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    OK, that was gratuitous. Since people always talk about food porn, I would say dog porn, but that would be weird.

    Actually, I was thinking someone needs to print up a "Dogs of the PB Forum" calendar for next year. We could give them as gifts. Here is my suggestion for the cover photo. Mr. January:

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      Mr January... I love it

      I did sprints!!!!!!!!

      Finally, after over a month of PBF I incorporated sprints. I haven't been able to find a way of doing it that I could get comfortable with until I used what had been under my nose the whole time, my BF's rowing machine. It was very easy to use and really easy to work up a good HR %age. I only did 11 minutes this morning, 2 mins easy, 1 min hell-for-leather, repeat. That only works out as 3 sprints but I'm starting slowly, the PBF book says aim for 8-10 in a session. Am super stoked with myself that I finally got past my fear of this

      I'm in the process of a big kitchen clean-up. I've just dumped several kilos of beans in the rubbish and donated all the flour, sugar and oats to the school canteen for their baking (for the record, my kids don't eat there ). It's amazing how little pantry space primal ingredients take up. I've got nuts and nut butters, herbs and spices, dried fruit, coconut flour and flakes and various cans of fish, vegies and fruits... that's it! But boy do I need a bigger fridge/freezer. My local farmers market were selling whole scotch fillets of beef today for $11 a kilo, so that's 4kg of meat I've gotta find a home for. Plus my 2 monthly pasture-fed lamb order is due in a coupla weeks. Lord knows where I'm gonna put it all. My freezer is still full of raw milk! I think I may have to give in to a chest freezer.

      Still, is not a bad dilemma to have
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        I just had the BEST dinner! I cooked up some of the fabulous scotch fillet I got from the farmers market today, see grocery porn below....

        and here cooked up (thought it was time I began my own food porn journal )

        I also made dessert which I haven't had in ages, but I couldn't resist the 5 minute ice-cream recipe that was posted in the recipes section, it was delish!!! Didn't photograph that, was too busy eating it
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          Ok, it's official, I hate scales.

          I hate the fact that I can't stop getting on the f@#king things,

          I hate that my mood is determined by a f@#king digital read-out and

          I hate that despite doing everything right, I'm not really losing any weight.

          I picked the scales up off the bathroom floor, removed the battery and put them in the cupboard; but I've done that before and I always pull them out again. I think I'm gonna give them to my BF to take to his place since I clearly can't control myself.

          Grump, grizzle, sulk, pout
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            Have you done measurements?
            I hear you on the hate hate relationship with the scale. HUGS!!
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              Good idea, I took some measurements a while back, am gonna get the tape-measure right now!!
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                LessofMimi, I think I love you I can't believe I didn't even think to look at this! I took measurements before I started Primal and here's the update (in cms)....

                Bust - Was 115 Now 112
                Waist - Was 97 Now 94
                Abdomen - Was 115 Now 112
                Hips - Was 117 Now 111
                R thigh - Was 73 Now 68
                L thigh - Was 73 Now 69

                I've only lost 1.8 kgs since I started 6 weeksago, so the reduction in measurements makes me very happy
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                  Of all the things I'm giving up for a personal challenge, the scale has been the worst. Get it gone!
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                    Originally posted by bone_machine
                    *hugs* I tried to abandon my scale, but I just can't quit it. Fortunately, I added the tape measure to my body progress check, and that's put a lot in perspective for me. Eat good food, move often and sleep well. And remember that even if the scale doesn't move for a while, you're still making significant health improvements. You got this!
                    Thanks hon, as you can see my measurements are a much better indicator

                    I really need to think more long-term. I've got to stop tracking and measuring and over-thinking every-bloody-thing.

                    From today....

                    I will no longer plug all my food intake into CalorieKing. I know how to eat for health, I don't need external validation.

                    I will not get on the scales until a month has passed. Yikes! Well, it's in writing now so I'd better stick to it.

                    I will focus more on living a healthy, productive life and stop spending so much time thinking about my f@#king diet!!!

