kindle and wolfed it down in a day. It seems like this is the culmination of everything I've learned over the last 2 years of reading on the subject of health and nutrition.

    I have been eating low-carb for a while but had never realised that IF is something that can be done safely and I have found it makes me feel awesome! I'm pretty much doing it every day, I have coffee in the mornings but nothing else till lunch and I'm not hungry! I don't feel light-headed or low in energy, it's awesome!!

    The exercise is something that I needed a kick in the butt about. I hike regularly but haven't done any kind of exercise aside from that for a while. I hate the gym and love the outdoors so the fact that I can do the LHT workout in my backyard is great. I have a really steep sandhill around the corner from my house for sprints and my hiking covers the moving frequently at a slow pace, although it is not really that slow Getting fit is one of the things I'm looking forward to most.

    So, what am I hoping to achieve here? Well aside from health and a long life free from illness, I need to lose weight. I'm not sure how much because I've never been slim. I weigh exactly 100kg now and I'm 175cm. I need to find out my BF% I think so that I can have a reasonable goal. The BMI says that I should be 74kgs at the most to be a 'normal' weight, but I'm really not sure I can lose 26kgs without losing some muscle and I don't want that. So I guess I'll just have to see how it goes, for now I'm just going to ease into the workouts, follow the PB eating style, do IF whenever I can and I know it will happen.
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    Have been outrageously hungry today. I didn't eat more than 1000 calories yesterday so i guess my body is just making up for it.
    B - 2 slices bacon, fried egg on wilted spinach and a grilled tomato. Coffee with cream.
    L - Sashimi and a seaweed salad
    D - A big hunk of bbq'd lamb
    Snacks - A rather large bowl of nuts, some hot salami and 4 low-carb beers

    I'm off camping with my kids, my boyfriend and his kids tomorrow. Should be fun
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      Hi Em! Sounds like you and I have a lot in common. I'm a solid girl too and I do a lot of hiking. I've got a huge mountain range nearly in my backyard and my partner and I spend a lot of time there. We are going here Sunday -

      If you are in no hurry on the weight loss front, I think PB is a great way to go. I've been eating (mostly) this way about 6 weeks and lost about 6 pounds total. I think daily IF's had a bit to do with this too - I skip breakfast most days, have a big salad for lunch and meat/veggies for dinner. Good luck on your PB journey!
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        Thanks Amanda, Mount Cammerer looks absolutely stunning! Here in Western Australia, this....

        is the kind of terrrain that I spend most of my time hiking in. I'm heading south today though, so will be exploring caves and the nearby Karri forests

        I'm not in a hurry to lose the weight, I'm more interested in getting fitter. I have actually thrown my scales away as i find they depress me, I will feel great one day because I've managed to fit back into my size 14 jeans and then I'll jump on the scale and show no loss and get all miserable... what up with that! It doesn't really matter what I weigh, my body composition is the important thing and I know that is changing
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          So.. back home to reality. I'm working tonight (gotta love night-shifts!) and I have 3 essays due on the 1st November. Yuk!!

          Camping was awesome though, it's the first time we've taken our kids. My BF and I have 5 kids between us aged 9 and 8 (his), 7, 7 and 4 (mine and yes, twins ). I discovered that we have a slightly different take on what constitutes bad behaviour in our children. The BF is a bit of a micro-manager, he watches them play and constantly intervenes with "stop that" or "don't do that" whereas I tend to just leave them to it. I keep an eye out, but if no-one's fighting, bleeding or doing anything illegal, I tend to leave them alone to be kids. This could be an issue if we ever decide to move in together I think

          Anyway, apart from that, we had a great time. We visited Ngilgi cave which is a huge limestone cave on the south-west coast of Western Australia. It goes down about 70 metres and has 700 steps to get to the bottom. There's 100% humidity and the CO2 levels are 4 times normal air. Let's just say that I think I got my workout for the day done in there!

          Primally, I think I'm going ok. I definately overdid my first LHT workout and was out of action for days, consequently I didn't get 2 in last week. I did one this morning though and I feel great (so far!), I've been easily managing the 'moving frequently at a slow pace' thing what with my hiking and dog-walking. I have yet to do any sprinting though. I think perhaps I should try that in the pool, I don't know. I'm definately not up for running and I don't own a stationary bike. Hill sprints would be ok but my thighs have been out of commission all this week due to too many squats!

          Food wise I'm doing good. This WOE is not a big departure for me anyway as I've been low-carb for ages. I am focussing now on more vegetables and it's nice to have a little fruit too. I wasn't having that at all on Atkins. I still have too much alcohol I think, I haven't lost any weight again this week (although I feel more toned) and I think it may be due to my alcohol intake. Course it could just be a plateau, I've been hovering here for about 6 weeks now!

