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    Last night had blueberries with whipped cream/coconut cream. Yummy! Thanks for the coconut cream, Sofi!

    Slept better, maybe because Kylie did! Love that the sunshine is back this morning

    Day 6

    B: Tried making coconut/almond pancakes, based on the video recipe from the main page. Didn't have almond meal or coconut flour so I ground up some almonds and some unsweetened dried coconut, then mixed in other ingredients. They're good, but I think next time I would do less coconut milk just b/c the whole can to two eggs ratio makes for not enough protein (unless you somehow managed to eat the whole recipe, but that would be A LOT). I guess I could have had bacon, but now I'm tired out!

    L: Sofi and I are headed out to sushi with the kids and hubbies. Can't wait! This place has my FAVORITE octopus salad. I am kind of worried about what is in the dressing, tho...

    D: Don't know yet but maybe organic hamburgers or soething I find while out shopping!!


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      Looks like your'e doing great Wendy, keep it up!


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        Hi, erstad17! Thanks for dropping in! And, thank you again for keeping us updated and sending in notes/photos on the Seattle BBQ!

        Didn't mention it yesterday but I woke up feeling kind of nauseated, and eggs sounded TERRIBLE!! Thus the effort to make pancakes yesterday, and drank a whole glass of milk then felt better. I had done South Beach a few times in the past and had days where I would feel flu-like, so I imagine this is just my body shifting/getting used to less carbs. This morning, I feel great!

        The rest of yesterday, Day 6 of my challenge: sushi for lunch. No rice. Octopus salad (some kind of dressing on there with probably a few carbs), ahi and salmon sashimi, daikon radish (mixed it up with my octopus salad). Some of Kylie's cooked salmon. She tried the raw salmon and octopus but then declined to eat more. Dinner: had gone shopping with Sophi so had good intentions of making something delicious but when I got home, put everything away, dealt with cranky Kylie and did some leftover dishes (oops) I was not feelin' it. Kevin and Kylie had leftover pork chop, spaghetti squash and some fresh broccoli. Oh, and Kylie had an apple. Later in the evening I had a baked apple with cinnamon, ground almond/coconut mixture on top and a bit of cream poured over, and two fresh figs.

        Day 7:

        Breakfast: 1 1/2 sausage links (Kevin ate half of one then said he didn't want to get heartburn); going to try a shake out of the "responsibly slim" mixture, which arrived yesterday.

        Planning on a long walk today to look for blackberries. Keep meaning to do some sprints, so maybe I can mix that in with the walking.


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          Ended up eating a spinach-cheese omelette instead of the shake for breakfast.

          Snack: orange slices, fig slices, nectarine slices.

          Went walking with friends and picked blackberries! Came home and made primal blackberry mini-muffins, and now I'm baking some primal dark chocolate cookies. Bake-a-pa-looza. Going camping tomorrow for the first time with the 4-year-old, in celebration of my dad's birthday, so I'll be taking baked goodies for healthy treats. And, on birthday morning, planning to make breakfast including freshly whipped cream and fresh fruit, instead of cake/pie, etc. I think if the cream is whipped to be thick enough that a candle will probably stand up in it?

          Dinner: trying to decide between something with chicken and bacon, or turkey legs. Some sort of veggie, probably broccoli, and salad


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            Mmmm, the muffins and cookies turned out awesome! Kevin and Kylie both loved them. Kevin ate a muffin and then said, "I'm allowed to have these?" I said, "Yep, they're primal!"

            Dinner turned out great. I sauteed some chicken with curry, coriander, salt and pepper in coconut oil. Then took that out and put in some largish chunks of squash (three random kinds two from our garden and one someone gave us) and onions and garlic. Sauteed a bit then added coconut milk, lime zest, lime juice, more salt. Cut chicken in chunks and added it back in. then at end added more lime juice and chopped cilantro! Served all that over spaghetti squash, with some spinach tossed in at the last minute. Kylie liked the chicken, but whined about the squash. Kevin ate everything in his bowl -- I'd call that a success!!