                    Here endeth the lesson...
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                      Originally posted by unsuperb View Post
                      Of all the things I'm giving up for a personal challenge, the scale has been the worse. Get it gone!

                      It's gone, not to be seen again till 12th December.
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                        Great job on getting ride of the scale.... many times that the chain that holds us back. I learned fairly quick that I rely on using a body tape measure to show me results and it hasn't failed me yet.

                        Looking forward to see you throughout your journey! Grok on!

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                          I made TFG's Scotch Eggs, with a little variation

                          Here they are pre-cooked...

                          ... and after they came out of the oven...

                          ... and here's Grokstar Mr. 5 chowing down on one

                          They are a hit! I used my own sausage meat, which is pork leg, pork belly, sage, savoury, S & P chucked in the food processor and I rolled them in crushed pork rinds to give the crunch that you normally get from breading them. It worked! They made a satisfying crackle when bitten into.

                          I think I have found my new fav primal lunchbox treat
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                            Originally posted by TAWFUNGUY View Post
                            Great job on getting ride of the scale.... many times that the chain that holds us back. I learned fairly quick that I rely on using a body tape measure to show me results and it hasn't failed me yet.

                            Looking forward to see you throughout your journey! Grok on!
                            Thanks for the welcome Grok on to your bad self!
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                              The Scotch Eggs look fantastic!!! Great job and I am stoked that you were inspired to make them! I see it got the little one's mouth full of approval! hahaha Awesome!

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                                Well, I had a day in the kitchen today. I made the afore-posted about scotch eggs which are now gone, once Grokstars Mr and Miss 7 came home from school, the remaining 4 got devoured!

                                I also made some kalamata olive tapenade. It's one of my favourite things but the store-bought ones all have either dairy (which I'm not doing this month) &/or vegetable oils... WTF?! Why would you put vegetable oils in an olive product? Anyhoo, my one had olives, lemon juice, anchovies, capers and olive oil and it is bloody marvellous. I just had a handful of pork rinds dunked in it =

                                I also made some of my coconut coffee creamer (see "Primal Coconut 'Crack' Creamer" post in recipes if you haven't heard of it), but I followed Saoirse's idea about throwing in a couple squares melted dark chocolate. It tastes just like chocolate mousse! It just needs the booze hit to make it perfect. Gonna try it with a tbsp of rum next time

                                I've been super hungry, wanting to eat all day today, probably why I was so keen to do some cooking. Anyway, I found myself suppressing the urge to eat, even though the things I wanted were primal and healthy. Then I thought WTF?! I listen to my body when it's telling me that it's not hungry and IF for up to 20 hours, but when it says "EAT" I have to suppress it? That is diet-thinking ladies and gents! I have to learn to listen to my body. I've had a few low-cal days this week from not being very hungry and IFing, so obviously my body wants some nourishment.... FEED IT!!

                                So, here's what I ate (am not plugging into CalorieKing!!):

                                Coffee with coconut creamer x 3
                                Steak and asparagus tossed in butter
                                Scotch egg
                                Handful (less than 50g) sweet potato crisps
                                2 or 3 handfuls popcorn popped in ghee (My son didn't eat it and I am powerless to resist hot, buttered popcorn)
                                Handful pork rinds dipped in olive tapenade
                                Couple spoons of coconut/chocolate mousse concoction
                                One mango
                                About 10 small strawberries

                                I'm fairly sure that's it. It isn't as much as I thought actually, probably because it's mostly snacky stuff with only one main meal, I feel like I've been eating all day.

                                I got an hour on the beach with Mr January () today and I opened and used my early Christmas present from my Ma... A Wii Fit.

                                How do you tell your mother that you loathe the gift she bought you? Answer: You don't.. You lie.

                                It is a heinous bloody thing, told me I was obese, unbalanced and 7 years older than I should be! Way to boost a girl's morale! I was yelling at the figure on the TV "I can do 100 squats and 50 incline push-ups, don't fucking tell me I'm unfit!!" Needless to say, it has gone back in the box. Doesn't help that it also has a scale on it and I've promised to stay off those things

                                All-in-all, a good day though.
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