          I've been playing around with IF the last few days. I tried skipping breakfast and did fine but I can't really call it fasting as I need my coffee with cream in the morning and there's a nice hit of fat and calories in that. Yesterday I went from 4pm till 9.30am this morning (17.5 hours) but I did have a big glass of red wine last night, so that probably doesn't count either.... see why I said 'playing?'
          I wasn't hungry at all though and still had plenty of energy for my workout this morning which I did before I ate.

          Ok, here's my plan: For 3 days a week I am going to go alcohol-free and do IF from mid-afternoon till the next morning. This week, I'll go with Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I will promise to be scrupulously honest about whether I manage it (no point in lying to myself! )
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            So today is my first IF/Alcohol free day. I still haven't lost any weight although I'm fitting comfortably into my smaller jeans. I wish I had the strength of will to just stay off the damn scales! They're messing with my head!

            I'm gonna try to cut back on the dairy too and lose the nuts. I haven't had any nuts this week and am not really missing them, but the dairy is gonna be tough. I simply cannot give up my creamy coffee in the morning, but I'm gonna restrict it to one a day now and I'm gonna cut out cheese..... Argh!!! I adore cheese, this is gonna be tough but if I do it for a coupla weeks and the weight starts coming off I guess I'll know what the culprit is. I don't drink milk or eat yoghurt so really cheese and cream are my only dairy-crimes

            Man am I sore today! Upper body mostly, guess I did my pull-ups correctly this time around. My abs are a bit tender too from the plank manouvre. It's a more normal kinda soreness though, I don't feel like I broke anything like I did last week. I know where I went wrong last week though. It was my squat technique, it was totally wrong, I was all on my toes. My legs were dying both during and for a week after. I watched Mark's video this week and concentrated on my form this time around and amazingly enough, I was able to do free-standing squats! It was very hard to get through both sets but it didn't hurt then or now, just feeling a bit of normal soreness in the quads.

            So... plan for today:

            Breakfast: Coffee with heavy cream, pepper and garlic omelette with avocado (No cheese )

            Lunch: Big-arse salad with chicken and avocado

            No food or alcohol (!!) after 4pm
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              Well, I made it! IF from 3pm yesterday to 8am this morning. I only had peppermint tea and water in the fasting period. It really wasn't hard at all! My stomach was making a few grumbling sounds in bed last night but it wasn't uncomfortable. I'm gonna go again today I reckon.
              My triceps and delts are still a bit sore today, too much to do another LHT workout today so will leave that till tomorrow. Will get some walking in today though with the monster-dog, might hit the dog beach and get the legs pumping in the soft sand

              Plan for yesterday... check, check and check.. all done I did have another coffee in the late morning.

              Plan for today:

              Breakfast: Coffee with heavy cream (have halved the amount I normally use) 2 slices bacon, 2 eggs.

              Late morning 'snack': Coffee with heavy cream, maybe some spicy salami if hungry.

              Lunch: Minced beef fried up with bacon, tomato, onion and garlic and baked in half a red pepper topped with pine nuts.

              Nothing but tea and water after 4pm.
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                Is it possible to get results from just 2 LHT workouts? I think maybe it is! I have most definately got some extra definition in my arms, shoulders and thighs already.... Grok on!

                So, didn't manage to fast from 4pm yesterday, I made a bacon, cheeseburger quiche for my kids dinner and I was hungry so I ate a half serve, was bloody yum! I had a full serve for breakfast this morning too.

                The dairy thing isn't going too well although I have cut down for sure. There was cheese in the quiche and I'm eating heavy cream on some blueberries as we speak. I haven't had any nuts though and I've not had any alcohol since Tuesday either, so I'm happy with 2 out of 3


                Breakfast: I had coffee with cream and a serve of bacon cheeseburger quiche.

                Lunch: Salt and pepper squid (MDA blog recipe, was gooood!) salad and blueberries with cream

                Snack: Full cream latte while out getting my hair cut

                I'm cooking prawns for my kids tonight and I may not be able to resist a few, especially as I've got some freshly-made mayonnaise in my fridge but otherwise I'll IF from 4pm again. Gonna go do my LHT workout now as my soreness is all better.... time to make myself sore again I guess.
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                  I am HUNGRY!!

                  Maybe it's a consequence of my workout but I am really, really hungry tonight. No IFing for me, I've had a hard-boiled egg, some slices of salami and now a tin of kippers! Not sure where I'm going to turn next if this doesn't fix it, the damn prawns are still frozen so we won't be eating them. The kids are having some pea and ham soup that I made a while back from the freezer, but that's too carby for me. Maybe I'll make a protein shake if I still feel hungry later.
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                    Well aside from a few chunks of ham from the kids leftovers and a glass of raw milk, I managed to stop eating last night

                    I really enjoyed my workout yesterday. It's becoming a bit more natural to do the moves now and I can feel already that I'm getting stronger.