            Spending the evening precooking food for the campout. Mostly primal stuff but a few nonprimal things (need to use them up/get them out of the kitchen plus not sure the parents will go for straight primal so I'll do a mix).


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              So I guess you picked enough blackberries today then, eh? You better hide those muffins and cookies before they all get eaten before the camping trip!

              Your dinner sounds awesome! Glad it was a success! Enjoy your camping trip and I look forward to seeing pics when you guys return...


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                Actually I think Robin picked the most berries, but yes, we got lots!! I think I'll make another batch when we get home from camping. I did have to hide the rest!! Kevin kept snagging one as he went past. After I put them away, I noticed him walk over and look pointedly at the empty countertop but he didn't say anything.

                This morning, I told Kevin and Kylie that we would be having hot dogs and hamburgers on the campout (hot dogs are regular, leftover from before; hamburger is organic). I said we have some hot dog buns in the freezer, and would they like me to buy hamburger buns or could they do without them? Kylie said she'd like a bun, but Kevin said he was going to try to go without!! Yay!! I am WAY excited!

                Snack last night: whole milk yogurt with a chopped fig on top. Yum.

                B: Bacon and two overeasy eggs. Kevin had leftover primal pancakes and Kylie had an omelette (but requested "no green stuff").

                L: Whatever I can whip up while we're getting ready for camping, which is what I'm off to do now!

                D: Planning turkey legs and ribs over the fire. (Precooked so I just need to rewarm and get some color on them). Then corn on the cob for the nonprimals and also maybe salad.


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                  As a kid I would have never thought of having a hamburger without a bun.

                  And admittedly I was critical of people who went to McDonalds and ordered the hamburger without the bun (which I still think is weird) but I totally didn't understand how carbs & wheat, etc, interact beyond just a caloric/macronutrient standpoint.

                  Anyhow. Awesome job Wendy, and hope you have a great camping trip.

                  Happy Friday!




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                    Thanks for the comments, Sean! Actually, to clarify, Kevin is my husband and Kylie is my daughter -- I just sounded so amazed about Kevin because he has been kind of easing into the Primal way ever so gently. He hasn't read the book yet, etc. And I totally thought he would want a hamburger bun so I was kinda shocked. (and happy!) It will be SO much easier to do this if he is supporting me/doing it with me, even if he just does 70-80 percent.

                    The campout got rained out!! We stayed one night but went home in the pouring rain Saturday morning. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!

                    So, yesterday/Saturday was day 9 of the challenge for me. I had: coffee at the campsite, plus a primal blackberry muffin and some whole milk yogurt with nectarine cut up on top. Then after we got home and unpacked, we had brunch of omelettes with sausage, spinach, red bell pepper, onion, basil and cilantro. So good! Oh, and bacon. Then we had a late lunch/early dinner of bunless burgers, with side of butternut squash. Later in the evening we did a backyard fire for Kylie and the neighbor kids b/c of cutting the campout short, so I had half a grilled chicken/apple sausage, sweet potato fries, some cherry tomatoes, iced tea. Finished it all off with some primal cookies and, while playing cards, almonds. Whew, that was a lot of eating and a lot of typing!

                    Today is day 10.

                    B: Primal pancakes (almond flour -- thanks for the recipe, Sophi!!) topped with fresh whipped cream. Side of mixed berries and a few bites cantaloupe.

                    S: string cheese; bite of Kylie's hot dog.

                    L: "Responsibly skinny" shake. I just noticed that the last ingredient says "sucralose." Isn't that the generic name for splenda? If so, I think it's weird that a product designed by MDA would have Splenda in it if it's supposed to be not great for us?

                    D: Maybe a chipotle-marinated tri-tip beef bottom round we got at Costco. It has sugar in the marinade so it's not strictly primal, but Kevin wanted it and I wanted to compromise since he is being so supportive.


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                      Well instead of cooking the tri tip we ended up having leftovers last night, plus a new salad I made. So, some chicken-apple sausage, one rib, bunless burger. The salad was cucumber, cherry tomatoes, onion, green pepper, garlic and corn cut off the cob(not primal, I know), and a dressing of fresh lime juice, lime zest, cumin, salt, pepper, olive oil. Everything was from our garden except the cucumber, which a friend grew. Oh, and the dressing stuff. dessert was berries with fresh whipped cream.

                      Did some weights and yoga/stretching while watching TV last night. I doubled the weights per side and did less reps (still only like 10 lbs, but I figured better than the 5 I usually do).

                      Today is Day 11. I feel a little low-carb flu-ish, but haven't eaten anything yet. But, yesterday I wore some shorts that have been tight and they weren't loose yet but were not cutting into me like before. Thank goodness!! I think I can feel a difference in my sides and jawline, too, but I don't think it's noticeable to anyone else yet and the scale is not reflecting it. But hey, I'll take it! Love feeling better in general!!

                      B: planning omelette, veggies. Not sure about the rest of the day yet.


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                        Everything sounds great Wendy! How did the protein shake taste? I saw sucralose in the grocery store yesterday right next to the Splenda - not sure if they are the same thing. Maybe?

                        Awesome job on lifting the weights. Baby steps. You'll get there.

                        If you are in a rush to drop the pounds, you could always see how you are doing my recording everything you eat for a few days and entering the data into fitday. That way you would know if you are eating enough or too much fat/protein/carbs. I have never done it, but I have been wanting to. Alternatively, if you want to drop the pounds quicker, just cut back on the fruit and primal baked goods and do a few days of only meat and veggies. I love my fruit though - LOL!


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                          We missed you at the playdate/lunch, so we'll have to do it again sometime!! Hope the prep for your visit is going well

                          Yep, I am thinking of cutting back on fruit, and maybe dairy too, slightly. We just talked about that this morning! I think I'll start IFing a few lunches here and there, too.

                          For lunch, we had sashimi (tuna, salmon and red snapper), steak, and steamed veggies. Oh, and Kylie had some shrimp, too. Thanks for the nice time, Sass! It was nice to see you and your little one again Kylie said she really liked when you were reading to her!!

                          For dinner I'm planning the tri tip I meant to cook yesterday. Veggies yet to be determined, but maybe some kind of tomato salad b/c I have a load of cherry tomatoes that need to be eaten.


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                            Um, I meant to say "Sofi, we missed you..." probably clear to Sofi, but maybe not to anyone else, LOL!


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                              Hey Wendy - so sorry I missed the primal moms getting together today. I was super busy all day and have been on my feet nonstop. I am so tired and now my dad's flight is delayed so I have to go pick him up at the airport at midnight! Agh!

                              Anyways, I'm glad you got together with Ingrid and I can't wait to hear all about it!


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                                Today was day 12. Woke up feeling good, but then, mid-morning, crazy migraine. I haven't had one since early this year, so I hope it's just random or stress related and not food related.

                                B: eggs with sausage.Few cherry tomatoes.

                                L: made up some soup with veggies and chicken and homemade broth. That made me feel better, and then I also had a almond-bread grilled cheese. Oh, the bread turned out well -- made it yesterday and both Kevin and Kylie had sandwiches for lunch. Kylie liked it so much he also fed her a third piece (they're small though) with just some butter on it.

                                D: made the skinless gyoza from the recipe that was posted during the challenge. They tasted AWESOME!! I think I did not chop the cabbage finely enough, and also needed to use less than he quoted (but maybe my head of cabbage was bigger) because they didn't stick together quite well enough. But Kylie ate like three and Kevin loved them. Definitely will make again. We had those with assorted veggies, lettuce leaves and cabbage leaves to wrap in -- oh, and some basil leaves from the garden.

                                Sofi -- the shake was good. I made it with milk instead of the water it called for, and added two strawberries. I'll bring you a couple of scoops to try next time I'm over your way.