                    Plan for today:

                    Breakfast: Coffee with heavy cream (gonna try with coconut cream in a minute to see if I can kick the cream)

                    Lunch: Green protein smoothie

                    Dinner: Prawn stir-fry, if they're defrosted by then

                    Since I did my 3 days with no alcohol, I could have a glass of wine tonight, but I'll play it by ear. I'm not gonna have one just because I can.

                    Walk on the beach with the kids and the dog.
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                      Originally posted by NourishedEm View Post
                      gonna try with coconut cream in a minute to see if I can kick the cream
                      Dayam!! That is goooood! I think I may be able to give dairy the flick after all since my creamy coffee is the one thing I am not willing to give up
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                        I only ate 1300 calories yesterday! In fact my average is only 1880 which is way down for me. Amazing what happens when you omit cheese, nuts and alcohol (5 days this week!!!!) from your diet! I have done IF everyday since Wednesday in the 'reduced eating window' style rather than going whole days without eating. I'm surprised by how little food I actually need to sustain myself. The most freeing part is not having to have breakfast, I have my creamy coffee but do not really feel like eating so I don't. I was so set on the 'most important meal of the day' crap that I used to eat it even when I wasn't really hungry for it.
                        I have followed my appetite though, on my workout day I was crazy hungry after and felt like I really needed protein so I went with it. Didn't need to eat much at all yesterday though, as a result of the protein binge the night before I'm guessing.
                        I only had coffee with cream for breakfast and coffee with coconut cream for lunch. Had an awesome Thai prawn green curry with about a half kilo of prawns in it! Who knew, apparently there is such a thing as too many prawns

                        Plan for today...

                        Breakfast: Coffee with heavy cream (will switch to coconut cream when this tub is empty)

                        Lunch: BBQ at bf's house, will be ribeye steak and spinach salad with wine (hopefully )

                        Dinner: If I feel like it, I'm cooking up some chicken drunsticks for the kids so I'll have a couple of them with some Greek salad if I'm hungry.

                        Exercise: Another beach walk with the dog, although with the kids along, it's not really strenuous. Will try a sprint at the bf's place on his rowing machine.
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                          The plataeu has finally broken!!!! Hallelujah

                          I lost a kilo this week after hovering at 100.6kg for about 8 weeks. Dunno if it was the alcohol, the cheese or the nuts but I'm gonna keep doing what I did last week as obviously it works.

                          Yesterday, I had quite a few drinks, it was such a gorgeous day here and the family BBQ at my BF's place was great. The lunch was as planned and I just ate a chicken drumstick for supper, mostly to soak up some of the wine

                          I got the beach walk in but when I went into my bf's room during the BBQ to have a sprint on the rowing machine, he followed me and we ended up having a quick workout of another kind Ah well, it was far more fun than the rower would have been.

                          Plan for today:

                          Breakfast: Coffee with cream

                          Lunch: leftover bacon, cheeseburger quiche and salad

                          Nightshift tonight so will have lots of various primal snacks throughout the night, not sure what yet though, so will post tomorrow.

                          Hoping to get a beach walk in with the pooch, but have a lot of homework to do so will see what happens.
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                            Ok, went to the Doc's today to get a sick certificate (decided not to go to work tonight, too much homework to get done). Anyway, I had some bloodwork done in March and it shows that I had increased Thyroid Stimulating Hormone levels. This apparently is a pre-cursor to an under-active thyroid. I had another blood test done today to check my levels and I'll be interested to see how they measure up as I've been low-carb since I had the last work-up done.
                            The info I've been reading said that gluten is often a culprit with thyroid problems and since going low-carb, there is none in my diet so we shall see...
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                              Em, congrats on the weight loss! I posted some info on your separate thyroid thread... but there are also some articles posted in the hypothyroid forum, if you go to GROUPS.

                              Your thyroid may or may not be an issue... it could just be out of whack due to other hormones being out of whack and if so, then primal eating and low stress lifestyle will help bring that back in order. You didn't say what your test results were, but just to reclarify what I said on that thread, anything over a 2 for your TSH means something's out of balance. And under the guidelines the American Endocrinologists Association wants to pass, the lab range should be .3-3.0 for TSH (currently it's .5-5.0 but that's under a lot of debate as to being usable). So a TSH if 8 is REALLY up and over even the modest lab ranges they use now. But then, perhaps these are different measurements? Are you Canadian?

                              There are a lot of hypothyroid ladies on this forum, so you should be able to get some good info from experience!

                              PS the fact that you did just lose weight is a good sign... I have lost weight once in the past almost 6 years. Seriously. Even going to 1200 calories and walking an hour every day I wasn't losing and sometimes gained... so the fact that you're still able to lose weight is good!
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